Aaron Judge to work at minor league complex this offseason


aaron judge

After Aaron Judge didn’t exactly wow the New York Yankees during his brief stint in the Major League’s, they are willing to do whatever it takes to get his bat ready for next season.

That’s why they’re giving the Yankees rookie a little bit of extra homework.

Judge will head to the Yankees minor league complex, where he’ll work out with minor league hitting coordinator James Rowson. The Yankees want Judge to cut back on his strikeouts after he K’d 42 times in 84 at-bats and 94 plate appearances.

Brian Cashman said Judge would compete with Aaron HicksRob Refsnyder and Tyler Austin for the right field position in Spring Training. However, Austin will also compete with Greg Bird for first base.

It’s likely Judge will work with Rowson to learn how to identify breaking pitches, so he doesn’t swing at them while he’s at the plate.

Despite the Yankees concerns with his strikeout totals, Judge didn’t seem bothered by the issue.

“Same thing as last year. Got a little taste of Triple-A, got used to it and the same thing here,” Judge said on October 1 after the Yankees played against the Baltimore Orioles. “Got a couple of games up here, saw what it’s like and now just get ready to prepare and come into next year not an unknown. I’ll know what’s going on and what the league is and I’ll be prepared.”


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10 Responses to Aaron Judge to work at minor league complex this offseason

  1. Jerry says:

    He sounds like a mature young man. And probably what he'll need to be to make it here in New York. Seems like a hard worker. I certainly hope he makes it. We have to be patient . Been pretty patient with other players, especially Aaron Hicks.So why not Judge?

    • Howard Rosenberg says:

      I think we should change our philosophy for his unique circumstances.
      He takes too many pitches, he takes a lot of good pitches, gets into trouble in the count, then swings and misses on the pitcher's pitch.

      He should go after the first pitch until the league adjusts, then he adjusts back.

      He left so many fastballs right over the plate which he could have put deep.

      Let him swing at the first pitch he will not strike out so much.

      Hope he gets the right field job!

      Good luck

      • Terry says:

        I agree. He needs to sit on a pitch and be aggressive when he gets it. He'll take an outside fastball, then on the next pitch, take a breaking ball. Gotta be sitting one or the other if you're struggling. Inside and outside not as big as the pitch itself

      • tom says:

        That does not matter. He had hard time with MLB fastball. Next year, he can relax and play. That is when he can hit in any counts. He hasn't been strategically wrong and you scold him about pitch selective after he logged 90+ ABs? You are nuts.

        • Howard Rosenberg says:

          I disagree because he hit plenty fastballs, trouble was he would take first two pitches then he would swing at a ball and strikeout.
          Sure he will hit the fastball next year. (slider is another problem)
          I have watched this guy from day one since we signed him.
          He will adjust like he has been moving up each level.
          All I am saying is he should be more aggressive on first or second pitch.

  2. tom says:

    If Refsnyder's hitting skill returns, I waste no time and tab him as a RF starter. That would be incredible if Judge turned into a Paul O'Neil by April.

  3. buckeyeballs says:

    refsnyder has no power at all and the speed is average-he is a liability as an outfielder which is why the yanks moved him to the infield. His upside is .290, 8 homers and 15 steals, with mediocre defense. I see him as a utility guy at best

  4. Gregg says:

    Aaron came home for a few weeks and then is heading to Tampa. This article is spot on. He is a good young man with a great work ethic

  5. Balt Yank says:

    I like Judge but he may not be ready until post ALL STAR Break. I hope Refsnyder forces the Yankee's hand and gets right field. He played right field in college very well by reputation. The Yankees need someone desperately with his batting average, eye, and pitch selection acumen. Aaron Hicks may be faster technically, but when I watched him he didn't seem to take good instinctual jumps to balls. So, I'm not buying it.

  6. asdavila says:

    A lot of young guys, not enough spots… I think we will trade Refsnyder… the rest? I don't dare to say anything, because I don't have a clue…

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