Winter Meetings Rumors: Yankees expressed interest in Sergio Romo


The Yankees have offers on the table for both Aroldis Chapman and Kenley Jansen. And they’ve already talked to the White Sox about David Robertson.

However, the Yankees might be interested in one other name on the free agent market.

According to Jon Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Yankees are currently looking into Sergio Romo as a potential late inning option.

The San Francisco Giants have moved on from Romo, who has been with the Giants since his rookie season in 2008. The Giants ended up signing Mark Melancon as their closer next season.

Romo only played in 40 games (30.1 IP), going 1-0 with a 2.64 ERA and a 1.076 WHIP.

The Yankees might consider signing Romo if they’re unable to land Chapman or Jansen, and if they’re unable to work out a trade for Robertson.

And for what it’s worth, Romo has never played in the American League.

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11 Responses to Winter Meetings Rumors: Yankees expressed interest in Sergio Romo

  1. Dan M says:

    Not sure how much it would cost to get Romo but I have all ways liked him. Hell if Yankees can get Chapman or Jansen I'd still want Romo, a bullpen with Chapman, Betances, Romo and Clippard sounds pretty good to me. But that's just my opinion

  2. Jerry says:

    Not too shabby!

  3. Mr. Puttzo says:

    Romo is a FA no trade required and would cost a lot less money than Robertson

  4. hotdog says:

    Romo would be a nice addition…he’s one of those gritty ballplayers and he doesn’t put a lot of men on base…it would be great if we could get him and as Dan said, he would b a good addition even in the Yankees sign someone like Chapman…we need some solid guys in the bullpen…

  5. Michael says:

    Sign the Bastard

  6. mosc says:

    Usually 7 spots and clearly they'll use 4 on Chapman, Betances, Clippard, and Layne.

    They also have Heller, Gallegos (yay), and Holder on the 40-man who all were spectacular in 2016 AAA. Richard Bleier and Johnny Barbato are hanging on the 40-man right now but I think they'll try to outright one of them after the Chapman signing becomes official. Hopefully if they time it right around the rule-5 draft they'll survive the outright and be options later in 2017. Starters on the 40-man include Warren (who spent most of his career in the pen), Severino, Green, Cessa, Mitchel, Herrera, Enns (yes, he made it), as well as Yefrey Ramirez and Domingo German who are not in contention but you'll see in spring anyway.

    2 Rotation spots and 3 bullpen spots and a pile of talent. Can we please not get enthralled with every slightly above average overpaid reliever out there and use some of these guys?

    • Moocow says:

      They can trade several of those AAA pitchers for prospects that they won't need to carry on the 40 man roster.

  7. Moocow says:

    Romo would be a great addition. Better option than having to give up assets in a trade for Robertson. He's gritty and he's a fierce competitor. These are the types of guys that can help give the team an edge and help push them along.

  8. Ken says:

    3 months on the DL with a forearm flexor strain and 33 years old. No thanks.

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