Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees interested in Jose Quintana

The New York Yankees aren’t likely to add a new face to the rotation via the free agent market.

Would they be willing to consider the trade market?

According to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports, the Yankees are interested in Chicago White Sox starter Jose Quintana. The White Sox likely would only want prospects in return for Quintana, since they are in sell mode, and the source told Morosi that the Yankees have the prospects the team is looking for.

Quintana would be an upgrade from the Yankees current rotation which consists of Masahiro TanakaCC Sabathia and Michael Pineda, but the question is just how much is Brian Cashman willing to give up for him.

Before you question if Quintana would hurt payroll, just know he has a very team friendly contract. Quintana is slated to make just $6 Million in 2017, $8.35 Million in 2018 and he has club options at $10.3 Million for both 2019 and 2020.

Quintana is no stranger to the Yankees; he was in their farm system for four seasons before becoming a minor league free agent in 2011. He then with the Chicago White Sox where the rest was history.

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41 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees interested in Jose Quintana

  1. Peter says:

    Quintana is a stud pitcher. In the Yankees current major league team only Tanaka is better than him.
    However I would not even consider trading any of their top 10 prospects nor any of their top pitchers amongst the top 20 prospects. 2017 may be another year that the Yankees compete but don't make the playoffs. I agree with Hal Steinbrenner that there are lots of teams below the the Yankee payroll that have either won or been in the World Series the last several years.

  2. thomas says:

    I really don't understand why the Yankees let him go. In 2011, age 22, he was 10-2 with a 2.91 ERA in twelve starts.

  3. Howard says:

    I would give up Mateo, Tyler Austin, Rob Refsnyder for Quintana.

    • uyf1950 says:

      And you expect the White Sox to give up one of the AL's best starters who is on an extremely friendly team contract for 2 role players (Austin and Refsnyder) and 1 in spite of his ranking under performing prospect (Mateo). You might as well have said you are NOT interested in getting Quintana.

      • Howard says:

        You have to start somewhere and keep negotiating.
        I agree there is no way we give up Clint Frazier, Glyber Torres, James Kaprielian.
        But Mateo and 2 major league ready players is the right deal.
        perhaps we can throw in Enns or Cessa, i would not give away anymore.

        • Howard says:

          Or throw in Albert Abreu and Jorge Guzman, that should do it.

          • uyf1950 says:

            I think Abreu might be too much to give up along with: Rutherford, Judge and Sheffield. But start the conversation and see where it takes you.

          • uyf1950 says:

            One additional thought to follow up on your post. Maybe you give the White Sox an option. Pick any 3 of the following:
            Rutherford, Judge, Sheffield, Mateo, Abreu & Enns. Then the Yankees pick one of the following to throw in: Leonardo Molina, Freicer Perez or Nolan Martinez.

    • enter42 says:

      All 3?

  4. Mo's Blog says:

    Serious mistake not evaluating your own talent

  5. uyf1950 says:

    Actually Quintana's AAV salary hit for the Yankees against the Luxury Tax is only about $6MM a season for 2017 & 2018. That is incredibly low. Once the Yankees move Gardner and they will before the season the salary difference between what they would be paying for Quintana and what they would save by trading Gardner would be a net gain, meaning the Yankees would actually be saving on their payroll for luxury tax purposes.
    A 2017 starting rotation to start the season of: Tanaka, Quintana, Sabathia, Pineda and one of: Cessa, Montgomery or Severino would be pretty sweet.
    Couple that with a back end bullpen of: Clippard, Betances and Chapman. And all of a sudden there is an entirely new dynamic to the AL East race starting in April.
    Personally taking just MLB Pipeline's Top 30 Yankees Prospects the only 3 I would consider OFF LIMITS are: Clint Frazier, Glyber Torres, James Kaprielian. After those 3 the White Sox could have their pick of any other 3 in the Yankees Top 20. My guess is the White Sox would take: Judge, Sheffield and Rutherford of the group.

    • Jerry says:

      I might have to pull back Rutherford too. Otherwise that very well may be a possible trade. We are desperate for pitching and Quintana would be a great addition.

      • uyf1950 says:

        Normally I would agree with you. But Rutherford is still very young and still only in Rookie Ball. A lot can happen between now and the next 2 or 3 years in his development before he is ready for any MLB consideration. Besides you have to give up something to get a starting pitcher the caliber of Quintana.

        Jerry, also keep in mind getting Quintana for the very little charge against the Yankees luxury tax would still enable the Yankees to renegotiate Tanaka's deal AND also sign either Arrieta OR Darvish next winter and still be under the luxury tax threshold. Can you imagine a starting rotation in 2018 of: Tanaka, Quintana and either Arrieta or Darvish or maybe even Otani. That would be obscene.

    • Otto says:

      I would throw Rutherford in that untouchable because he will be a top 3 prospect within the next year or two. This kid can hit. I agree would offer Judge and/or Severino for Quntana, but the Yankees would never do that.

  6. hotdog says:

    I think the WSox would be looking for Torres just to start the negotiations…Sox are focused on high end prospects not our 2nd tier players…and the Yankees need pitching going forward…fact is, if the Yankees want to trade for talented pitching, they’ll need to move their best prospects…

    • uyf1950 says:

      For the record our, Yankees 2nd tier prospects if that's what you call: Rutherford, Sheffield and Judge are better than almost all of the other MLB teams 1st tier prospects. At least that's my opinion and according to the rankings the general consensus.

