Who could find themselves in trade rumors?


As Hot Stove season rapidly approaches, some Yankees players could find themselves in trade rumors. However, just because a player is mentioned in a trade rumor, doesn’t mean the Yankees are thinking of moving said player. Anyway, with the Yankees needs, who could possibly find themselves in the midst of a Hot Stove rumor this winter?

Brian McCann or Austin Romine

Brian McCann and Austin Romine had to realize they were on the outside looking in entering the winter. The Yankees have all but given the starting catching position to Gary Sanchez for 2017, and the Yankees are not known to carry three catchers into an upcoming season. Which means it would be a given either McCann or Romine are dealt at some point during the offseason. If the Yankees deal Romine or McCann, you’d have to wonder what kind of player the organization would get in return.

Michael Pineda

Did I list Michael Pineda simply because I’m interested in seeing him on the trade block?

Yeah, pretty much.

Look, it’s likely Pineda is taking the Ivan Nova approach, where the Yankees would be forced to deal him due to his ineffectiveness. And with the five seasons Pineda has been with the Yankees, he hasn’t exactly turned himself into the All-Star pitcher the Yankees traded for back in 2011. However, what would a player like Pineda command on the trade market with the poor 2016 season he’s had?

Chase Headley

It’s possible the Yankees could consider trading Chase Headley, but as of right now there’s no specific need to move the third baseman. Headley actually had a decent season for the New York Yankees, and with two years remaining on his contract, it’s more likely the Yankees would hold onto Headley for his glove and ability to swing to right field.

However, Headley could still be an option for the trade market should the team entice the idea.

Brett Gardner

It’s the same story every single winter for Brett Gardner. He always tends to find himself in the middle of trade rumors during Hot Stove season, only to end up in pinstripes come February. No doubt the same scenario will happen again with Gardner this year. However, out of the bunch I listed, Gardner is the least likely to be moved.

The Yankees are trying to put their best team on the field, and it would make sense for the Yankees to have Gardner on the roster in 2017, considering he led his position player teammates in WAR. It doesn’t hurt to mention Aaron Hicks and Mason Williams aren’t Major League ready starters, and despite popular fan belief, Clint Frazier is not ready for the Major Leagues after only playing 25 regular season games with the RailRiders. Unlike McCann, Romine, Headley and Pineda there’s no reasonable option at this moment that could take Gardner’s job.

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25 Responses to Who could find themselves in trade rumors?

  1. Eric says:

    Case Headley???? If we can't find someone better than him then we are in real trouble. He is such a soft player who is so boring to watch. Many of you have gotten used to mediocre players. I guess my standards are to high.

    • kevinschappert says:

      Headley is a decent player, but no power for a 3B….too bad we couldn't do better.

      • mosc says:

        and power is everything… here we go again.

        I'd prefer a third basemen who fields well and hits decently (Headley) to one with 25 HRs and no glove.

        Headley ranked 14th in WAR for third basemen in a year where third basemen easily led all positions in overall value (lots of good third basemen). Half the teams in the league would have preferred headley to what they had. Maybe "average" isn't good enough for Yankee fans but the top 10 guys at a position aren't always available and having an average regular, particularly a stable one with a long track record, is a solid foundation to build around.

      • Balt Yank says:

        Headley is a decent player in the context of the current team that has bigger problems or question marks at 1B, RF, DH, Starting Pitchers 2-5, and 50% of the bullpen. In this context, trading Headley makes no sense. I think trading Castro makes sense because Refsnyder is an upgrade.

  2. Terry says:

    Not a lot of return there.The interesting one is Big Mike.Will his value be higher at the deadline next year? Where will the market land for him? BMc probably has the higher value, a catcher with power.But the contract holds him down.I don't see them trading Chase even if they upgrade with young talent.We're so thin at 3rd base depth.Love this time of year.What will they do

  3. hotdog says:

    I think they hold onto Pineda…if they are out of the race next year, they’ll deal him…if they find a good trade partner, go for it, but the Yankees may need to hold onto their arms going into the 2017 season…McCann is too expensive to hold onto unless you want to make him a DH and backup catcher…i’d keep the lines open with the Braves…

    • Jerry says:

      I agree, I still have to hold out hope for Pineda, sure if they are overwhelmed by an offer as for anyone you are overwhelmed, you make the deal. Unless others stand up and pitch effectively you need Pineda. I really like McCann, but if you can get a decent return or maybe even if you can't you might want to deal him. There may not be enough at bats for him.
      …….. As for guys being ready to take the next step and win a starting position, don't you think Sanchez opened eyes as to if you give them a chance to show that they can play. Maybe they can. Mason Williams or Clint Frazier, maybe maybe. Who knew Sanchez was going to play like that, nobody that's who, and I think you give some of the others a chance like that, more eyes MAYBE opened.

      • Eric says:

        there's a difference between sanchez and williams.. the yankees knew what they had in sanchez, a legitimate power threat that is ok defensively and has a rocket of an arm.. obviously no one expected him to play at video game numbers, but that may have put a lot of pressure on him to perform next year.. if he hits 20 homers for the entire season will that disappoint fans? probably. but not many catchers do that consistently.. frazier is another guy that has a lot of potential but shouldn't be rushed just like they took their time developing sanchez (although i think they took too long.. how can a guy lose out on the backup job in spring, but immediately steal the starting job in august??) Pineda should be held onto through at least the winter, and see if he can turn it around and pitch well next year.. and if he still struggles with giving up homers and runs, but has a high strikeout rate, trade him in july to a team like the pirates that can turn him around.. especially if you got young guys like chance adams and james kaprielian and justus sheffield pushing for a spot

        • Rivera says:

          Great point made…but why not trade or get the Pirate's pitching coach instead…he turned Nova around. I'm just saying…who knows????

