Dellin Betances ecstatic with Aroldis Chapman return

For the last few months of the 2016 season, the Yankees called upon Dellin Betances to be the closer. This came after the Yankees traded Aroldis ChapmanCarlos Beltran and Andrew Miller in mid season deals.

During the offseason, the Yankees signed Chapman for a five-year, $86 Million deal, which resulted in Betances losing the closing job and going back to the eighth inning.

However, Betances doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

“Obviously I’ve set up throughout my career, so I’m comfortable doing that,” Betances told the New York Daily News in a telephone interview following his workout at the Stadium on Thursday. “My mentality is, whatever I can do to help the team win, that’s what I want. I would have been fine closing, but I understand that adding a guy like Chapman makes the team a lot better. I’m good friends with him and we can help each other out.”

Betances had been with the Yankees over the last three seasons, and after watching Miller and Chapman make it to the Fall Classic, winning a World Series is more important to him than having the closing job.

“I’ve been here three years and we haven’t really done much,” Betances said. “We’ve played good baseball, but I want to win. Seeing those guys in the World Series this year, that’s what I want to do. Whatever it takes to get there, I’ll do the best I can.”

The Yankees last won the Fall Classic in 2009. Fast forward eight years later and the Yankees only have two players remaining from the World Series roster. They could tell him stories about winning the World Series, but it’s another thing to experience the Fall Classic first hand.

Betances isn’t sure if he could ever replicate what Miller did with the Cleveland Indians. But in the past Girardi has used him in situations in which he had to ‘put out the fire’.

It’s hard to tell what the Yankees will be in 2017, but Betances said he will do whatever it takes to help the Yankees make it to the postseason.

It’s hard to do that over the course of a season,” Betances said of Miller’s October workload. “What Andrew did was phenomenal. I enjoyed watching it as much as anybody. I got to see him dominate with us for a year-and-a-half; not as many innings as he did in the playoffs, but he dominated the whole time he was here. As far as me doing that, I feel like I’ve been used in that situation before and as long as I feel good, I’ll do whatever it takes to help the team win.”

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9 Responses to Dellin Betances ecstatic with Aroldis Chapman return

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    we need to watch his innings this year-he has tailed off in September 2 years in a row-some say it was because he was closing but I noticed he got curve ball crazy as the season went on , probably fatigue. Hopefully we can win some first half games without the Betances Chapman combo and keep them both to 70 innings max. A lot of people don't realize that had we kept "no runs DMC " in tact last year all 3 could have burned out the way Gerardi fell in love with them

  2. mosc says:

    I think better than anybody Betances knows how valuable and how dominant guys like Miller and Chapman are. He's getting plenty of accolades of his own as unlike both of those guys he's been to the past 3 all-star games. Yes, he'll be a little disappointing that he's not closing but I think he does feel the appreciation from the fans and the media that puts him as an equal to Chapman. I also think it helps that just last season he watched Miller slide down an inning when Chapman arrived. He saw the "D" in "DMC" out in force just like the rest of us.

    In a way, Chapman and Miller helped bring attention and fame for Betances even if they lowered his save total. He lead the chain out of the pen and made the end of games an event. Every team has a closer, only the yankees had 3 of them. Together they are more than the sum of their parts.

    I have to wonder what this will look like in arbitration though. Will Betances get paid as one of the game's premiere closers or will the Yankees compare his salary to other relievers based on save totals?

  3. Jerry says:

    One of the reasons that us Yankee fans loved Miller so much, is the fact that his ego wasn't so big that he had to be the closer. Miller would do whatever coach wanted. That ingratiated him to all of us. And that's the way I look at Betances, similar to Miller, whatever it takes to win . That's the way it should be. Chapman expects to close and I get it, but Miller was a breath of fresh air and so is Betances and all three with monster talent. Betances will be armed with good ammunition to bring to the arbitration table.

  4. hotdog says:

    How about adding a high quality middle reliever…it shouldn’t break the bank or we could trade for one…

    • Thomas says:

      Having Warren, Chippard, and Schreve helps in that area. I am more concerned about production, Yankees lost about 60 home runs and almost 200 rbi's. Sanchez can't make that all up. Holiday will help but need another bat.

  5. enter42 says:

    We all know that Girardi likes to "shorten the game" to 6 innings and then hand it over to the bullpen. And lets face it, we all know he can do it to a fault. This year is going to go one of two ways….he'll either only try to shorten the game to 7 innings or he'll ruin the bullpen by trying to shorten it to 6. There will be plenty of games in which he needs to get 3 or more innings out of the 'pen….hopefully he wont make a habit of doing that on nights when the starter still looks solid.

    • Jerry says:

      How about the games where Sabathia when he was great and the Yankees would have a lead of say 12 – 1 and Sabathia would still be in the game in the eighth inning. That use to drive me nuts also. For the most part I think he handles the bullpen well, but sometimes you scratch your head. He needs to be a little more flexible when using relievers, you have your 7th inning guy in and throws only say 9 pitches, leave him in and bring him in to start the eighth. Things like that make more sense to me.

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