Report: Yankees sign Aroldis Chapman for five-year, $86 Million contract 9


Aroldis Chapman has made his decision. And if you’re a New York Yankee fan, you’ll think he made the right one.

The New York Yankees and Aroldis Chapman have agreed to a five-year, $86 Million contract. Chapman has a no-trade clause to the California clubs (SF Giants, Oakland Athletics, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres) in his contract over the first three years of his deal and has an opt-out clause.

Although Chapman had a deal on the table with the Miami Marlins–Chapman actually resides in Miami during the offseason–he was leaning towards New York more.

I love the Yankees organization, they welcomed me with open arms, and that’s why I decided to go back,” Chapman said after the deal was announced. “I was hoping I had a chance to go back, and it happened.”

Chapman started the season with the Yankees last year, but was traded at the trade deadline as the team decided to sell. The Yankees acquired Gleyber Torres in the deal, bolstering their minor league system.

Chapman is slated to slide into the closer role while Dellin Betances, the closer when both Chapman and Andrew Miller were traded, will head back to the eighth inning.

9 thoughts on “Report: Yankees sign Aroldis Chapman for five-year, $86 Million contract

  • buckeyeballs

    going back to last year they basically traded Rookie Davis to the cubs for Castro and Chapman and Gleyber Torres. That's pretty good. Andrew Marshand is criticizing the deal on ESPN but I disagree. He says it presents a problem when Betances is due up and if he's so good why didn't Epstein try to keep him? On the first point Betances throws a ton of curveballs-his arm in 3 years may not be the same. If it is chapman will opt out anyway so it won't be duplicative. On the second point the Cubs will have huge contracts to contend with in 3 years so no way they are paying a reliever big money on a long term deal

    • tom

      Eric Jagielo and Rookie Davis to Reds and that's it. Cubs had no intention of investing into big contract closer at all. They just traded for Wade Davis who makes 10m before he will become a FA this year.

  • Terry

    Yes!! I was real nervous about this one. With the win now clubs involved and the money. It is a little high but we needed this guy. Not only for bullpen depth and strength but to get a high profile FA after you target him. I've always said it's something we struggle with. Getting a player still in his prime, still AS level and have him come to NY. Any deal 5 years and under is better,86 mill? We all thought going in it would take atleast 75-80, so 86 is not far off over 5 years. More important, we got our guy. I know some will bring up the domestic violence incident but he's dealt with it above board, admitted his mistake, and by all accounts has stayed on the good path. Nothing else needs to be said. Welcome back to New York! We need you

  • tom

    Don't like California? Interesting. 17.3m AAV? That is a steal since it is only 1.8m more than Melancon who has been durable and effective but not as dominating as Chapman.

    Arod's 27.5 and Holliday's 13 will come off after this season. That would be appxly 18.2m available for better starter in 2018 (5m reserved for Tanaka if opted out and re-signed). Sabathia will be gone as well so that may be appxly 31m to cover either two solid starters or one solid starter and one solid hitter.

  • hotdog

    Great job Cashman…we signed him last year, dealt him for great prospects and resigned him this year…

  • tom

    Chapman would be 41st player on the roster so Yankees may make a small trade to clear spot for him or flat-out dump Goody or Bleier. *fake cough* Goody.

  • Mark

    Dumb trade, shows Yanks are more interested in assigning innings than in pitching their best guys in high leverage situations. Did we learn nothing from Terry Francona?

  • Balt Yank

    Yanks will have a tight bullpen with Severino in the pen and maybe signing Boon Logan. Imagine: Chapman, Killer B, Severino, Clippard (from the right), Logan + rookie (from the left), Green / Mitchell / Cessa as long man/men. Rotation: Tanaka, Pineda (cringe), Warren, Mitchell or Cessa (half cringe), CC.

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