Keep or Toss: The Bullpen


Yesterday, you decided whether you would Keep or Toss the players in the Yankees outfield. Today, you decide which bullpen members you would Keep or Toss. As I mentioned on Monday, I included Luis Cessa and Bryan Mitchell in this segment because they spent more time in the pen than in the rotation. So without further ado, let’s continue playing “Keep or Toss”!

Luis Severino

The Yankees tried to put Luis Severino in the starting rotation to begin the season, but after an abysmal beginning to the career, the Yankees sent him to Triple-A and eventually placed him in the bullpen. Severino pitched well out of the bullpen, but of course the Yankees envision Severino as a starter. After a 3-8, 5.83 ERA season, the Yankees are unsure of Severino’s place on the Major League roster. But if you were the manager, what would you do with Luis Severino?

Tyler Clippard:

Tyler Clippard was the Yankees lone Major League trade during the trade deadline and was one of the bright spots in the Yankees bullpen. In 29 games, Clippard went 2-3 with a 2.49 ERA and notched 26 strikeouts in 29.1 innings. The Yankees need strong middle relief, and after Clippard seemed to have found his calling with the Yankees in 2016, what would you do with Tyler Clippard?

Luis Cessa:

The Yankees originally planned for Luis Cessa to be in the Yankees bullpen, but the team used Cessa in the rotation after Nathan Eovaldi‘s season ended due to needing Tommy John Surgery. Overall, Cessa worked his way into a conversation for a job next Spring, going 4-4 with a 4.39 ERA in 70.1 innings. There’s no guarantee Cessa will be in the bullpen or in the rotation next year, but if you were the manager, what would you do with Luis Cessa?

Chasen Shreve:

The last time Yankees fans saw Chasen Shreve in 2015, he had completely imploded and found himself off the 2015 Wild Card roster. This year, Shreve’s season as a whole wasn’t good but he did have a better September. In 37 games this season, Shreve went 2-1 with a 5.18 ERA. Shreve has been a bit unpredictable for the Yankees, but if you were the manager, what would you do with Chasen Shreve?

Dellin Betances

Dellin Betances has always been a reliable reliever, but he had been ineffective during the month of September. Betances had an ERA over 3 for the first time in his three-year career as the Yankees reliever. The Yankees currently have Betances in the closer role until they can find a pitcher more suited for the ninth inning role, but if you were the manager, what would you do with Dellin Betances?

Bryan Mitchell:

When the Yankees needed another starter to replace the recently traded Ivan Nova, they turned to Bryan Mitchell who had done quite well in the rotation. In five starts, Mitchell went 1-2 with a 3.24 ERA. The Yankees are unsure where Mitchell will fit next season, whether it’d be in a starting role or as a reliever, but if you were the manager, what would you do with Bryan Mitchell?

Tomorrow: In our final “Keep or Toss” segment, you will vote on whether or not to keep Yankees GM Brian Cashman and skipper Joe Girardi.

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9 Responses to Keep or Toss: The Bullpen

  1. mosc says:

    This is silly. They're bullpen arms you don't ever really rely on any of them specifically and you don't expect to end the year with what you started.

    I think Shreve finds himself outrighted at some point in 2017 though, he's out of options.

    Betances ERA was a small sample size issue. His peripherals are all fine, his fip is fine, his velocity is fine, he still strikes out a million and pitches more innings than his rivals. Best way to utilize Betances better would be to sure up the middle infield defense.

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      I did similar posts for the rest of the team. I wasn’t going to glide over the bullpen, especially players who were there most of the year. I don’t see how this is silly.

    • Jerry says:

      I actually think Shreve can still be something, I hate to give up on the lefty. Too bad he's out of options, he'll probably be successful for some other team. Betances is a guy that's going to have control problems from time to time, his size, it just takes a him to be a little off and everything is skewered. The same problem he's had since the minors. I think Gregorius is terrific at Short with an arm second to none. And I like Castro, I watch most of the games and am happy with his work. I don't think this is a silly exercise, the bullpen Is a very important part of the team, even though a lot of changeable parts.

  2. Terry says:

    I like almost all of those arms but how many will become starters.You have to figure Severino, Mitchell, Cessa, Warren and Green ,if healthy , will compete for two of the rotation spots.We'll get a peak at what the Yankees are thinking when they target bullpen arms, and how many they target.They have Tex,Beltran and Miller's contracts off the books.If they can move either BMc or Gardy's then they'll have saved atleast 50 mill even if they have to buy down a little.They could afford Chapman plus a bat and still be 15 mill better than last year.We're not that far off but we definitely need help

  3. Eric says:

    Best way to utilize Betances is middle infield defense? Really? Wow, the best way to utilize him is to pitch him less. He has three issues he needs to work on: 1) Better control; 2) learn to field your position, which includes being able to throw to a base and to cover first base; 3) must work on holding runners on base because all these stolen bases have become a joke. This is Joe Girardi's responsibility in spring training. NO EXCUSES!!!!

    • Gnop says:

      U got dat rite!! What do these guys do in ST? Looks like it's more vacation time than working on the fundamentals!

    • tom says:

      If you actually hold Girardi responsible for Betances then Betances will never pitch for him in order to solve those 3 problems.

      Infield defense may be lower his pitch count. He also needs to learn how to toss baseball well.

  4. hotdog says:

    I like Bryan Mitchell as a starter…i’m not sure what Severino’s issues are but not too long ago he was thought to be a strong part of the rotation for years…Luis Cessa is guy who did a good job as a starter…i never liked the jack of all trades approach but we have some strength in the rotation although these guys are unlikely to be front end starters…we could use some young pitchers with that kind of upside…Kaplerian ???

  5. tom says:

    3 of them should be in the rotation to kick off the season. They would be perfectly suitable in bullpen if Yankees were ready to spend $$$ on starters.

    Keep all for their talents. Yankees should try to trade Clippard away. No Warren?

    As for Girardi and Cashman. They enter into a contact year so I don't think they are worthy of mentioning. umm.

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