Report: Brian McCann traded to the Houston Astros


Ladies and gentlemen, the Brian McCann era has unfortunately come to an end.

According to the YES Network, McCann has waived his no-trade clause and has been traded to the Houston Astros in exchange for RHP’s Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman. The Yankees will pay $5.5 Million for the next two seasons as part of the deal.

The Yankees had been trying to trade McCann since the team announced Gary Sanchez was going to be the starting catcher in 2017. Regarding McCann, it was never a matter of if they were going to trade him. It was when they were going to trade him.

“At the end of the day McCann, made the decision he still had something left in the tank and wants to catch.” McCann’s agent BB Abbott told Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

Abreu and Guzman aren’t quite ready to help the Yankees in the Bronx; Abreu recently played A-ball and Guzman played Rookie ball. However, here’s what Baseball America had to say about Abreu.

Abreu’s mechanics are smooth yet quick with a short sidestep as he winds up to deliver. Beyond the elite fastball velocity, he has three secondary offerings that show above-average potential.


A talent evaluator on hand said Abreu shows more feel for offspeed pitches than other pitchers his age. The more important factor will be whether he learns to sequence them well enough to line them up as chase pitches.

McCann will be the primary catcher in Houston, with Evan Gattis backing him up.

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23 Responses to Report: Brian McCann traded to the Houston Astros

  1. Howard says:

    I think this move was done for three reasons.

    1. It opens up cap space giving us the flexibility we need to get under the cap this year even with the acquisition of a top flight reliever.
    2. Neither of the two former Astros pitchers are Rule 5 draft eligible this year, clearing up 1 spot. (Eovaldi and Ackley will most likely be non tendered tomorrow clearing 2 more)
    3. Mccann was hurting the team last year by constantly hitting in to the shift. (Now with Mccann and Texeira gone we won't be shifted against as much and we will probably much faster on the basepaths)

    Here is some great info about the pitchers we acquired:

    J.J. Cooper: “Albert Abreu has 4 pitches, touches 99. Jorge Guzman is better when he gears down to 97-99, touches 102-103. Good pickups for Yanks.”
    Eric Longenhagen: “New Yankees prospect Albert Abreu: 91-95, can touch 97-98. Very explosive arm action, change has significant projection, curve already plus.”
    Ben Badler: “I like Albert Abreu. Needs to improve command, but it’s a starter mix on a power arm up to 99 mph with two swing-and-miss breaking pitches.”

  2. tom says:

    We got Abreu? Nice.

    Cashman surely has hard carrot for young flamethrowers. lol.

    Astros got Josh Reddick too. Nice Job, Astros.

    Gardner is next. 🙂

    • Howard says:

      If we are going with youth, I'd love to see Headley moved, he had an awful 2015 defensively.
      Awful April, May, Sept offensively and could lose it defensively at any moment.

      We sure need to make room for the kids so it is inevitable we will be moving Gardner at some point.

      Ellsbury untradeable at this time due to enormous salary.

      • tom says:

        Nah.. Gardner goes first. We have a bunch of young OFs that could occupy at LF. As for 3B, we don't have anyone.

        That is exactly how the youth bs rolls.

        • Delia Enriquez says:

          None of the young kids have proved they can take over LF full time. Only reason Yankees felt okay with moving McCann was because Sanchez proved he was ready to take on the job.

          • tom says:

            Gary Sanchez only played 50+ games in MLB and you are sold?

            Since we are into that sense Mason Williams could be the man. His defense at CF is sold. His hitting ability shows something. Since he is a way younger than Gardner he could double or triple SB number. Ellsbury replacing Gardner at LF won't make a drastic change. Unless you are all about power, I see it as a good upgrade.

          • Delia Enriquez says:

            Sanchez thrived in 50+ games at the Major League level. Mason Williams has not. Point is it makes no sense to replace Gardner with kids who have not proven themselves the way Sanchez has. The team is trying to go forward, and if they trade Gardner and the kids fail miserably, then what? Yes, the team needs to get younger, but the team ALSO needs veterans.

          • Jerry says:

            That's the thing, we found out about Sanchez because he got a chance and I'm a fan of McCann, who wasn't bad. Now is the time to see what we have going forward, Whether it's Mason Williams or someone else, we need to find out and then address what we need and what we have. Replacing Gardner at this stage of his career is not a hard sell, we have many outfielders with vast potential. So we keep playing Gardner and not find out about Williams, Austin, Judge, Frazier and others. The young have arrived.

          • tom says:

            A player with hot rookie status crashing afterward isn't unheard. Dumping McCann for hot rookie is riskier than giving Gardner away for either Williams or Cave or even Fowler with Frazier approaching to MLB ready.

  3. Terry says:

    One of the three traded. One more and we can add a veteran thumper to help protect the youngsters. They will need it and I don't want Beltran. Just say no. Dude's going to be 40 and had only 1 good year out of the last 3. Did I mention the 40 thing? He also cooled off in Texas, still a hitter friendly park. I think Chapman's in, need a bat, DH-OF-3rd base, something

  4. DAGO RED says:

    Glad to see the YANKEES trade off Brian McCann. McCann, Tex had a terrible time with the shift. Never failed, lead off batter got on base, then the big boys would virtually ground into a double play. Always going for the dinger, Billy Martin's billy ball came to mind.

  5. tom says:

    Blast! Giovanny Gallegos and Tyler Webb are likely left unprotected.

    • Howard says:

      I expected this

    • mosc says:

      Gallegos is unacceptable to me. How can he be unprotected? 1) He should have been called up over Holder who would not need protection if things were reversed and 2) He's phenomenal. He struck out 106 people across AA/AAA this season in just 78 innings and walked only 17. His 2016 ERA of 1.27 (not a typo) misses that it was also phenomenal last year (1.72) and that his last 13 innings of the season look like this:
      1 Hit, 2 Walks, 25 Strikeouts, 0 Runs

      and he regularly pitched more than 2 innings per appearance.

      has your head exploded yet?

  6. Olie says:

    As of now the Yanks have zero power from the left side!

  7. Howard says:

    agreed (Can Didi hit 20 again?)

  8. Jerry says:

    THREE more players to go, Headley, Gardner, and Ellsbury.

  9. Balt Yank says:

    Gardner is our best player (not pitching) and I hope we keep him. He's our best fielder and hitter, which of course says volumes. Sanchez and Bird hopefully are better but both have half seasons or less under their belts. I like Mason Williams in his two 15-game stints. Let him steal right field from Judge and prove we have a logjam.

    • mosc says:

      Mason Williams has 1 HR in his last 500 plate appearances across AA/AAA/MLB dating back to mid 2014. That's Ben Revere level power. The number of walks he's taken in that time is also pathetic at 38. He could hit .300, steal 50 bases, and play stellar defense and still not be league average at those rates and I'm not sure he can do any of that very well either.

      • tom says:

        He had several major injuries during that span. Plus, he reworked his hitting mechanic. Not say he should be 15 HR guy but using HR to determine why Williams should not play in place of Gardner is silly. Gardner gets older but apparently lost some juice in power department. Next year, he may belt no more than 7 HRs as Williams may get 6 lucks.

        As for OBP. Yeah, it may be a problem, especially one with speed but he will bat in the last portion of the lineup instead of top order where Gardner has played. delegate 2nd spot to hot hitter with Bird and Sanchez in the middle portion of the lineup.

  10. Jerry says:

    Let's not forget, we all love Sanchez. Why , because he got the chance to prove how good he is. They did the same thing with Bird and guess what, he was terrific. Now you want Gardner to block other potential studs. Time to move on folks, good things are sure to follow. Be brave.

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