Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees to target Chapman and Jansen in free agency


During the 2016 season, the Yankees had the lethal “Three-Headed Monster” which consisted of Andrew MillerAroldis Chapman and Dellin Betances in the back of the bullpen. It was a good weapon for the Yankees since their starters only had to go a maximum of six innings. However, the Yankees dealt away Miller and Chapman in the middle of the season which ended up demolishing the bullpen, and it turned the once strong point of the team into their Achilles heel.

In an effort to make the bullpen their strong suit again, Jon Heyman of Today’s Knuckleball reported the Yankees planned on targeting two relievers in free agency this winter; their old buddy Aroldis Chapman, who is now currently in a playoff run with the Chicago Cubs, and Los Angeles Dodgers Kenley Jansen, who is also in a playoff run.

Chapman said he was open to a reunion with the Yankees prior to the Yankees trading him in July, and has certainly earned the chance to re-negotiate a contract with the Bronx Bombers. Chapman notched 36 saves between the Yankees and the Cubs in 2016.

Jansen isn’t widely known to the American League, or to the American League East in that matter, but he is currently one of the game’s best closers. Jansen notched 47 (!) saves and a 1.83 ERA in 2016.

If the Yankees are able to sign either Chapman or Jansen this winter, then it’s likely the team will push Betances back to his coveted eighth inning set-up role.

I know the Yankees front office wants to believe that Betances could be a failed starter turned All-Star closer story like Hall of Fame legend Mariano Rivera but unfortunately the kid just isn’t cut out for the role. With that said, if the Yankees fail to bring in a closer for the 2017 season, then Betances will continue to pitch in the 9th inning.

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31 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees to target Chapman and Jansen in free agency

  1. Olie says:

    Betances could still be a very good closer! He struggled in the role at times this year because the Yankees were forced to overuse him! Don't forget that as great as Rivers was he always had a good set-up man in front of him. Not to often did he have to come in and pitch in the eight

  2. win53 says:

    Cubs win a series and make Chapman a comprable offer…….he won't go anywhere

  3. Think either would be a good move…..Betances could still be a good closer but the jury's still out

  4. Terry says:

    Definately need bullpen help, so either would be a welcomed sight.Chapman's a stud that handled NY well.He can go more than an inning and push DBets back.I still believe in DBets but only if he starts the inning.Holding inherited runners doesn't put him in a good position.Which means we'll one more arm to either step up or go get one in FA to take that inning where there are runners on in a close game and strand them.Sign Chapman, he won't be cheap but we need him

    • boybasset says:

      so the Yankees must give some FA closer/late inning guy a bunch of money, when they already had Miller for two more years–dollar foolish–and they ain't gotta be as good as Miller either–ask the Blue Jays…

  5. Barbara says:

    Get Andrew Miller back! He's a gem in attitude and performance, great in the clubhouse, and mentored Dellin and would be wonderful for him.

    • thomas says:

      Cleveland would never trade him back.

    • Howard Rosenberg says:

      There is no way Clev. will move Miller.

      You can get Miller back in two years after his contract is up and by then, you may not want him, he will be all used up.

    • boybasset says:

      trade some prospects to the Indians–start with Clint Frazier–very highly rated by Baseball America (Brian Cashman's Bible)

    • Tammy says:

      exactly, get Andrew Miller back, should never have traded him. One of the worst trade moves ever done by Cashman.

  6. If Chapman and Cubs make it to World Series, Yankees are going to have to offer him a hefty, multi-year contract and likely compete with Theo Epsein and other GMs for his services. C-H-A-P-M-A-N is how you spell relief in 2017.

    • Howard Rosenberg says:

      The offer would have to be at least 4 years $15 mil per at a minimum.

      I don't know if I would make such an offer, I dont think his effectiveness can stay at this level for four years.

      His velocity will drop for sure, and he doesn't have a good enough slider or changeup.

  7. Eric says:

    Stop dreaming. The Cubs did not make that deal to lose him after a half season! They will outbid any team to keep him. The Yanks are not a factor because thay don't have the stomach to spend big bucks at this time. Keep the rebuilding going and stay the course.

  8. tom says:

    Neither. Yankees had 3 last year and they weren't winning. Double pass on Jansen since Yankees will have to lose 1st round pick. Yankees are holding 17th, 2 spots after the draft restriction.

  9. Balt Yank says:

    To say Killer B can't close is premature. I read he had the second most relief innings in the AL. No wonder he blundered in September?!

    • tom says:

      He may be worn out but this year's usage is not the reason why he fell apart. It was closing job mentality he struggled to maintain in long run. That may explain why Yankees eye for a better closer this off season but I still am with Betances for another year. I don't mind him being non elite reliever as long as he owns around 2.3 ERA or lower and high percentage of success in closing annually.

  10. Jerry says:

    Fans are so quick to bury a player after a few bad outings, look at the Mets with Familia, 51 saves and they don't want him back , assholes!! No Familia, not even close to post season. Same with Betances, is it 3 times an All Star ? I guess he makes all stars because he sucks, nah! Even the greatest relievers go through tough times. Mariano, Cleveland and the Red Sox….. And there is no one better than him Leave Betances alone.

    • boybasset says:

      seriously, the way Betances imploded? cannot field–cannot throw to the bases–cannot make coherent decisions when he fields the ball–none of that comes with overwork—20 million arm, ten cent head…

      • Jerry says:

        Yes, seriously, you just mentioned fielding 3 times. Usually doesn't have to field because not many guys get on . Like any reliever that ever played the game, shit happens.

  11. boybasset says:

    the reason why the Yankees "three headed" bullpen did no work, was becuse they rarely had a lead–if Sanchez had been around before July 4, or so, the team work have not traded Miller for sure..Sanchez added something the team did not have–a guy with some real pop–someone who could carry the team–none of these other big contract guys are capable of that…

  12. Balt Yank says:

    Killer B had three bad games in Boston. It was obvious he was tired, or just off, by Girardi kept using him because despite being mostly a good manager, Girardi sometimes manages by some "book," like pulling a starting doing fine after six innings, which he does. Killer B has had three full MLB seasons and made three ALL STAR games as a non-closing reliever. Even in the modern era, it's unheard of. "The closing mentality," give him a chance and stop overusing him also. That being said, Miller is an A+ reliever and that trade hurts but likely was necessary. If you look at the Yankee farm system rankings pre-season, and now, basically, the Yankees had a below average system before the mid-season trades.

    • boybasset says:

      his ERA is September was 10.80, that is more than three bad games….he has broke down is the last three seasons, at the end…and you mean "unlikely" was necessary, right?

  13. Jerry says:

    They were trades they had to make, trading Miller sucked, but the Yankees are a couple of years away and having that luxury of Miller didn't make sense. A deal that you don't know about until we see what we have as these prospects develop. You seem to grasp what's going on. I'm happy with this direction.

    • boybasset says:

      trading the ALCS MVP for a bunch of "perhaps" and "Maybe" is the thing that does not make sense–ever think the Yankees have to replace him now? with what? you say "trades"— plural—it seems the "Miller for prospects" enablers are trying to justify things by tossing the Miller trade in with the Beltran and Chapman deals–the only trade I have an issue with is the Miller joke….

    • boybasset says:

      how long have you been a Red Sox fan?

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