Carlos Beltran is gone, so who should the Yankees sign as their DH?


The Yankees could have filled a few spots on their roster with players like Carlos Beltran and Rich Hill.

However, Saturday’s flurry of moves suggests the Yankees are going to have to wait until the Winter Meetings to pull something together.

The first domino to fall was the Yankees lucked out on Carlos Beltran. Beltran signed a one-year, $16 Million deal with the Houston Astros, which includes a no-trade clause. Beltran will reunite with ex-Yankee Brian McCann, who was traded to the Astros earlier this offseason.

The dominos continued to fall when reports revealed Rich Hill was close to a multi-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, which took the Yankees out of the running for a potential starting pitcher.

So, what does that mean for the Yankees?

Well, the Yankee still have options for the DH spot on the free agent market. There’s Jose BautistaEdwin EncarnacionMike NapoliChris Carter and Matt Holliday.

While the remaining pool for a DH is tempting, not all of the players would be a fit for the Yankees lineup. So which of the remaining players would fit on the Yankees?

Jose Bautista: Bautista is looking for a multi-year deal and he’s going to be pretty expensive. Not to mention, Bautista is 36. That reason alone is why the Yankees might steer clear of the former Blue Jays right fielder.

Edwin Encarnacion: With Beltran off the table, the Yankees might consider Encarnacion as an option to protect Gary Sanchez in the lineup. But the Yankees are trying to go under the luxury tax and signing Encarnacion to a gigantic contract could complicate that plan.

Mike Napoli: Mike Napoli is a known Yankees killer from his time with the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians. Which might be the perfect reason to sign him. Not to mention, Napoli is at the point of his career where he would accept a one to two year deal. He would also give the Yankees protection in front of Sanchez.

Chris Carter: There’s no denying that Carter has home run power. After all, he did lead the National League in home runs. However, he’s notoriously known for being a home run or strikeout hitter. Not to mention his .321 OBP wouldn’t exactly cut it in New York–Jacoby Ellsbury had about the same OBP in 2016 and faced criticism, although that might have had more to do with his contract. Anyway, could Carter be a fit? With his 202 strikeouts last year, probably not.

Matt Holliday: Holliday would be the perfect fit for the Yankees at the DH spot. Except for one tiny thing…he has a tendency of getting injured. Holliday only played in 110 games for the Cardinals in 2016, and only played 73 games for the Cardinals in 2015. In fact, the last time Holliday played at least 150 games was in 2014, where he played 153. The Yankees need a DH who is going to stay on the field. Which means signing Holliday would be a huge risk.

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10 Responses to Carlos Beltran is gone, so who should the Yankees sign as their DH?

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    Napoli (although I hate him), Holliday, Encarnacion is my order of preference. Would rather go with the young guys than sign the other two

  2. Peter says:

    Encarnacion or Napoli. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Yanks do nothing. Hal Steinbrenner is not like his father, George. Since George died (2010) the Yankees haven't finished very well. I love what they're doing with all the talented young players, but they have to sprinkle in good veterans as well.

  3. brooklyn joe says:

    My pick is Encarnacion, he can flat out hit, plus play first base in case Bird isn't recovered yet. Plus he's a veteran, who can protect Sanchez. It's time to spend some money. My second choice is Holliday for the same reasons, and being a DH may keep him healthy. Carter just strikes out to much, although his power is definitely a plus, and Napoli had a good year but can he reproduce it?

    • Jerry says:

      I'm in total agreement brooklyn joe. EE by far over the others, and then Holiday, and hopefully at a much more reasonable price. Never been a fan of Napoli and that may have been his last hurrah, he hadn't been very good for awhile. Truthfully only Encanarcion fits the bill. Surely the Yankees realize how much a legitimate player batting behind Sanchez will help.

  4. Ronnie Zimmerman says:

    It's clear the Yanks needed and still need a true clutch power hitter
    Get Encarcion. Give him 100 mill over four years with owners option in fifth year
    Get trumbo too and trade for two pitchers stRters ,bring up kaprillion and Sheffield by July. Get Chapman or Jansen and we are in the WS

  5. Olie says:

    As much as I hate the Blue Jays and I am a Canadian, luv to watch Encarcion hit. (Kills the ball!) Would be a great signing for Yanks! Those others not even close plus he isn't a bad 1st baseman if needed!

  6. Yankees Fan says:

    Stay away from all of those aging names. EE would be disastrous. He's 34 and would require the kind of years and money that the Yankees have literally been unloading for just that reason. It's about the kids now and the future looks extremely bright. Keep that slot open and rotate the existing veterans and another young player gets a spot on the roster. It's time to get an idea about who is real and who isn't from the much vaulted farm system.

    • Jerry says:

      That's the problem, our existing veterans may be good enough to hit about 20 home runs between them, I'm talking Gardner, Ellsbury and Headley. Who will protect a player like Sanchez, seriously we don't have anyone on this team that can do it. We all are on board with the youth movement, but some of these guys won't be ready for 2 or 3 years or more. You always need some veteran leadership, to help us get through the tough times and growing pains. The point is we can't be sure these guys are just going to pick up and be great at least not right away. A couple of veterans can help ease the transition. And EE is that player.

  7. moocow007 says:

    Matt Holliday was an great choice as an alternative to going nuts on Encarnacion. Now if the can bring back Chapman and sign Greg Holland on a one year 'make good' deal that would be sweet.

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