Winter Meetings Rumors: Yankees “not comfortable” moving Brett Gardner


It’s no secret the Yankees like Brett Gardner.

It’s also no secret teams are interested in the Yankees outfielder. And while teams are knocking on the door and showing interest, Yankees GM Brian Cashman isn’t comfortable trading the All-Star outfielder.

I’m not one to question Cashman’s motives, especially when it has to deal with keeping Gardner…but why doesn’t he want to trade him?

“He’s here not because I can’t move him; he’s here because I’m not comfortable moving him, or haven’t been satisfied in my asks that would make me move him,” Cashman said while being interviewed at the Winter Meetings. “You’re going through the process, and you see if that changes. So far to this point, I’ve said no to a lot of different concepts thrown my way on it.

“He’s a hard player to move because he’s on an exceptional contract, he’s extremely consistent, he’s as tough as they come and he’s a great clubhouse guy. I’ve been asked about him for a number of years now in the wintertime and in the summertime.”

So Cashman isn’t completely against trading Gardner. However, it’s hard to trade the left fielder when Cashman isn’t sure of what he’s going to get from the kids. Also, Gardner is a leader presence in the clubhouse, which the team deems important during an important transition era.

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9 Responses to Winter Meetings Rumors: Yankees “not comfortable” moving Brett Gardner

  1. Jerry says:

    I would love to know what kind of offers Cashman is receiving for Gardner.

  2. Howard says:


    At this point we should be accepting a #2 or #3 SP for Gardner, and let's move ahead with the kids.

  3. Great, another year of watching a Gardner decline batting first. Nothing impressive about his average and he strikes out a great deal. Little wonder the Yankees struggle to score runs when he is getting more at bats than any other player on the team.

    • winks says:

      Ummm..his average was his highest in the past 3 years. Also his 2nd highest OBP in his career, dating back to 2010. And his gold glove defense…

      For some reason Yankee fans can't comprehend the value he brings to the organization. I don't get it.

  4. Otto says:

    I would have let him go and Headley just to unload their contracts. That would have been incentive for me by itself. Cashman needs to stop reading his own press clippings.

  5. Ken says:

    Gardner is a great defensive leftfielder.He does not attempt to steal bases like he did and should any – more although a good baserunner we need more power out of that position.

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