      • hotdog says:

        Judge, Rutherford and Sheffield are top tier, ranked #4, 5 and 6 by on the Yankees list…they are not 2nd tier prospects…Torres is ranked #1 and that would be my target and then some for Quintana…you can’t get a guy with the talent of Quintana unless you are willing to trade your better pieces…the White Sox know that teams need pitching and they are not going to make this easy for anyone…they’ll ask the moon and may be in no rush to back off their asking price…the question may be, how desperate are the Yankees for talented starters…

        • uyf1950 says:

          The White Sox can "target" whoever they choose. But as the saying goes it take Two to Tango. The other thing to consider is can they do any better with another team. Again in my opinion the Yankees #4,5 and 6 players are better than virtually almost any other MLB's teams #1,2&3. And in the end that's really all that matters.

          • hotdog says:

            i think you’re wearing your rose colored Yankee glasses…commendable that you would think so well of our prospects and we do have the best farm system in baseball BUT our strength is in the number of quality prospects we have. Our 4, 5 and 6 is not better than most teams 1, 2 and 3. We just have more quality prospects.

    • Howard says:

      No chance

  7. fuster says:

    sure, Quintana can pitch …but the issue is what acquisition costs would be.

    if the White Sox want to trade him for Sabathia and Ellsbury and two or three prospects not in the Yankee "top 10"…sure.

  8. jack says:

    frazier and torres for quintana is a win win for both teams. neither would lose out and each team would have quality talent for years to come.

    • fuster says:


      three years of Quintana is unlikely to be worth Torres, let alone Torres and Frazier.

      • uyf1950 says:

        It's actually 4 years of team control of Quintana (2017 and 2018 plus 2 team option years 2019 and 2020). And yes it would be worth one of them especially Frazier but not both in my opinion.

        • fuster says:

          yeah, it would be worth Frazier….. ultimately the team cant keep both Judge and Frazier as outfield starters.

          assuming all goes well, they have three corner outfielders in Judge, Frazier and Rutherford….and they need Rutherford's lefty bat.

    • hotdog says:

      that might be what it takes…it would be value for value but the hard part to get around is the idea that we got both those guys in trade for our bullpen last year…we know what Quintana can do but Fraizer and Torres are up in the air…they both could be duds or they could be part of a new resurgence of Yankee greats from the farm system…and I don’t think Frazier or Torres is the best we’ve got…i think if Miguel Andujar is the one to watch this year and I hope they keep him…

  9. Eric says:

    Why trade top prospects for him? We may have the 2017, 2018, or 2019 version of Quintana and his name is Jordan Montgomery! Want to make the same mistake again, then go ahead and trade top prospects for a guy who has probably had his best years already. Some of you have no patience rebuilding.
    Why not go ahead and give some of our young pitching prospects a chance when they are ready. This is suppose to be a year where we incorporate some of our prospects as the season goes along.

  10. I'd love to see the Yankees get this guy, but the price is surely going to be steep. He's 28, entering his prime, and is locked up for 4 more years!!! If he was a free agent right now, he'd be looking for a $100 million deal or more and he'd easily get it in this market.

    I think if I'm the White Sox, I'd expect two A++ prospects to start and then add from there. No less than Torres and Frazier to start the conversation or I'd hangup. I mean, they just got the best prospect in baseball for Sale. Quintana isn't Sale, but he's one of the top pitchers in baseball, still young, never had any injuries, and has four more years. Yeah, that'll be steep.

    This trade, if it were to happen, would certainly hurt the Yankees prospect rankings.

  11. Brooklyn joe says:

    The only untouchable as far as im concerned is Torres, any other package of prospects is acceptable, Cashman has to stand tough and not give away the farm, literally.

    • mosc says:

      I agree with this. Frazier should be enough to center a deal around. They're going to want half a dozen pieces, fine. Torres is off-limits.

  12. Terry says:

    I also would love the Yankees to get this guy. If you look at what the White Sox got for the previous two hauls and what they appear to be targeting; half the prospects are knocking on the big league door and they are stocking up on arms. So Frazier would definitely be in for them. They need OF and 3rd base to replace Todd F if they move him. We have a young 3rd baseman to through in with Frazier but the deal maker would be the arm that goes with them. If JK is untouchable, then who. Severino or Mitchell? Would they take Adams? The Yankees being high on all three probably means they won't pull the trigger. But a cost controlled young pitcher that can throw 200 innings and is a lefty. I think I would, those guys are hard to find

  13. Eric says:

    Thank goodness Cahman won't listen to you guys. We will have the pitching we need right in our own farm system but most of you have to win now and give up our top prspects so easily.

  14. Balt Yank says:

    Wow, this guy is a serious pitcher. It would be hard to part with the prospects required.

  15. Howard says:

    He is not Chris Sale so in no way should we be offering our top prospects.

  16. Jerry says:

    Obviously Cashman has to do his due diligence. And it's not easy. The Yankees would love to have Quintana, but at the same time don't want to part with their best prospects, and neither do I. He's only 27 , so youth is not a problem and he's a proven damn good pitcher under control for several more years. So he's worth a lot. I think ufy1950 needs to be in on these negotiations, there will be much haggling to do. If there's a way Cashman should get it done with the least amount of pain.

  17. Olie says:

    Getting Quintana would be going against everything they have been doing in regards to rebuild thru youth . As hard as it is to hear the Yanks are still years away from competing and Quintana as good as he is, will not change that fact, Keep and play these kids and see what you have in them. Pitchers can be acquired when team is set.

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