Brett Gardner wins Gold Glove for LF


Congratulations are in order for New York Yankees left fielder, Brett Gardner!

The Yankees homegrown has just won his first career Gold Glove Award for his impressive work in the outfield.

Gardner is the first Yankee to win the award since Mark Teixeira and Robinson Cano won the award as Yankees back in 2012. Gardner is also the first outfielder to win the award since Bernie Williams won the award from 1997 to 2000. Gardner had nine outfield assists, which was the most by a Yankee since Curtis Granderson in 2011.

Only six outfielders have had more assists over the last seven seasons than Gardner’s 46.

Gardner is a finalist for the Platinum Gold Glove Award, and you can vote for him here. The winner will be announced on November 14th on ESPN2.

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5 Responses to Brett Gardner wins Gold Glove for LF

  1. Terry says:

    Congrats to Brett!! I get on him because of his lack of offense and the Ellsbury factor. But said before he was the front runner in LF and deserves this award. Tell me you can trade Ellsbury and I'd love to keep him.

  2. buckeyeballs says:

    he had a great defensive year, agree with terry -he's too much like ellsbury otherwise no one would complain about either one

  3. tom says:

    Finally beat out Alex Gordon. Good for you, Brett.

    • mosc says:

      I don't think he really should have but Brett lost it to Gordon in 2011 so I guess this makes them even. I also don't know who the hell thought Gardner was inferior in 2010 to Carl Crawford but whatever.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    Go Gardy! You're one of our best players.

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