Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees ‘frontrunners’ for Chapman but won’t spend $100 Million


The CBA negotiations have significantly stalled the free agent and trade market. However, the Yankees have revealed that they are frontrunners for closer Aroldis Chapman.

They just won’t sign him for $100 Million.

Other than the Brian McCann trade, the Yankees have been extremely quiet this offseason, mainly because all general managers are left without a concrete number on how much they could spend without going over the luxury tax. And according to George King of the New York Post, the luxury tax could rise from $189 Million to $200 Million, which would benefit the Yankees.

“There have been reports the tax threshold could rise to $200 million from the current $189 million. That could help the Yankees, who gained financial flexibility by dealing Brian McCann (and $11 million) to the Astros,” King wrote.


“If a new CBA is adopted, expect the Yankees to be the front-runner to land Chapman and bring the aspirin-throwing lefty closer back to The Bronx, unless he really is looking for five years and $100 million. They have an interest in free-agent designated-hitter/first-baseman Edwin Encarnacion, but not at five years.”

The Yankees and Chapman have made it clear there is interest in one another. However, Chapman’s love for the Yankees all comes back to how much money the Yankees will offer him. It’s understandable that Chapman is in his prime, but the team doesn’t see the need to give a closer, who will only pitch an inning at most, a $100 million contract.

If the team didn’t give Mariano Rivera a $100 Million contract–and Rivera was well deserving of a contract in that range for being the best closer in the universe–it doesn’t seem likely any team will give Chapman the $100 Million.

Now, five-years $80 Million…that could be another story.

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14 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees ‘frontrunners’ for Chapman but won’t spend $100 Million

  1. Terry says:

    What they seek and what they get, are two different stories usually. Cespedes was reported to be looking for 5-$120 mill and ended up at 110. Your thought on 80 should be real close , it may go 85 but I think that's about it

  2. Mike says:

    Cespedes ended up getting over 27 million a year
    Total insanity

    • hotdog says:

      4 year deal for a guy that’s hit 49 home runs and 130 rbi’s in 189 games for the Mets which includes pinch hitting games…he was 8th in MVP voting this year…for a team lacking in offense, it was a good move imo…we may see more shorter term deals at higher money/year…i’d prefer that actually rather than locking up players for 7 years or more…

    • Jerry says:

      The Mets were desperate to keep him and not really paying much more per year to keep him. He brings life to that line up. Worth more to the mets than any other team, I believe. Single handedly brought the mets to the post season the year before and along with that monster pitching staff could do it a few more times. Crazy money, but the mets had to do it.

  3. hotdog says:

    I don’t see the Yankees signing Chapman…it looks like the Yankees will sign him if no one else gives him a big contract at close to the $100 million mark…and I think someone will…

  4. thomas says:

    Mo last made 15 million in 2012, at age 40. Salaries have jumped very high in the last 4 years. Chapman at age 29 in 2017 would be worth 17 million a year or more. The QO is over 17 million a year as it is now. I believe the CBA will make the tax to be over 205 million or 210 million, just because of the cost of living since the old CBA was signed 5 years ago.
    Payroll now at 136 million. Add 23 million for Arb, that bring it to 159. If new CBA is around 200 million then you will have 40 million for the rest of the 40 man and benefits. Enough for Chapman at around 17 per year. Remember the Yanks save 23 from Tex, 3 from Ackley, 7 from Eovaldi and 11 from McCann. A total of 44 million from last year.

    • hotdog says:

      well they have to consider the cost of living…who can make it on just a few million/year these days…

  5. I think you meant $100 million CONTRACT not "$100M a year".

  6. mosc says:

    I've said it before but I think the $100M is a big deal. You can stomache it if the contract's AAV is a lot lower. I'd suggest something crazy like 7y/$100M. It's AAV is only 14.3M which is a good bit under the qualifying offer. If 5y/$80M won't get it done then why not stretch it out rather than nearing $20M per year for a closer?

  7. hotdog says:

    i’d rather see a higher AAV for a shorter duration…the accounting might not work as well but it doesn’t leave a team high and dry when their athletes are no longer producing in the later years of these contracts…

  8. Dan M says:

    My feeling is that the starting point for any team looking at Chapman is $85mil for 5 years, that's $17 mil per/yr. Chapman and his agent are aiming for $100mil but probably are not going to get it. I think Chapman eventually signs 5 year deal for $92 million, that's $18.4 mil per year. Honestly I feel like he ends up back with NYY, and I swear I'm not saying that because I'm a Yankee fan, it's just a gut feeling.

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