          • Balt Yank says:

            I like Mason Williams better than Hicks considering he's had two very good short stints in a row in 2015 and 2016, is fast, can field. Pineda could have a breakout year, sign a contract, and return to mediocrity and "promise." He's that kind of pitcher. So maybe keep him and maximize his value at least. His first half often is better than his second anyhow.

  4. Joe says:

    The biggest weakness going into next year is starting pitching. So, as bad as Pineda has been, there isn't much better available either internally or on the free agent market. As it is, the fourth and fifth starter slots will likely go to Cessa and Mitchell with Severino in the bullpen. Not exactly an awe-inspiring rotation. I think Gardener stays around too because his value has dropped over the past few years as he is no longer a base stealing threat. So, a .260 hitting outfielder with limited power won't have much market value. McCann is the most likely to go, even though he has a no-trade clause, since he still has some value as catcher somewhere else but would likely be a DH with the Yankees. A .230 hitting DH with 18 HRs can easily be replaced either internally or with a free agent signing. Headley is mediocre and as such has limited trade value.

  5. svenlongrin says:

    Delia, did you actually just write "should the team entice the idea"? A "managing editor" needs to do better than that. Has the decline of the newspaper industry led to the end of quality sports writing?

    • Jerry says:

      I did not see anything about the Yankees or anything pertinent to the article Delia wrote. Maybe you need to post on the Bronx English Daily.

  6. Nunzio says:

    The Yankee brain trust must get together on how much money is available to field the best they have, I like having McCann sharing the catching roll with Sanchez , but if the Yankees think they can bring in a pitcher and a suiter is will Ingrid to take on his contract with him agreeing then the best for the team is the answer, Cashmans contract will be up soon and maybe there is someone who is hungry and talented to replace him, it's not always the guy who is there the longest that is the best, someone has to take the bad with the good for the play of the Yankees and Cashman has been granted a lot of good, it may be best for the yankees to start putting fresh younger talent to work , the old seems not to be working.

    • hotdog says:

      I would be shocked if the Yankees don’t re-sign Cashman and Girardi after the 2017 season…Cashman’s job of late has been to curtail spending by developing decent trades while remaining competitive and he’s done that…this is all a part of managements desire to get under the threshold and restart the clock…with the haul they got for Beltran, Miller and Chapman, ownership has to be happy…I believe Cashman and Girardi will be given new contracts even if the Yankees wind up in 4th place again…maybe an outside possibility that Girardi isn’t retained but I don’t see Cashman going anywhere…I would not be disappointed in the least if they got rid of those two but with the future looking a lot better than it once did, I don’t see them changing the guards for a while…

      • Balt Yank says:

        What about trading McCann for a veteran starting pitcher who's overpaid but a decent 4th/5th starter who'll pitch 200 innings? That's fair and smart.

  7. Joanne Gaumer says:

    Pineda has been such a huge disappointment season after season. Yanks need to open up the wallet and go after Chris Sale. They never should have let Andrew Miller go, he is definitely a better closer than Betances.

  8. tom says:

    Pineda should be on Phillies and Marlins' radar.

    A's seek for speed and defense… Mason Williams? Headley could be a possibility since A's can't wait to get rid of Dan Valencia.

    Kyle H could end up where McCann was supposed to be.

  9. kevinschappert says:

    McCann or Romine gone, most likely McCann if Yanks can find a taker for the contract. Just don't need him.

  10. brooklyn joe says:

    McCann would be a great DH,without having to catch he may be a 30 homer guy, why trade power with the DH available, I would keep Pineda since he really has good stuff he just needs to figure out out how to be consistent, I think Mason Williams can give us the same numbers as Gardner with youth and speed plus Frazier may be ready by July, I like Gardy but maybe it's time to move on. I see Chapman coming back on a 3 yr deal or maybe Mark Melancon with Betances going back to the 8th where he belongs and nobody wants Headly.

  11. Olie says:

    Most likely to go Gardner! The Yanks have a surplus of young outfielders waiting to come up! Sorry Delia!!

  12. Southie says:

    Is Sanchez really proven? Is McCann really washed up as Yankees thought? Years ago they got rid of Ichiro and he played OK in Miami. As a catcher, MaCann is still plenty good. Maybe they should just let him DA a bit more. That way, both Sanchez and McCann can have better offense productivity. Romine can play some firstbase and DH. Trade him if there is a really great deal but Yankees need to make sure he's not another Leon.

  13. Johnny says:

    First of all let's look at a real problem. We have so much young talent now but as a whole we still have trouble developing them. I don't know why the Steinbrenner's think that Larry Rothschild is a good pitching coach and want to renew his contract, for what? For 6 years what has he done? Who has he developed as far as youth and what veteran has he's gotten to pitch at or above his potential? Let's get someone who first can figure out and save Severino before he becomes a Joba, a Hughes, a Nova, a Pineda a Kennedy. Then let's develop these kids like Green, Cessa and Mitchell to their full potential.
    Now then, let's keep loading up on prospects so we can make a couple of trades for tier 1 or 2 starters and go after an experienced power bat to put in the 4 spot to take some pressure off the youngsters while they develop. Why wait for 2017. We can compete now with the youth and talent we have. Trade McCann, Gardner, Pineda all easily replaceable. We don't necessarily have to trade Headley. Yes he is soft, but what's better out there this year. Next year there is a lot more at 3rd available.

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