Yankees made their big moves. Now what?


We are halfway through the Yankees offseason, and the team wasted no time in making moves to bolster their team.

They traded away Brian McCann to make Gary Sanchez the everyday catcher. They signed Matt Holliday on a one-year deal, and they locked down Aroldis Chapman as their closer.

Now that the team made most of their big moves before Christmas, what exactly comes next for the Bronx Bombers?

Well, the Yankees need to add starting pitching to their repertoire after losing Nathan Eovaldi and Ivan Nova last season. The Yankees have two options on how to get starting pitching. They could trade for a pitcher, with Brett Gardner being their remaining trade piece. Or they could let the kids take over.

Filling the need for starting pitching by trade would leave a glaring hole in the outfield, and the Yankees, who are in a rebuild and reload year, most likely don’t want to take that risk going into this season. The team intends to compete for the Wild Card, so they would be a more valuable team with Gardner on it than competing for a rival. Not to mention Gardner has a hefty price tag, and is in a way overvalued by Brian Cashman.

That means the logical choice would be to look within the organization for starting pitching. And the Yankees are far from depleted when it comes to having young arms. They could use Luis CessaAdam WarrenLuis Severino or others to accompany Masahiro TanakaCC Sabathia and Michael Pineda in the starting rotation. And finding out the talent they have within could help the Yankees continue their building towards the future.

The Yankees theoretically are probably done with their winter shopping, and they could easily contend for a Wild Card with the roster they have now. While these aren’t the Yankees that are flashy with their spending, they’re being smart, which should help them build a young team for the future.


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27 Responses to Yankees made their big moves. Now what?

  1. Jimmy says:

    As a Yankee fan from 1957, playing for a playoff spot is not acceptable. The big problem is producing runs, we were 12th, guess who is ahead of us, Boston, Toronto and Baltimore. Ellsbury and Gardner are not producing runs. In 2016, both produced a giant 16 homeruns with a giant 46 doubles, and a great 32 stolen basis. We need to get rid of both, as they are both slowing down the team, all they do is hit singles and stay on first base, and when asked why he does not steal, Ellsbury said did not want to take the bat out of Sanchez, bull. For the past 4 years, both Ellsbury and Gardner's stolen base total have decreased as shown in the following: Ellsbury – 52 for 2013 (Boston), 39 in 2014, 21 in 2015, 20 in 2016 and Gardner – 24 for 2013, 21 in 2014, 20 in 2015, 16 in 2016. These two players are hurting the team, I think I can find two players who hit .260, steal a total of 32 bases and hit a total of 16, remember that is for 2 players who make approximately 40 million a year. Get rid of these 2 unproductive players.

    • mosc says:

      and outfield defense, avoiding double plays, going from first to third on a single, and walks are not things you care about so I have little interest in what you say.

      Your understanding of baseball is archaic.

      • Jerry says:

        Avoiding double plays, are you serious? So it's okay to only make one out instead of hitting into a double play. You are looking at the bright side. He grounded into a fielder's choice . Now if you're talking about hitting behind the runner and moving him up a base, with no outs, that's good baseball. But that's not what you are saying, you're making a positive out of a negative, it's a failed at bat. They get the lead runner, an out , and Gardner gets to first. WOW! You're right he could have hit into a double play.

    • Howard says:

      If, so, you must add one more.
      If the above two aforementioned must go, so too must Chase Headley.
      A below average offensive and defensive 3B.

      Right now we have the opportunity to trade for JD. Martinez and Ian Klinsler.
      I am sure Gardner, Castro, Mateo ++ would get it down.

      At the same time we send Headley for a starting pitcher.
      And trade for Todd Frazier.

      No rebuild required.

      The problem is Cashman doesn't think out of the box to make deals like that.

      One can have hopes and dreams but I doubt you will see either of the three traded this off season.

      • The real problem isn't that Cashman can't think outside of the box. It's that trades are much harder to execute than video games.

