Hot Stove Rumors: Teams beginning to show interest in Brett Gardner


Just a week after some Major League GM’s claimed Brett Gardner wouldn’t have a large trade market, other teams are beginning to chime in and call about the Yankees eft fielder.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the 33-year-old veteran outfielder is beginning to gain a market since there are plenty of teams interested in a left-handed lead-off hitter. Gardner hit .261/.351/.362 with 16 stolen bases, 80 runs scored and 22 doubles last season, most of it being in the leadoff spot after manager Joe Girardi flip-flopped Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury in the lineup.

However, just because there’s a market for Gardner, doesn’t mean Brian Cashman will trade him. Cashman has proven to be very fond of Gardner’s work ethic and professionalism in the clubhouse. And while he will listen to offers for everyone on the roster, he’s unusually apprehensive about parting with his homegrown left fielder.

“I’ve been approached on Gardner for years, and he has not gone anywhere,” Cashman said last week at the GM meetings. “I think that shows you we like him and value him. That’s why we signed him… Have I had people express interest in him? Yes, I have. Have I had more than one team? Yes, I have. Is he a New York Yankee? Yes, he is.”

Another reason the Yankees might be holding onto Gardner is because there is no one readily available to take over his job. The player closest to the Major Leagues, Clint Frazier, still needs at least a year in Triple-A before he can officially compete for a job in Spring Training. And in 2017, the Yankees are going to be in “win-now” mode.

With that said, the Yankees are heavily leaning towards staying with Gardner, especially since other teams will have to pay a hefty price for him.

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19 Responses to Hot Stove Rumors: Teams beginning to show interest in Brett Gardner

  1. Celerino says:

    I like him too, but Cashman should make a move while he can. He's on the decline and has two years left. There will be even less of a market for him next year. Give Mason Williams a shot to replace him or here's a crazy idea – trade for someone younger and better.

    • thomas says:

      You also have Hicks, Ackley, Austin and Refsnyder who could give you a decent LF. The team is not going to be in the WS next year so trade for the best you can get to rebuild for 2018/2019. Gardners legs are getting slower and slower each year. Stolen bases are down, down.

  2. tom says:

    Just trade him.

  3. uyf1950 says:

    I'm still leaning in the direction of the Yankees combining Gardner and McCann together in a trade to the Astros.

  4. ssd says:

    Gardner, McCain,50-100mil,and ? for Harper

  5. tom says:

    OTT, Hellickson will accept 17.2m QO. Does it sound like 12-13m annually for 2 or 3 years being a maximum for average free agent SPs? If so, it is quite affordable.

  6. Jerry says:

    What's Cashman going to say? Most likely posturing, And if there is much interest, they're not offering much. We have so much talent coming up, trade him while maybe you can get something for him. And I agree with the posts above.

  7. Terry says:

    I look at it like this. There are only 4 positions that are locks for next year if we want to make the playoffs. Sanchez, Bird, Didi and I'll take Castro in there. I'm willing to put Judge in right, I think he'll turn the corner. That leaves Ells, Brett and Chase as possibilities to upgrade the offense. We've been over Ells way too much, we all know that story. Down to Chase or Brett. I'll take an upgrade on either but Bret will bring a little bit better return. Especially if we kick in another name. Our offense was horrible last year. We need as much help as possible

    • Michael lynch says:

      The problem with dealing Chase is where do you see an attainable upgrade at third base? Jason Turner is going to be expensive and 32, Andujar won't be ready in spring, and I don't see the Yanks dealing their high end prospects. That really leaves Gardner, but the Yanks have a replacement they clearly like who isn't quite ready in Frazier.The biggest problems in the Yankee offense last year was that DH and 1b had terrible production, so hopefully the return of Bird and additional solid bat at DH helps.

