A Week In Review: Ackley, Eovaldi, Gardner, Girardi, Headley, McCann and Sanchez

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The Yankees had to lock up their 40-man roster on Friday, but they did the inevitable on Thursday by trading catcher Brian McCann. Other teams are also showing interest in Chase Headley and Brett Gardner, and the Nathan Eovaldi era has ended in New York.

Without further ado, here is your Week In Review.

November 14, 2016

— Every year, Brett Gardner is in the middle of trade rumors. Even though the Yankees are tempted by offers, and even though Brian Cashman is listening, he’s reminded everyone that Gardner has stayed with the team. And it seem Gardner might once again be a Yankee by the time February rolls around.

“I’ve been approached on Gardner for years, and he has not gone anywhere,” Cashman said last week at the GM meetings. “I think that shows you we like him and value him. That’s why we signed him… Have I had people express interest in him? Yes, I have. Have I had more than one team? Yes, I have. Is he a New York Yankee? Yes, he is.”

— Yankees phenom Gary Sanchez was up for the AL Rookie of the Year Award. However, Sanchez ended up walking away empty handed as Detroit Tigers rookie Michael Fulmer won the award. Fulmer finished with 26 first-place votes and Sanchez finished with four first-place votes. Cleveland Indians rookie Tyler Naquin finished third in the Rookie of the Year voting and Corey Seager unanimously won the NL Rookie of the Year Award.

November 15, 2016

— Yankees manager Joe Girardi wasn’t in the top three of the manager voting. However, Girardi finished fifth. Of course, the Yankees didn’t make the postseason, but Girardi once again did an amazing job keeping the Yankees in the race after they sold at the trade deadline.

November 16, 2016

— Like Brett Gardner, Chase Headley is garnering interest in the trade market. However, the Yankees are hesitant to trade Headley and don’t feel a strong interest to do so at the moment.

November 17, 2016

— The Yankees made their first trade of the offseason, sending catcher Brian McCann to the Houston Astros in exchange for Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman. The move came after the Yankees announced Gary Sanchez was going to be starting catcher in 2017. And while McCann loved his time in New York, he loved catching just a bit more.

“At the end of the day McCann, made the decision he still had something left in the tank and wants to catch.” McCann’s agent BB Abbott said.

—  After the trade, the Yankees decided to shift gears and announce they were going to sign a bat from the free agent market. The team announced they were interested in reuniting with ex-Yankee Carlos Beltran and ex-Toronto Blue Jays 1B Edwin Encarnacion. The Yankees also announced they were interested in re-signing Aroldis Chapman and Rich Hill.

November 18, 2016

— The Yankees made a plethora of moves prior to the 40-man roster deadline on Friday afternoon. The team added Miguel AndujarDietrich EnnsGiovanny GallegosRonald HerreraJorge Mateo, and Yefrey Ramirez to the 40-man roster. They also traded James Pazos to the Seattle Mariners in exchange for Zack Littell, and they released Dustin Ackley and Nathan Eovaldi.

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14 Responses to A Week In Review: Ackley, Eovaldi, Gardner, Girardi, Headley, McCann and Sanchez

  1. Terry says:

    I'm going to take another moment to say EE and no Beltran. I know a lot of people argue that the Yankees don't want another long term big deal. The youth movement and the upcoming big FA class, yada yada yada. It's only a 4-5 year deal and at the end of year 4, he'll be 38 and Beltran is 40 now. No one will benefit more on EE than Aaron Judge. EE will hit over 100 hrs in the 4 years. No one on the roster the last two years can come close to that over the last 5 years. Give him a 4 year deal, club option on year 5, performance hurdles on his end for the 5th year kick in. We don't need a DH that plays the OF, we have plenty of young OF talent. But Bird, my 1B choice will need built in days off, enter EE. Again, like Alex and his one good year in the last 3, Beltran will hog a roster spot. Don't pay a guy millions to occupy that spot when you could have a beast and thus attract others to come play here

    • buckeyeballs says:

      agree with that-for some reason Beltran won't play first, and no way Bird plays 160 games this year. He may not even be that good. So we desperately need a bat to protect sanchez in the order and a first base option to fill in for bird or replace him in case Bird flops. Moreland is out there but he's a lefty otherwise I'd go for him. hopefully EE won't be that pricey.

      • buckeyeballs says:

        forgot to mention-Napoli fits the bill I mentioned above and can also be a third catcher-and he'd be cheaper. But I can't stand him

      • Celerino says:

        Pass on Beltran. EE will be to pricey for too many years. A power hitter who can play first can be had on for much less than EE would cost.

      • mosc says:

        I agree with this. I'd also throw out Pedro Alvarez who will probably cost less than half of Encarnacion and hits from the left side and fits a similar role. He's also not even 30 yet and could cover third in a pinch as well giving some more flexibility.

        • tom says:

          Alvarez could work because he could pair up with Tyler Austin.

          I am okay with EE but I would rather to have Justin Turner and Pedro Alvarez at the price of EE if true.

          I would give Turner a try at RF and then backing any position in infield when needs. Bats him ahead of Sanchez and Bird in the heart part.

        • Jerry says:

          I wouldn't mind Alvarez, we definitely need someone behind Sanchez and a bona fide slugger to help all the young prospects . I'm still on board with Encanarcion, a proven slugger. I know we talk about being young, but you still need one or two veterans with experience. And even if you have to pay a good amount, it will be worth it to take the pressure off. A flyer on Bautista even, maybe loaded with incentives.

  2. tom says:

    Hey how about Shoehei Otani. We need a pitching and he is only 22 years old. Could spell him at 1B/DH if Girardi allows it. lol.

    • tom says:

      Scratch Otani.. Yankees can't get him. Blast!

    • mosc says:

      So I am 99% sure he will not get posted this year. Why? Because he's 22 and not 23. Next year he will meet the dual requirements (23 years old and 6+ years professional experience outside the US) to avoid the international free agent restrictions. For example, the Yankees, Dodgers, and like 6 other clubs wouldn't even be able to bid on him if he were posted this year. You read that right if you want him in pinstripes and you hear he gets posted, it ain't happening. It also means he'd get a much smaller bonus because whatever someone paid him would be over the luxury tax threshold (which is like ~$3M a year for the entire pool) so they have to pay to revenue sharing equal parts to the bonus they offer him. He also has little leverage against his team in Japan because they can surely get the maximum for him in future years.

      He very well might get posted after the 2017 season but before it? No chance.

      • mosc says:

        Sorry, to finish if he does get posted after 2017 instead of before it, he's exempt from all the international restrictions other than paying off the Japanese club for rights to negotiate with a player still under their control ($20M max paid only if the player signs).

  3. buckeyeballs says:

    I meant in an emergency so Sanchez could DH without worry of losing the Dh if romine got hurt during a game

    • Jerry says:

      I don't have a problem with that either, but we do have a lot of players coming up. Maybe that's where a trade for young pitching comes into play.

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