        • Otto says:

          Yes when the Yankees come calling the price tag seems to go up. I really do not understand why they did not go after Chris Sale. I keep hearing they say the Yankees are not one player away, but it is not like Sale would only be here for a year. That is a good starting block. Not having a true ace is the Yankees weak spot. They still seem to be two years away that is why I would unload Tanka for more top prospects, but the Yankees will never do it. Prediction he will opt out the Yankees will make a huge offer then after a year his elbow finally blows out. I would see if they could not unload Ellsbury maybe try to package him with Tanka or someone and eat a good portion of the salary. I know it will never happen, but sure can dream.

          • The White Sox got a better package than the Yankees could even offer. The Yankees perhaps could have included MORE prospects, but not better ones (and with prospects quality is way more important than quantity).

            Plus, like you said, this team is not 1 player away. Let's say they trade Gleyber Torres, Justus Sheffield, Clint Frazier, and James Kaprielian. Then Tanaka opts out at the end of the year. Then they are stuck with a rotation of Sale and four empty spots, and no prospects to call up. Then I guess you turn to free agency for the other 4 pitchers. Maybe re-sign CC Sabathia or Pineda, sign Clay Buchholtz, Yu Darvish should be healthy by then, Nathan Eovaldi might be healthy by then, umm…go into a bidding war with Chicago over Jake Arrieta. Matt Cobb and Yovani Gallardo will be available.

            Under that scenario — best case is Sale, Sabathia, Buchholtz, Darvish and Eovaldi and a $300 million payroll (plus luxury tax fees) and the last 2 years of working on a youth movement are flushed down the toilet.

            I think I'd rather just pass on Chris Sale at this point. He doesn't fit in with the longterm plans.

          • Otto says:

            I would have never made that trade. Torres, Sheffield, and Kaprielian I would not trade especially Torres he is a future All-Star. Tanka in my opinion is opting out. He pitched great the first year until the elbow issue and pitched great last year except for a couple of starts, but he rarely gives you the length a true ACE does. Cashman has done a tremendous job building the farm system. Not sure where I said anything about signing washed up pitchers in free agency. Not sure how you got that out of my comment, but OK. Your scenario turn to free agency for those pitchers is comical. I think they have pitchers in the pipeline that should get a look. I am glad they are trying to build a good young base, but when you have a chance to get a top line pitcher then you should give it a serious look especially if you are trying to win now and keeping Tanka. Since they did not get Sale then they should load up on more prospects and then maybe then can make those trades because not every prospect is going to pan out. The current team is not going to scary anyone in the playoffs. The reason I say unload Tanka is the opt out clause and his elbow. I think he could bring back a pretty decent return or somehow package Ellsbury with him. To me that would be worth it in itself. He should have unloaded Headley you can find a much cheaper with the same stats.

          • If you won't include Torres then you would have no chance to get Sale. You said, "I really do not understand why they did not go after Chris Sale." Well…now you do.

          • tom says:

            I hope so.

          • Paul says:

            I agree with Otto..sale was making $13 mill per year which is small change by today's standards..plus he is only 27 years old..zeker

          • tom says:

            So you have no problem with giving up Gary Sanchez?

    • Olie says:

      I agree with u Jimmy but I think I would keep Ellsbury to play center and leadoff but trade Gardner and replace him with a player with some pop in bat. Good teams have always filled there corner outfield spots with power hitters.

    • hotdog says:

      i think their biding their time with Ellsbury and Gardner…we have young prospects waiting in the wings to play the outfield but it might take another year before they’re ready…if you get rid of both those guys, you’re left with gaping holes this year unless the Yankees want to go after a trade to bring in a better outfielder than someone like Gardner and that won’t be easy…Gardner, as many have said before, puts himself on base at a good pace (.351 in 2016)…he’s an outstanding outfielder so finding someone with better qualifications will cost…i think the Yankees are looking to spend wisely especially if they’re trying to get below the tax penalty numbers…they need pitching and another impact bat but that will likely wait until next year…i’d like to see Hicks take a step forward and give us some of that good offense we saw in the 2nd half…

  2. Eric says:

    It is only going to get worse as they both will keep declining with age. Unfortunately, Cashman will have a hard time moving these contracts as they get older. What frustrates me is that Girardi is so loyal to his veterens that he will continue to bat them one, two in the batting order. The good news is that law of averages says that they will be injured at some point in the season and that will be the opening to get some younger players a chance.