  8. Howard Rosenberg says:

    Gardner to Giants for Hunter Strickland or minor league RP/SP
    Mccann to any team that will give us a quality starting pitcher
    Sign Cespedes 3 yr $85 mil
    Hicks/Judge/Williams RF

  9. Dan M says:

    Hey if Cashman can get more for Gardner now, by all means trade him and that goes for McCann to. I think the both of them to Houston is possible but I'm not sure what they could get back in return prospect wise, if anyone knows Houston's minor league system, I'd love to hear your input. My only question with this is what do the Yankees do in LF? Does that become a platoon position with Hicks/Williams or maybe even Refsnyder? Does player X hold down LF until the team determines Frazier is ready? Is it a possibility that maybe Ellsbury moves to LF and the Yankees target a CF throug FA or Trade? Then there's the BIG question of whether or not they're actually is a chance the Yankees make a bid for Cespedes? So many scenario's I'm looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds.

    • mosc says:

      Mason Williams is a lottery ticket with long odds and limited return. Viewing him as anything at the major league level is pure fantasy. Most likely scenario is he's outrighted off the 40-man roster in 2017 for somebody like Clint Frazier or Tyler Wade and you'll never see him in pinstripes again.

      1 HR in 2015 and 2016 combined. That's not Gardner-esque low power (he has 23 fyi) it's non-existent. Williams also doesn't take a walk trailing Gardner 138 to 33 over that period and the level of pitching we're comparing here is totally different. Williams is a long way removed in time and injury from his 2012 success in Charleston at age 20 that put him at the top of the Yankees Farm system. In Tampa, Trenton, and Scranton he's always disappointed and I think the ridiculously small sample size of 2015 has convinced Yankee fans there's more hope than there is. Maybe Williams just needs a stretch of good health and opportunity to produce in Scranton in 2017 but failing that he's looking at minor league free agency not a shot at the majors.

  10. buckeyeballs says:

    if we can get value he should go now. Fowler, Williams are similar and much younger legs. Even refsnyder wouldn't kill us there. I do like gardy's glove and OBA but we aren't winning next year and his value is only diminishing

    • mosc says:

      Kenny Lofton's speed/plate discipline/glove work were still working pretty well at well past Gardner's age. Lofton age 33-35 was a slightly below average hitter but well above average all around player in much the same mold. Gardner's page lists similar players like Pat Kelly (injured but solid performer in Gardner's areas age 33-35) but I guess there's some Mookie Wilson similarities too (washed up after age 32).

  11. mosc says:

    Gardner's hit now in 4154 plate appearances and only hit into 39 double plays. That's not a typo, I didn't mean 139. People like to hate on low triple crown stats, .261 / 7 / 41 in 2016 but they ignore so many areas of Gardner's game. He's taken 424 walks for the Yankees, has and continues to steal bags at an 80% success rate, plays gold glove defense in the outfield, can cover center, and avoids outs like nobody else on the roster.

    Garder's double play avoidance is historic. BBREF lists it at 18 runs above average. This is a category Ichiro produced in year after year adding greatly to his all-around game. It's not as pretty as hitting 18 more solo home runs would be on his slash line but it's just as valuable to the team.

    • mosc says:

      To put 424 walks and 39 GDP in perspective, those are more than twice as good as Castro's career. Castro has slightly more PA's than Gardner (4374 total or 5% more) but has a measly 210 walks and has hit into 121 double plays (which is slightly below average folks).

      If you have Gardner and Castro walking up to the plate, Gardner will work a walk rather than making an out 212% more often (5.4% of PA's) and if there's a guy on first will avoid the double play approximately 2/3rds of the time Castro hits into one. Castro is an out machine. You can fall in love with a .016 batting average advantage Castro has all you want but it doesn't actually produce in the major leagues compared to avoiding outs in the first place.

      Truth is Gardner's underpaid. He's reliably a solid player right around the All-Star cusp, and no matter how much you think otherwise is unlikely to slow down too much more by the time his contract expires (a couple weeks after his 36th birthday).

  12. Otto says:

    They should give it serious consideration. They have Hicks and Mason Williams who played well the last few weeks. I read something about possibly package him up with McCann and eating some money to Houston. That would be perfect. Then if we could have a miracle to move Ellsbury they would be set up perfectly, but that miracle will not happen.

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