Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees among teams to watch showcase for Greg Holland


The New York Yankees aren’t expected to make a gigantic splash in the free agent market, but they will try to fill the holes they have on the team as frugally as possible.

Even if that means taking a chance on a pitcher a year removed from Tommy John Surgery.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the New York Yankees along with the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants are interested in former Kansas City Royals closer Greg Holland. Holland’s agent, the infamous Scott Boras, said Holland can currently throw in the mid 90’s and he will have a showcase within the next week. All the teams listed above (minus the Royals) are scheduled to attend.

Holland missed the entire 2016 season after undergoing Tommy John Surgery toward the end of 2015. He struggled that season while pitching through a UCL tear, notching a 3.83 ERA and a 5.2 BB/9. His velocity was also slower in 2015; his fastball averaged at 88 MPH versus the normal 90 MPH.

If Holland is truly healthy, it would be the first time in quite a bit. However, since he’ll be well removed from Tommy John Surgery by March, it’s expected he’d have legitimate interest.

The Yankees are currently looking for bullpen help after Dellin Betances was erratic as the Yankees closer following the trade of Andrew Miller. The team is currently interested in Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen, but if the team is unable to acquire either, you would think Holland would be a cheap alternative for the Yankees bullpen.

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11 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees among teams to watch showcase for Greg Holland

  1. Terry says:

    It can't hurt to go and see but my personal choice is Chapman. Handled NY well and no draft pick attached. Dude's a stud and liked it here. Not going to come cheap but well worth it. It would not surprise me if he gets atleast a 5 year-75 mill offer, he's that good and again, no draft pick attached. Gotta pay a little more for that. I'd even go as far as 80, he's that good and we'd still have all the prospects. Chapman,DBets,Clippard, works for me

    • Jerry says:

      I'm thinking maybe they sign both of them. Clearly Chapman will not be cheap, but how much could Holland command. … And depending on how they end up using Severino, I hope he remains a starter, this could really boost the bullpen…. And hopefully Boras is right about Holland's velocity, he can't bullshit us about that, I'm sure many guns will be on Holland. At any rate due diligence.

      • tom says:

        If Severino does not cut out as a starter then he should be good for 6th and 7th work before Betances and Holland or healthier one.

    • Tom says:

      I agreed

  2. Tom says:

    I agree

  3. stephen A sanders says:

    I say we don't want Chapman you ever heard of more for less,the money the Yankees spend on Chapman we could get two or even three players so Mr Cushman use them lplayers vi trade players to get us better

  4. Brooklyn joe says:

    We clearly want Chapman back, but I'd be happy with Jansen too. We have the money don't you worry for one of them. I'm more concerned with the starting rotation, we need to add another piece at the top. Pineda is way to erratic and the other starters are still unproven, but hopefully one of the young guys can step up and be productive. Maybe CJ Wilson or Jeremy Hellickson could help.I believe Cashman will get creative with a trade and add another piece to the rotation.

  5. Billyball says:

    Jansen will cost us our first round pick which is a decent pick so I say no to Jansen since we are still rebuilding….

    • hotdog says:

      agreed…i don’t want to give up a 1st rounder, although Cashman could bite given the stock of prospects that’s in the system…i’d rather take a chance on a guy with upside that won’t cost too much…maybe a very good setup pitcher with the makings of a closer…and we might have a closer from the farm in a year or two…

  6. tom says:

    I am not a big fan of big money bullpen. For that money, we could end up two starters easy. Stronger rotation will ease down Betances' usage. ZERO complete games from the rotation last year. Nova had 2 complete games for Pirates after trade.

    Holland does not pitch more than 1 inning that frequently. That won't do any good to Girardi as he will continue wearing down Betances. Unless Yankees get him for less than 10m annually, it does not make any sense.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    I know the national league is traditionally easier than the ALE, but really, Nova is a head case with us and a stud with the Pirates? I always liked Nova. What's up YANKS!

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