Winter Meetings Rumors: Aroldis Chapman wants six-year contract


The Yankees knew Aroldis Chapman wasn’t going to come cheap.But how long does Chapman want to stay in a specific uniform?

According to Marly Rivera of ESPN Deportes, Aroldis Chapman wants a six-year contract. Chapman hasn’t evaluated any contracts as of yet, but they will do so during the Winter Meetings.

Chapman also confirmed that the Chicago Cubs have shown no interest in re-signing him.

Surprisingly, the Yankees may be looking to the Miami Marlins to see how the closer market will unfold. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports believes the Marlins would be willing to give Kenley Jansen up to $80 Million. Mark Melancon recently signed a $64 Million contract with the San Francisco Giants, which at the moment makes it the most expensive closer contract since Jonathan Papelbon‘s four-year, $50 Million contract.

The Yankees have yet to confirm if they made an offer to Chapman.

If talks with Chapman fall through, the team could go to Greg HollandBrad Ziegler and Koji Uehara as potential options. The Yankees could also sign a lefty in the pen, such as Boone Logan, and keep Dellin Betances as their closer.

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4 Responses to Winter Meetings Rumors: Aroldis Chapman wants six-year contract

  1. hotdog says:

    Of course he does, why shouldn’t he…i don’t know how that fits into the Yankees budget with their attempt to get under the $195M but I would like to see a talented reliever in the pen who possibly could close if Betances can’t handle the job long term…my concern going into 2017 is that if Betances doesn’t perform as a closer, will that effect his confidence and ability to be a dominant setup man…so my preference would be to get a closer and place Betances back in his dominant role as a setup man…i just don’t see the Yankees going crazy over a Chapman contract…

  2. Don't think Yanks would ever go for 6 years, maybe not 5 @ $20 mil….question is, who will pay him?

  3. mosc says:

    I still say longer is better for this if he's focused on breaking contract records for relief pitchers. 7y/$100M. It's annual value is actually below the current qualifying offer. Paying him >$20M per year just hurts my brain. Relievers don't generate 3+ WAR very often. Chapman's done it once in his historically incredible 2012 but never before or since. Britton and Miller were the only relievers to get there in 2016 (Betances missed it this year after getting it in 2014 and 2015). Rivera exceeded 3.0 pitching war in a single season without recording a start 11 times, the record. Probably a couple more if you include post season in some way as well. Chapman isn't Rivera and I don't think paying him more than your average #1 starter makes your team any better. What he is though is durable and unusually athletic. Lock him up and keep the value down, win-win.

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