Unless Yankees trade Brett Gardner, 2017 roster is set


The team for the 2017 season is all set…unless the Yankees do one thing over the last two months.

The Yankees have Matt Holliday as their DH / first baseman and Aroldis Chapman as their closer, and if the team doesn’t deal Brett Gardner over the course of the offseason, they’ll figure out the holes they need to fill in February.

While Yankees general manager Brian Cashman opened up the possibility, trading Gardner will not be easy. Cashman said a few days ago that he wasn’t comfortable moving the Yankees outfielder, either because they were going to lose that consistency in left field or an opposing team didn’t make a tempting offer.

The Yankees tried to move Gardner last offseason for a starter and struckout. However, not trading Gardner worked out in the Yankees favor as he was consistent at the top of the order and won a Gold Glove. As of right now, it’s more likely than not Gardner is in pinstripes once February 14 rolls around. I can’t be as sure about the July 31st trade deadline.

Despite the Yankees merely listening on offers regarding Gardner, the team has pulled Chase Headley from the trade market. It doesn’t mean the team isn’t going to try to trade Headley down the road, but for now Headley will be the Yankees third baseman in April.

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17 Responses to Unless Yankees trade Brett Gardner, 2017 roster is set

  1. Mark says:

    This is unfortunate.Both Gardner and Bradley offer little upside.

    • Ray Vega says:

      yanks should try to trade for todd frazier.chase headley to the white sox.him in the middel of the lineup they win it this year.yeah i said it

  2. Dan M says:

    I love Gardner but I hope somehow Cashman can pull of a trade to bring in an arm for the rotation. This time last year there were rumors about how Gardner could've been potentially fetched the Yankees either Danny Salazar or Carlos Carrasco from the Indians. I highly doubt that that's the case now but I would love it we're still true. All ways loved Salazar's arm but he has a little bit of an injury history but God I'd love to see Salazar in pinstripes. In addition something a little more realistic that I also like is the Yankees possibly going after Tyson Ross, he's coming off shoulder surgery but he could be great if he's healthy.

    • Jerry says:

      Dan , I think if those two pitchers were available to the Yankees last year they would have been all over that. And if they had a chance to make one of those deals and didn't, someone should be fired.

      • Dan M says:

        Oo I agree Jerry, only reason I mentioned those guys was cause I remembered making a post about it to one of the articles from right here at BBDaily. Like I said I doubt that that scenario would happen again, hell it probably didn't exist in the first place. Tyson Ross is a different story, he is a FA and I'd love to see the Yankees pick him up

        • Jerry says:

          I would also like to see the Yankees take a chance on Ross. Could have a lot of upside and maybe just one year to pull it off.

  3. Howard says:

    A. I would love to see Headley go b4 Gardner but if we can't get a return then it is a moot point.
    B. We will probably add a pitcher to the roster so I don't think the roster is set just yet.

  4. Mike says:

    Gardy needs to stay a Yankee and get his batting avg up a bit. He's a homegrown Yankee and important to the youngsters in the clubhouse coming up. I like Headley, too, but not in the same way. He's a great player and began stepping things up a bit when Torreyes became involved. From a spectator's point of view dealt with playing 3rd when A-Rod came back, which could have went a whole number of ways. IF we were to trade him, I would like to see us take advantage of Detroit's fire sale and grab up Miguel Cabrera. He's been playing first, but has a ton of experience at 3rd and has a BA that consistently stays just over .300 for the last 10 or so years. Gives us flexibility when needing an actual 1st baseman to sub for Bird (instead of Holliday, who has limited experience at 1st) and when Torreyes can step in at 3rd…who can also hit fairly well. I think this gives us more flexibility. Again, I'd prefer to keep Headley…he's a team player and another role model in the dugout, but if we want a stronger bat and a bit more flexibility…Cabrera.

    • tom says:

      Defensively, Bird, Cabrera and Holliday won't be different. Cabrera will earn 28m this year and 30m for the rest of his contract. 30m AAV to be accountable for Yankees? Crazy. Yankees will have to give up 3 or 4 top prospects to barely half AAV. Surely, his bat helps but too much for budget nerd.

