2016 Yankees Report Card: Didi Gregorius


Yesterday, we graded Starlin Castro‘s season at second base. Today, we move to shortstop where we’ll grade Didi Gregorius. This was Gregorius’s second season with the New York Yankees, and so far he had been everything the Yankees could have wanted. 

During the 2014 offseason, the Yankees traded for shortstop Didi Gregorius, who was dubbed as Derek Jeter‘s heir. The moment he joined the team, Gregorius fit right into the Yankees mold, and he did the same in 2016. Overall, Gregorius hit .276/.304/.447 with 20 homers and 70 RBI’s, which were both career highs. Gregorius also logged a 2.2 WAR, which is above Major League average.

Let’s grade Gregorius season month by month.

April: Gregorius got off to a slow start, although not as slow as 2015. Gregorius hit two homers and drove in five runs in 66 at-bats. For the month of April, Gregorius hit .224/.254/.343.

May: Gregorius logged in 94 at-bats and made use of them, hitting two homers while driving in 14 runs. For the month of May, Gregorius hit .287/.316/.394.

June: Gregorius was one of the hotter bats in the Yankees lineup during the the month of June, hitting four homers while driving in 18 runs. It’s also worth noting Gregorius logged in 101 at-bats during the month. For the month of June, Gregorius hit .337/.368/.535.

July: Gregorius came off his June high in July, but he was still valuable to the Bronx Bombers, hitting three homers while driving in seven. For the month of July, Gregorius hit .292/.323/.495.

August: Average wise, Gregorius’s numbers dipped. However, he provided serious power, hitting six homers and driving in 18 runs. For the month of August, Gregorius hit .268/.291/.500.

September: Gregorius’s numbers took a drastic hit in September, only getting 20 hits in 93 at-bats. Power wise, Gregorius hit three homers and drove in eight. For the month of September, Gregorius hit .215/.250/.366.

October: Gregorius had two hits in four at-bats and drove in a run. For the month of October, Gregorius hit .500/.500/.500.

The Verdict: It was another solid year for Didi Gregorius, who proved the Yankees made the right decision when they traded for him two years ago. Gregorius is entering his third year as a Yankee in 2017 and the Yankees hope he can keep up his consistent numbers. 

So what would be Didi Gregorius’s final grade?


Tomorrow: We move to third base where we’ll grade Chase Headley. Despite an awful April, Headley actually had a good season. He was just overshadowed by the rookies.

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25 Responses to 2016 Yankees Report Card: Didi Gregorius

  1. An above average defensive shortstop with a bit of pop and a decent bat with poor patience at the plate. On this team that definitely deserves a solid B. He was ranked 11th overall by WAR among shortstops with a 2.7 (By the way, he was tied with Eduardo Nunez, who seems to have put his defensive woes behind him).

    I still can't believe the Yankees got him for Shane Greene, who was never a big pitching prospect at any point in his development.

  2. tom says:

    Ah you grade on offensive part only. Surely, both Castro and Gregorius looked equally but I was unhappy with Gregorius' inability to get on bases frequently against Righties. He hit over 300 against southpaws for first time in his career so I have to ask whether or not it is a fluke. If so, his offensive threat will revert to laughable offering.

    I am satisfied with B grade because of BA against southpaws and 20 HRs among with his defense. However, I refuse to carry that grade over to MLB-wide.

  3. tom says:

    OTT, Those Champ jerks just stole one of Yankees' most feeling good storied players, Conor Mullee. lol. That tentatively makes 39 players on roster.

  4. Jerry says:

    I also think very highly of DiDi, most of all I love that arm. Crushed lefties which bodes well for him, and I believe that he will show even more power next year and the ensuing years especially at Yankee stadium. Maybe a 25 -30 home run guy along with Castro showing substantial power also. Could see 50 plus dingers from this duo. B sounds like a fair mark.

  5. Olie says:

    Good defense and at times carried the team with his bat. Solid B

  6. hotdog says:

    Didi seemed to do everything right this year. Cashman went out and brought some guys over in trade with upside. Didi is hitting that upside. Not many others have.

  7. Otto says:

    Didi I would trade him probably after next year, to give Torres another year to develop. I would sell Didi why his stock is high. He is an above average defender, but not consistent hitter. Too many highs Too many lows. Torres is the shortstop of the future. He is going to be a stud.

