Report: Yankees sign LF Matt Holliday to one-year deal


Happy Holliday!

No, it’s not Christmas. But the Yankees have placed a little present under the tree with hopes of giving the fans something to be excited about.

The New York Yankees announced they have signed LF Matt Holliday to a one-year, $13 Million deal for the 2017 season.

Now, I know how much you love rumors, so before anyone starts the “Yankees are trading Brett Gardner because they signed Matt Holliday” rumors, Holliday is not replacing Gardner. Instead, Holliday will be the Yankees DH and can play a bit of first base should the Yankees need him to.

Holliday is coming off an injury-plagued 2016 season, hitting .246/.322/.461 with 20 homers and 62 RBI. Holliday spent the last seven and a half seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals, winning a World Series with the team in 2011.

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30 Responses to Report: Yankees sign LF Matt Holliday to one-year deal

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    we did something!

  2. tom says:


    Hopefully, being a full time DH keeps him from serious injury so he can produce at least 265/365/470 line. I believe all of his serious injuries came from on the field.

  3. Dan M says:

    I like this deal, hopefully holiday can produce well and keep himself relatively healthy being a DH. This is also a deal where the DH spot won't be completely taken up by one person, keeping a semi rotation of the DH where Holiday plays the field 2 times a week could give other guys a chance to DH and give them a little break. Hopefully more moves to upgrade the team are coming soon.

  4. Terry says:

    This is a well below average move. This guy does nothing for us, other than the average fan being able to recognize the name. He's well past his prime and a RH bat with diminished production. This is another move where we embrace mediocrity. Should have just saved the money. This isn't about the " youth movement ", it's purely about money. People don't think about it but our chance to sign Chapman just took a hit. He can choose where he wants to go and pitching in the playoffs/ WS will be a factor.Washington, LA, SF and the likes will have the upper hand. This guy won't even match Beltran. Bad move.No offensive improvement, no playoffs. Sanchez better get used to seeing breaking balls and taking the walks

    • The chance to sign Chapman didn't change with this signing. This is a one-year deal and is basically the money that would have gone to McCann.

      • tom says:

        In that math, Yankees are committed 18.5m compared to 17m of sole McCann. That is 1.5m more.

        Melancon has held the highest contract available (15m AAV). That means Chapman will be more than 18m AAV.

        Chapman's situation definitely takes a hit for Yankees.

        • Not at all. The Yankees were committed to going after Chapman before they dumped McCann. Then they dumped McCann and Cashman said that they were in the market for a reliever AND a bat. This is that bat.

          • tom says:

            They never reveal what limit of spending. 13m and 19m to cross the needs off? Let's find out soon.

            Cashman also said he tried to add a starter during the winter meeting. Could be it either a starter or a reliever for that price?

    • tom says:

      Holliday is not a mediocre shit. Do you really think Beltran will repeat his torrid performance of last year? For 3m saving, Holliday and Beltran could end up with similar statistics this year. Since Holliday has strong OBP he edges Beltran.

      It definitely isn't a WELL below average move.

      Hitting in order to protect Sanchez would be Greg Bird. Holliday should bat 5th. VERY upgrade to McCann or Headley for that spot.

  5. Hopefully he's better than McCann. If he's not then at least this gives the team more payroll and roster flexibility in 2018. Wouldn't be bad if he had a good season and they dumped him at the deadline for a prospect, but that's wishful thinking.

    • tom says:

      Indians have yet to improve offense as of now. If there is no upgrade by July, Yankees may have a chance. Who knows.

  6. hotdog says:

    I’m staying optimistic with this one…i’m glad they got this done, he’s not much better or worse than most other options…welcome aboard Matt Holliday…

  7. Jon says:

    Sorry, I'm just not excited about a 36 yr old $13mm DH. I thought we were getting younger and smarter with our spend.

  8. Jerry says:

    I'm happy with the move, I mean I'd rather have Encanarcion, but hopefully Holliday can still be a presence and being a dh only for the most part may keep him healthier. One year ain't going to hurt us and possibly could really help us. We'll see, maybe it rejuvenates him and we get a solid year. It's a positive move with potential high upside.

    • tom says:

      It would be a terrible move if EE signed to a contract consisting of 15m AAV with another team.

      • thomas says:

        Not really. EE has a draft pick attached to him and I am sure he wants more than an one year contract. Cashman has never wanted to give up on his draft picks. I would rather they spend 15m AAV on a pitcher.

  9. Right now the lineup is some form of

    Ellsbury CF
    Gardner LF
    Sanchez C
    Holliday DH
    Bird 1B
    Judge RF
    Headley 3B
    Castro 2B
    Gregorius SS

    This is not a world series contending lineup. So far the only difference is swapping out Teixeira and McCann for Holliday and Bird. I'm not sure which pair is better. Bird is the only person who might be around in 2019.

  10. tom says:

    Bud Selig in but The Boss isn't for Hall of Fame. Wow..

    • mosc says:

      He shouldn't be eligible. Neither should Manny Ramirez. Guys who get a SECOND suspension should have HOF eligibility removed forever.

    • Jerry says:

      He should be in and eventually will be, just like Pete Rose will be.

  11. brooklyn joe says:

    That line-up will change, we are going to make a trade for a starting pitcher. I believe Headley or Gardner will be traded for pitching and the Yanks sign Valbuena yo play third until Andujar is ready. That's a win- win all around.

  12. mosc says:

    1) Holliday is 3 years younger than Beltran
    2) Holliday is reportedly $5.5M cheaper than Beltran
    3) Holliday is no longer a decent defender but he's not the worst in the league, that'd be Beltran. Holliday's arm if nothing else is clearly the stronger of the two.
    4) Holliday has a much stronger track record in his career with an OPS+ of 134 compared to Beltran's 121. Before you say "coors field", Holliday's OPS+ was actually higher in St. Louis than Colorado (and as he aged).

    Beltran has two clear positives, his post season OPS of 1.078 in a non-negligible 235 PA's is historically unmatched. Second is he's coming off a healthy and productive season where Holliday's been hurt. Still, it's not like Beltran didn't have years like that in 2010 and 2014 when health squashed his production.

    If Holliday is healthy, I think he's the better DH. Historically, Beltran is a gold glove center fielder for much of his career with a post season legacy second to none where Holliday was at his best a decent left fielder and a slightly better hitter. Still, this isn't a HOF vote it's a 2017 DH slot and I'll take the 3 year younger Holliday.

    Note I'm curious what Pedro Alvarez is going to sign for. My suspicion is the Yankees could have gotten him for something like 2y/$13M instead of spending it all on one year of Holliday. He's not even 30 yet and his left handed bat would fit better in Yankee stadium. I'm also more comfortable with him at first than Holliday…

  13. Olie says:

    Holliday is not a overly impressive signing.(Would of been 10 years ago) It looks like the only chance of competing this year is to sign Chapman and build a monster bullpen

  14. Balt Yank says:

    I agree with both MOSC and Olie. I am not overly impressed by this but he's younger and his stats are impressive if projected onto a healthy 2017. The free agents are astronomically expensive these days. It makes grow your own even more important. Baseball is highly unpredictable anyway. I say don't sign Chapman, put Severino in the pen. Sign Logan for the pen (LH).

    • mosc says:

      I have zero interest in Boon Logan.

      ERA+ 101, 106.2 IP (age 29-31)
      ERA+ 132, 111.1 IP (age 29-31)

      Trying purposely not to use raw ERA to make Logan look too terrible for pitching in coors but he's the top line. Do you know who the bottom line is? That's Tommy Layne.

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