  5. hotdog says:

    They need to figure out the remainder of their bullpen…i would like the Yankees to sign or trade for another bullpen hand, maybe a 7th inning man…they have a lot of guys shuffling back and forth from AAA and they’ll get their chance but I would prefer that they not use Severino and Bryan Mitchell as relievers until we have a better look at them as starters…both present the issue of how many innings they could/should throw but I hope the Yankees give them a good shot at the rotation at some point…

    • tom says:

      Warren or Clippard in 7th with Layne available. I know Warren is vying for rotation spot but he won't win the job against Green, Cessa or Mitchell. Severino with change up, too.

      For those relievers who fall into the shuttle trap, they merely fill out spots. Yankees don't need to figure that part out as they got proven pitchers on the roster.

    • Olie says:

      I agree with you hotdog .I would prefer giving Mitchell and Serverio both a shot at the Rotation. With Chapman 9th, Betances 8th and Cliffard probably given the the 7th there may not be many innings left for the others. Warren could get long relief innings and the odd spot start. I don't think the Coaching staff is dumb enough to put Severino in the pen!

  6. tom says:

    I look at 2018 free agents to figure out who will be in a playing card when Yankees become panic.

    C- Jonathan Lucroy.
    1B- Todd Frazier (3B first), Eric Hosmer and Carlos Santana.
    2B- Ian Kinsler (12m team option).
    RF- Andrew McCutchen (14.75m team option) and Justin Upton (opt out?).
    SP- Jake Arrieta, Tyler Chatwood, Matt Cain (21m club option!), Alex Cobb, Johnny Cueto, Yu Darvish, Jeremy Hellickson, Lance Lynn, Mike Minor (10m mutual option) and Shohei Otani (Post Fee)

    Not a bad list for next off season barring QO, naturally. However, Bird, Sanchez and Judge/Frazier have to show something good to avoid adding big contractual offensive players. Success will help Yankees sort up the rotation.

    Keep eyes on Chatwood, Cobb and Hellickson because I get feeling that they will be traded during the season, meaning Yankees won't face any penalty bay signing either or all of them.

    Plus the chance of Otani going to Yankees is getting stronger now. Tanaka, Otani and Darvish in the same rotation? Why not? Let's see if youngsters can actually produce first.

  7. Terry says:

    It's my understanding and I could be a little off, but if Otani comes over next year, he has a cap on how much he could make. If he comes over after he turns, I believe 25, he doesn't have the cap and it's like a 20-25 million dollar difference a year. I would say no way he comes over early even if posted. That's a lot of money. Also I don't think BG gets traded but never say never. Cash just trolling after another "WAR" child, Eaton, brought back a ton. I think that was probably an isolated situation . But we'll see

    • tom says:

      6m international pool is a hard cap for each team but there are about dozen of teams already had over the cap (old CBA) last July so they will be limited to no more than 300k. Yankees will come off penalty so they can spend any $$$ and take new penalty. The penalty (300k limit) is the reason Yankees can't pursue Otani.

      Otani will be 23 years old so his bonus will count against International pool and I don't think Otani will wait until 25 years old to get bigger bonus. Otani is in game for talent competition, not money so he will be welcomed to USA next year.

      If Yankees got the same package for Gardner then Nationals would be idiotic. Gardner is aging and expensive. Maybe Cashman would accept the half value of this package but many teams would prefer losing a quarter value of this package. Who knows.

  8. Otto says:

    This is sad if Gardner and Ellsbury are on the team again. I know everybody here will say I am crazy and I know Cashman would never do it. I would unload Tanka, Betances and make them take Ellsbury and possibly Headley to the Dodgers. The Dodgers would have to give up Urias as part of the package with Bellinger and other prospects. That would set the Yankees up for the future along with unloading bad contracts.

  9. Balt Yank says:

    Keep Gardner, period. He's our best everyday player. Let Sanchez and Bird prove this wrong. They remain unproven despite partial season promise. We just traded for a DH, but next offseason trade Ellsbury and prospects for Miggy Cabrera, put Gardner in CF, and Clint Frazier the rookie in LF. PS: Severino should be in the pen where he can build confidence and learn a third pitch. He's young and he can fill Pineda's spot next year. That being said, after spending so much on Chapman, it is smart to grow dominant bullpen arms like Severino (as it appears).

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