Winter Meetings Rumors: Yankees ask White Sox about David Robertson


Once upon a time, the Yankees had a setup man who gave everyone heart attacks with his successful Houdini acts. He was the closer after Mariano Rivera retired, and following that season he went to the Chicago White Sox on a four-year deal.

If you figured I was talking about David Robertson, you were right. Anyway, after the White Sox traded Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox, it was clear the team was going to have a fire sale.

With the Yankees now waiting on Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen to either accept or decline their offer, the team is now thinking of a backup plan. This plan includes a potential trade with the White Sox for Robertson, reports Sweeny Murti of WFAN.

Robertson was one of the best relievers in the American League while with the Yankees, but struggled with the White Sox. Robertson had a 3.47 ERA which made it the second time the closer had a ERA over 3.00. Also, Robertson’s control was an issue where he allowed 4.6 BB/9, the highest since 2011. However, Robertson’s strikeout rate and his ground ball ratio is still excellent.

So, if the Yankees eventually move on from paying $80 Million for a closer, could Robertson be a cost effective alternative?


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22 Responses to Winter Meetings Rumors: Yankees ask White Sox about David Robertson

  1. Jerry says:

    I would love to have Robertson back. Never should have let him go. But I still want Chapman along with Robertson. And of course Betances. Part of our new 3 headed monster.

    • Mr. Puttzo says:

      It was good to see him go because we then signed Miller. In any event Robertson is owed too much money and while never a sure thing when he was here he's even less effective now.

      • Jerry says:

        It was not good to see Robertson go, it would have been nice to keep him and sign Miller. Robertson had 37 saves last year and Is still a legitimate relief pitcher, a lot better than some of the crap we sent out there last year . What sure things were you watching?

        • Mr. Puttzo says:

          Sorry Jerry 37 inflated saves with a 3.47era..53 hits..32 walks in 62.1 innings is not a legit or dependable relief pitcher. The sure things I was watching were Betances, Miller and Chapman

          • Jerry says:

            Except Miller and Chapman are not on the Yankees anymore, only Betances. I'm talking about the all the other relief pitchers we paraded out there that that were totally ineffective. Clippard being the lone exception. The Scranton shuttle being a disaster.

  2. hotdog says:

    David Robertson’s era seems to have gotten worse year by year. Do we want a closer with an era around 3.50. I don’t want him back.

    • Celerino says:

      ERA is misleading stat for relievers. After 17 games, Robertson had an era of 0.96. In his 18th game he gave up 6 runs and his era went up to 3.72. The difference between Robertson and Chapman last year amounted to 2 or 3 games where Robertson gave up a few runs. Is that difference worth 6 years at top dollar for Chapman? I don't think so.

      • Mr. Puttzo says:

        No the difference between Robertson and Chapman is that Robertson gave up 53 hits and 32 walk in 62.1 innings.

        • Jerry says:

          First of all, giving up 53 hits in 62.1 innings is very good. The 32 walks is not, but apparently was able to work around them. So except for a couple of bad outings you're going to condemn him . Celerino made some good points and I'm talking about Robertson as seventh or eighth inning guy, not the closer.

          • hotdog says:

            who says anyone is condemning him…he puts too many men on base and will cost the Yankees in $$$ and/or prospects…i’d prefer the Yankees find a more dependable reliever…he reminds me of Dave Righetti who at the end of his tenure with the Yankees made every inning a nail bitter…sure, he put up saves in those last 3 or 4 years but he was not dependable…i don’t want him means that at this point, with options still available, i’d prefer someone else…capisce

          • Jerry says:

            Putting was, not you.

          • Jerry says:


        • Celerino says:

          Again, most of the difference comes down to a few games, and the question remains is the difference of a few games worth the extreme premium that he would cost. Getting Robertson back at a lower salary with only two years on his contract is a safer bet.

  3. Jerry says:

    I'm not even suggesting as a closer, but middle relief.

    • moocow007 says:

      Robertson would be fine as a 7th inning guy with Betances and Chapman (or Jansen) behind him. The problem is it's hard to justify paying 12 and 13 million for this year and next to a 7th inning guy. Especially if the team is trying to reset the luxury tax by getting under the tax threshold.

  4. Erich says:

    What do you think of this prediction? White Sox will trade Frazier for prospects as part of their rebuilding efforts. They will then swap challenging contracts with the Yanks… Robertson for Headley. For the Sox they redirect the bullpen money to a stop gap 3B who they can later reflip next season. For the Yanks, they strengthen the pen while opening up an infield spot for either Andujar or Torres.

    • AJ ny says:

      I would take robertson for headley in a minute
      I dont white sox are that dumb

    • Howard says:

      Absolutely agreed, but it won't happen unless we eat half his salary maybe for this year.
      I beg the White Sox to make this trade.

  5. AJny says:

    I think yanks are tying up too much on closers
    I wd have spent $90 for 4 years of encarnarcion instead of holiday.
    I wd put severino in pen w Betances & Clippard.
    If i can trade for Robertson
    And get under the cap

    • Howard says:

      great points AJ
      No idea why we would spend this much for Chapman.

      I too would have signed E.E, the parrot.

  6. tom says:

    It looks like Yankees struck out on either elite closer. I don't mind acquiring Robertson and hoping him continuing succeeding from 16 in saving situation. W-Sox is the major problem when it comes to trade talk but I do hope Rob Refsnyder is enough. lol.

    No matter who is our new closer Betances is still our best reliever on the roster. That means Betances will continue soaking a bunch of innings.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    KILLER B has pitched way more than prior closers, I've noticed, and if he pitched 65 innings per year like Mo, he would have a sub-200 ERA and be great. Put Severino and Clippard in the pen and bring back Robertson who still has a 3.47 ERA for two years in a row. Will the Sox take Headley and why would they? Can we really let him go this year, and not next? We could give them Castro and put Refsnyder at 2B for a year until Mateo or Torres are ready.

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