    • mosc says:

      Gardner's not signed for much of his decline. He's only guaranteed for '17 and '18 at this point (at a reasonable price I might add) and if you missed it, he just won a gold glove he's not exactly slowing down just yet. His main problem is that there's another OBP+speed focused leadoff-type left handed hitter with a solid glove in center. That's not his fault.

      Girardi knew he needed Teixeira and Rodriguez to hit in order for the Yankees to compete so he kept the pressure on them in the line-up. Obviously they didn't and I don't think the line-up in August was as rigid as you say. Sanchez very quickly moved into third (after 8 starts 6-8th he hit 3rd or 4th the rest of the season) and used Gregorius all over the place.

  3. Balt Yank says:

    This team has a lot of fun pieces to watch develop, but if Sanchez with 1/2 season of experience is our clutch hitter, and best hitter, we have zero chance of a WS except by miracle. With that in mind, keep Gardner, our best playing going into the season. The Yankees usually don't let rookies play and grow, so, if he's trade look for a knee jerk midseason trade that makes us work as whomever is stuck there makes some of these fans long for the gold glover, who gets OBA, doesn't make dumb outs, and can go to third on a single. What the Yankees have right now is a number of credible prospects for the rotation: Cessa, Mitchell, Warren, Severino (maybe), and Green (maybe). Pick two of them. That's growing the youth. Next year is the time to sign a veteran with CC & Pineda gone. The fact is that pitching has become such a commodity, even the Yankees cannot afford to sign 3-4 middle tier question marks for $50-$80 million per pitcher.

    • Jerry says:

      My thinking is, the Yankees need to find out about these young guys. We will definitely be competitive next year, but probably not where we need to be for a couple more years. So let's find out what we have, play the youth, Gardner is not part of the future, we hopefully can trade him for players that will be part of the future. All Yankees fans were ecstatic at the play of Sanchez. Don't you all want to see if we have other players that could possibly be that prolific . Gardner is what he is, I want more than that. It's time to find out. And we would not know about Sanchez if we didn't give him a chance.

  4. tom says:

    We wait. The activity of FA pitchers is slow so who knows Yankees can sign one for dirt cheap.

  5. tom says:

    Jansen stupidly re-signed with Dodgers. LOL. Amazingly, Jansen couldn't get any more than 86m.

  6. Nunzio says:

    I agree with Jimmy Gardner and Ellsbury were suppose to get on steal bases and score runs,they are not the one two punch that's breaking down doors , I would like to see more power at those two positions and would like to see the young players move up in this so called rebuild….. as far as headley is concerned ship him out and get young there , you cannot have it both ways either you play the young guys or put down the cash and buy more players

  7. At this point there isn't a whole lot to do. Continue to monitor the free agent market just in case. Sign a middle reliever or 4 (maybe some minor league deals with invites to st). Besides that just continue to think about trade scenarios because the Yankees need starting pitching. Even beyond 2017 there are big holes in the rotation. The Yankees could need five starting pitchers 10 months from now. So they need to start finding long term options. Now it's certainly not bad to count on a few coming from the minor league system, and they'll probably keep Tanaka somehow, but they could use at least two addition long-term additions from somewhere by next offseason. Maybe that's next year's free agent market, but the search has obviously started already.

  8. Dan M says:

    Might be a little late to the party here with this article but I had a couple ideas for what the Yankees could do, all of them involve the rotation. Signing one FA starter would be great for the Yankees, I'd be happy with Jason Hammel but honestly I'd prefer Tyson Ross and as a dark horse candidate I'd love the Yankees to offer a contract to Doug Fister. Ross if healthy has the most upside, hammel is a veteran consistent arm and Fister is a groundball pitcher who is only a couple of years removed from a top 10 finish in NL CY Young voting. In a perfect world Tyson Ross is the ideal arm I'd like the Yankees to grab up

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