Hot Stove Rumors: Chase Headley garnering interest in trade market


It’s no secret catcher Brian McCann and outfielder Brett Gardner are garnering interest in the trade market. However, there’s one other player garnering interest, and it’d be up to the Yankees to decide whether they’d be willing to pat with him.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, Yankees third baseman Chase Headley is garnering interest in the trade market, as the team attempts to go younger.

Headley is slated to make $13 Million the next two seasons. Headley had a surprisingly good year for the Yankees after an abysmal April and May, hitting .253/.331/.385 in 140 games.

Despite the Yankees getting calls about McCann, Gardner and Headley, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said on MLB Network’s Hot Stove that the offense is set for the 2017 season, with the exception of first base and right field.

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22 Responses to Hot Stove Rumors: Chase Headley garnering interest in trade market

  1. Terry says:

    If the offense is set, we're in trouble. He must be posturing. Obviously he knows we were 22nd in runs scored and what, 24th in ops( Cockrell gotta go). If he can get anything here, let's do it. I doubt there's much interest but we'll see. I read somewhere that Chase ranked 23rd in ops out of the 30 third baseman that played 400 innings. I like him as a person but just like Gardy, his offense holds us down. Brett's war might be high but that measure is not always true. Brett or Gary , who would you take? Brett or DD? At one point last October Brett's war was higher than Miller's.Higher than Miller's ! Who would you take?All three of those Guy's and a few other's, put them on the table and be realistic. No offense upgrade = no playoffs…again

    • Chase Headley's WAR of 2.6 was ranked 15th among 3rd basemen qualified for the batting title (Eduardo Nunez was 14th). That takes into account his strong defense, though. Just offensively, he is tied as the 21st best third basemen with a .311 wOBA.

    • mosc says:

      Looking at offense only is just as stupid as looking at defense only. WAR does a nice job of looking at both. Unless you intend to get REALLY in depth on the values of each facet of a players game, you should really stick with WAR. If you think the WAR is inaccurate by rule, you're not understanding things very well. In specific it can distort things but in general, it's the best "in general" value statement we have. If your choice of information is BA/HR/RBI or WAR and you seriously want to know the first three for determining who should play on your team and who shouldn't as more valuable than WAR, then you're being foolish.

      Headley's a league average third basemen getting paid league average rates. We're not "in trouble" if he's what we've got. There are plenty of world series teams with league average offenses and far more with league average or less third basemen. Each player adds in all facets what they add. In totality you need to improve. Getting a guy who hits better than Chase Headley but doesn't produce in other areas does not help the team even if it makes us go from 22nd in runs scored to 15th.

      • Jerry says:

        We are in trouble with the very average Headley if most of our team is very average. Which unfortunately we are. Especially if Gardner is our third highest WAR. We need other position players to carry these average players. Except for Sanchez, and that was only over a couple of months. And Headley who's supposed to be so good on defense, in 2015 had 23 errors and a WAR of 1.1 and a couple years before that , a1.4 WAR, not very good, . He's on a downward slide. Trade him while he's at least average.

        • mosc says:

          If your 8 regulars put up 3 WAR each and you had above average pitching you would be the best team in the league even with a mediocre offense.

          • Jerry says:

            But we don't have 3 WAR with the other regulars, and our pitching is terrible. mosc, that's the point. That's why most posters are saying they don't fit this team, Gardner and Headley, or. at least Gardner would be more valuable to a team that doesn't have as many needs. Right now I'd rather see other players that may be able to help us in the future. And in trading these boys could maybe bring in other youths.

          • Jerry says:

            Don't you wish we kept Solarte ?

  2. I'm certainly not a big Headley fan, but replacing him won't necessarily be easy. He was 15th by WAR last year among 3rd basemen, but it's not like those 14 better third basemen are available. Two years and $26 million isn't killing the Yankees either. Keeping him might be the best option right now.

  3. tom says:

    After watching Bird's highlights I can't wait. His OBP and SLG will make a difference in the lineup no matter who is there with him.

  4. hotdog says:

    Headley won’t get traded unless it’s for a better 3rd baseman which is very unlikely…if the Yankees are going to make a move or two, they should look elsewhere…

    • Jerry says:

      It all depends on the return, virtually everyone is tradable. If players like Bird, Judge, Sanchez, and Austin become legitimate baseball players, they could carry the very average players.

  5. Balt Yank says:

    It doesn't make sense to trade Headley unless there is a great return (highly unlikely). There are several other spots waiting to be improved.

  6. Eric says:

    If they can get a team dumb to take him then do it now before it is too late. Miguel Andujar is there top 3rd base prospect that is getting rave reviews. He may not be ready to start the season in the bigs but he may ready sometime in the coming season. Between Ronald Torreyes and Refsnyder they can get by till the kid is ready. What is the urgency to win now? Bring up the kids and let them play!! This includes starting Jordan Montgomery and Chance Adams in the rotation.

    • enter42 says:

      I was thinking about Andujar too but in a little different way. If he's the 3B of the near future then the Yanks may decide to have Headley play out the remainder of his contract, using it as the final 1-2 years of Andujar's seasoning. I don't think that they think of Chase Headley as the reason they will or will not succeed next season. I guess I'm saying they could do worse for a placeholder until Andujar is ready. Unless they decide Torreyes could handle the job just as capably.

  7. buckeyeballs says:

    I think Headley's stats were a bit misleading-I haven't seen so many tack on or garbage time homers since Arod's prime. His defense and attitude are good, so I generally agree with trading him but only if we could get good value. We are not going anywhere next year so if Andujar isn't ready yet no big deal

    • tom says:

      Rookie Davis should be ours. :{

      Yankees showed no excitement about Jordan Montgomery. Only Chance Adams. I like that. Keep Montgomery in the dark and then BAM! we get another Andy Pettitte.

  8. Howard says:

    Trade Headley (E5) now.
    He has no power like most third basemen have.
    He strikes out too much. He is not a clutch hitter.
    He was the second worst 3B in errors (2015) in our history behind only Mark Reynolds at third.
    He can slip back into the yips at any moment.
    Lets get a SP and move anybody else to third they will do just as well.(Torreyes, Andujar, Refsnyder, bat boy?)

  9. Balt Yank says:

    Maybe Howard is right. If his defense goes down, he's a loser. I wouldn't mind seeing Refsnyder somewhere…. There are worse placeholders however, like Castro at 2B, Ellsbury in CF, McCann at DH, all worse.

  10. Howard says:

    Yanks trade Mccann

    J.J. Cooper: “Albert Abreu has 4 pitches, touches 99. Jorge Guzman is better when he gears down to 97-99, touches 102-103. Good pickups for Yanks.”
    Eric Longenhagen: “New Yankees prospect Albert Abreu: 91-95, can touch 97-98. Very explosive arm action, change has significant projection, curve already plus.”
    Ben Badler: “I like Albert Abreu. Needs to improve command, but it’s a starter mix on a power arm up to 99 mph with two swing-and-miss breaking pitches.”

  11. DAGO RED says:

    Howard your comments are the right decision, move Headley.

  12. Ed DiSabatino says:

    Trade headley n gardner so it frees more money up!get trout,encarcion,chapman,n rich hill!

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