Yankees non-tender Jacob Lindgren 8


Friday was the tender deadline in Major League Baseball, and in order to make room on the roster, the Yankees had to make a tough decision.

In the end, the Yankees decided to non-tenderĀ Jacob Lindgren, making him a free agent.

Lindgren was the Yankees top draft pick in 2014 out of Mississippi State and made the Major Leagues the following year. However, Lindgren suffered a plethora of injuries. His latest injury was a torn elbow ligament which needed Tommy John surgery.The injury will keep Lindgren out until at least 2018.

With the release of Lindgren, the Yankees roster is now set at 39.

8 thoughts on “Yankees non-tender Jacob Lindgren

  • buckeyeballs

    what a shame-thought he was going to be a stud reliever-this is why you need so many prospects. Lefty relievers arent' easy to develop so they must really think he's done. We have a lot of holes but right now a lefty in the pen, major and minor leagues. is a big one.

  • Terry

    Seemed to be a nice kid but a little over rated coming in. Lived off the breakingball, average fastball that he couldn't always locate. A few notables did get nontendered. Even a couple of low risk pitchers that should garner some attention. Tyson Ross and Rubby DeLarosa were once highly thought of. I wonder what their price will be? Chris Carter, a all or nothing power hitter. More players available. Who will we target thi WMs

  • Balt Yank

    It's ashame. Very good college career, so much hype coming in. There is a lot that goes into a successful MLB player, including luck. I hope the Yankees are smart with Severino. He's very talented. He has two top-notch pitches. Let me thrive in the bullpen next year as he clearly will if permitted.

  • Balt Yank

    Also, as a side note, with Severino in the pen and Killer B as a closer, there is no need to spend $90 million for Chapman. That can be used for a starting pitcher (maybe next summer) or a bat (maybe this summer, like Trumbo (AL) or Carter (NL).

  • Fernandito Andujar

    I don't believe this is the end for Lindgren with the team. The Yankees have often non-tendered a player as a way to remove him from the 40 man roster. They avoid waivers and having him claimed and they can resign him to a minor league deal. We have seen this strategy with Heatchcott, Campos and German.

  • mosc

    I would have thrown money and promises at him and done everything I could to keep his interest even though you had to boot him off the 40-man. The team's improving and he's not going to pitch in 2017 anyway so you'd think they would have been able to keep him. Still, the Braves had a 40-man roster spot to offer him so I guess good for them.

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