Brian Cashman: “Brian McCann trade offers flexibility”

Brian Cashman

Last week, the Yankees did the inevitable and traded ex-catcher Brian McCann to the Houston Astros in exchange for two minor league prospects. Unlike the other possible trade rumors going around, the McCann trade was only a matter of ‘when’ instead of ‘if’.

And with McCann heading to Houston, Brian Cashman revealed the deal offers flexibility to the roster going forward.

“It satisfied a lot of things — additional money to play with from our end gives us a lot of choices in the trade and free-agent market,” Cashman said on Thursday Night as he participated in a “Sleep Out” at Covenant House to raise awareness for homeless youth. “Does it mean we’re absolutely going to do something? No. But we’re going to be open to doing so. Now I can pursue a lot of different scenarios for the (designated hitter) or other positions. We’re going to continue to pursue pitching as well as offense now.”

Cashman has spoken to different agents about free agent players and is still assessing the free agent and trade market. Two of the names that have popped up this winter are Carlos Beltran and Aroldis Chapman. However, it’s no guarantee either will be in pinstripes next season.

“Chapman did a terrific job while he was here. He’s someone that we would be interested in bringing back. Doesn’t guarantee that he will be here. He certainly has heard from us and knows we’d like to have him back,” Cashman said.

And while the Yankees may have enough pieces in the organization for let’s say a Chris Sale package, the team is unlikely to actually make that trade with the White Sox.

“I do know that we’ve acquired a lot of talent that’s knocking on the door. In most cases, we’d like to see that talent translate to Yankee impact by promotion,” said Cashman. “I’ve spoken to this — if there is a massive, under-control contract player out there, it’s not likely for us to back a truck up at this moment to try to pull down one player. I wouldn’t recommend us doing something like that.”

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18 Responses to Brian Cashman: “Brian McCann trade offers flexibility”

  1. so far all talk & no action.!

  2. Terry says:

    I'm all for the youth movement too. I doubt there's anyone who recently called for this more than me. But in reality, in order to win a title, you have to have some veteran leadership. Look at the Cubs this year. A core of young guys and then they went to get veterans where they needed it. Lester, who everyone said they over paid and is older for the length of contract. Lackey, even more so. David Ross, the Grandpa and then they went and overpaid for Heyman. Guess what? They won the World Series. This blueprint works and has worked recently. We need an impact bat and those guys available in FA or trade will not be young and proven.Luckily the starting pitching field gets more wide open by the day. But the bat is tricky. We have every position accounted for , so unless it's a DH, if you get one, you have to trade another. A little more complicated. Winter Meetings start December 5th . Hopefully we'll see something

  3. brooklyn joe says:

    Chapman would be a great addition,but only at the right price,the numbers out there are crazy. I have tremendous respect for Beltran but he's old and fragile, I would only do a 1 year deal at this point. The guy I would love is Encarnacion, he's a tremendous hitter and is still passable in the field. I know he won't come cheap but let's do our due diligence. Without McCann Sanchez has no protection. Rich Hill immediately improves our rotation, not young but not a lot mileage on that arm.

  4. Phil says:

    How about get even younger & get rid Cashman

  5. DJLaz says:

    I say get rid of Pineda yes he give innings who cares.He Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Give new kids a chance to pitch.We need a power Bat to help Sanchez and rest of team. Signing Chapman will make Betances better. If they stay healthy they will be fun to watch.

  6. Eric says:

    The only position that you need a veteran on a rebuilding team is at DH. Although, if they could somehow rid themselves of Headley then Justin Turner would be a nice replacement for a few years. Here is a guy that gets it! A gritty player who makes contact and seems to have the 'clutch" gene and a player the fans would take to. Watching Dodger games the last two seasons he was the last guy the opposition wanted to see with game on the line.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    If Pineda can be traded to the NL for 1 good reliever and 1 good double a pitching prospect, do it. Chad Green, Brian Mitchell, Luis Cessa are all adequate replacements. He'll do better in a lower market NL team.

  8. Jerry says:

    I can't give up on Pineda yet. I still hold out hope that he puts it together. And it's not like we are loaded with stud pitching prospects. At least not yet. Cessa, Green, Mitchell and the like, I hope pan out, but they are not blue chippers. This is Pineda's opt out year, so maybe he focuses and gets it together. That crazy talent can be hypnotic.

  9. tom says:

    I am not a fan of Pineda but he has two years left prior to his first free agency. It makes no sense to hurry up and dump him to thinner the rotation, especially weak free agency that is seeking for more than 12 m per season.

    He has improved in IP and is on the line for 190-210 this year but he is required to be effective to reach that mark. If he remains the same then Yankees can trade him away in 2017 winter for about the same value of today's return.

    • Enmanuel says:

      Pineda's going to be a free agent after this season, so yankees must extend his contract or deal him… It might sounds crazy but he might be better in a NL team, AL especially East Division too much for him

    • Jerry says:

      Pineda, free agent 2018.

  10. Olie says:

    After Tanaka who is better than Pineda? Nobody I saw pitching last year! Give him some time. The Yankees aren't contenders yet!

  11. Balt Yank says:

    Pineda has had time. He's a head case. He'll probably do OK with a bottom tier NL team with less fans and no DH. That being said, maybe keep him for the first half, as he is usually better and this is his walk year, and deal him from strength. I like Warren better as a starter and he's got the grit and mentality.

  12. hotdog says:

    I do not know what Cashman means by flexibility. The money saved on the McCann contract would allow a short term signing to plug a gap I guess but how close are they to getting under the $189M penalty. And is that what Cashman means when he talks flexibility. If so, when does he think the Yankees will have the financial flexibility to go after bigger name free agents or contracts via trade once this target has been reached AND when does he anticipate that happening…seems to be a lot of mystery regarding the Yankees future at it relates to the bigger contracts…luckily the farm is stocked and relief may come from those low cost players…

    • Jerry says:

      Part of it could be the waiting for the luxury tax number. How much higher will they have to work with.

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