    • Just to point out that you are saying the guy with the highest average on the team is an inconsistent hitter. While I would agree that he lacks patience at the plate, I'm fine with where his hitting is at, especially since I don't think anyone should have realistically expected that he would crank 20 homers and 30 doubles.

      • Otto says:

        Because he had the highest average does not make him consistent. I am referring to one month he will he .330 then the next month .260 then .280 then .215 that is inconsistent by definition. If he was a consistent hitter he would have the same average from month to month, but there are big dips in his average from month to month. He is a solid player, but he probably could be package with some other prospects to maybe get a frontline starter. I think they are going in the right place and I am not saying give him away, but he could be part of a package to improve the team. It may not happen. Just making an observation because Torres will be an All-Star for many years. He is the real deal.

        • There are big dips in nearly every players numbers from month to month. The ultimate result, which was that he was the best hitter for average and power on the team, is all that matters in the end. I mean, if Chase Headley finished at .300/.400/.500 nobody would have cared if he had the worst April ever. On the other hand, if there was a batter who hit .215/.300/.300 every month, sure, you could say he was consistent, but he'd still be a terrible hitter.

          Take for example, Anthony Rizzo. I'm sure he's a guy that most Yankees fans would love on the team. Dude freaking hit .292/.385/.544 this year. Those are beast numbers. But he hit .218 one month, .378 another, finished .287. That's technically inconsistent.

          • Otto says:

            No that is not inconsistent that is a bad month, but when there are such large differences between each month that is inconsistent. Didi is very hot then he is ice cold.

      • Jerry says:

        Pretty funny that Castro and Didi had almost identical offensive stats. Last year.

        • Very similar. The difference is about 2-3 extra-base hits more in Didi's favor. The biggest differences was defense, Didi is a heck of a lot more consistent. Didi also plays a tougher position. So where Castro is the 19th best second baseman, Didi is the 12th best shortstop. Not a big difference, but you can see where one guy is more valuable to the team than the other.

          Going forward, I think the Yankees could do a lot worse and I'm not concerned with him or his spot on the roster. I expect that with time Starlin Castro will improve on defense, and he's going to be 27 next year so he should be entering his prime offensive years. Penciling in Castro for the next 2-3 years wouldn't be the worst thing.

          I'm still trying to figure out how Gleyber Torres fits into this entire picture. He's the most exciting thing about the infield right now.

          • Jerry says:

            It's going to be interesting how it all plays out, with the talent coming up and maybe some trades, we still need pitching. But no doubt the future looks bright. And They will have to find a spot for Torres, be it Short or second. Someone has to go. It should be fun.

    • enter42 says:

      Call him anything but inconsistent. Batting .270 means just the opposite. Love Didi…..talk about a guy who has made the most of a tough situation! All he's done since manning the position is turn into one of the best all around SS in the game. When the yanks made the trade that included Torres, combined with the fact that Mateo was already in the system, it seemed that Didi's reward for his efforts might be a trade. As you say, that could still be his future but lets not cast him aside like he's a nobody. I think Mateo will be the one who gets traded unless he hits his stride this season and really takes a leap forward….now there's a guy who's been inconsistent.

      • otto says:

        Hitting .270 does not mean he is consistent. Not even close say Mateo took a step back not sure if it was attitude or lack of dedication but he is still a better talent than Didi. Mateo may not be on the Yankees big league team, but he will have an impact whenever he goes. It seems the Yankees might have soured on him. Didi is solid, but more talent a year or two away. That's why I suggested packing him in deal to get a frontline starter.

  8. Balt Yank says:

    Didi did well, but on this team, we need an OBA 350+. On a team with good hitters, Didi himself is a good hitter at SS who has real range and plays it well. Torres does sound like a better overall player and I would trade Didi after next season for a 3/4th younger starter. Mateo also has more upside if he can get it right.

    • Didi's OBP was very low and is definitely a problem, but he also had the highest average and slugging percentage on the team (aside from Beltran and Sanchez) and plays solid defense. At this point, I'm not against trading Didi, because I'm not against trading anyone in theory, but he's one of the most consistent players on the team. Trading him doesn't necessarily make sense unless it is apart of a deal that is clearly going to make the team better and those don't come around too often.

      If anything, maybe start getting him some reps at second and third base once Torres really starts forcing the issue. Mateo is already playing second base and I heard that he's getting some practice in center as well. He's not going to replace Didi.

  9. buckeyeballs says:

    agree with the comments about OBA-both didi and castro need to walk more OBA under 330 is a weakness and both are way under

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