Yankees plan to add pitching during the Winter Meetings


It’s the calm before the Winter Meetings.

And as expected, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has a plan. A plan to improve the Bronx Bombers and place them in contention. A plan to prevent the Yankees from spending another miserable season on the couch in October while another team gets a chance to win the World Series.

During the Winter Meetings, Brian Cashman revealed his plans of adding a bat and some relief pitching. The Yankees would like to add a pitcher for the rotation, however they know they won’t find much in the free agent market. The Yankees have shown interest in Rich Hill, but other than that the free agent market is scarce.

“I need more pitching, both starting and relief,” Cashman said.

Oddly enough, the Yankees can fill the holes left by the midseason trades with the same two people.

— The Yankees traded Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs for Adam Warren and Gleyber. The Yankees could easily fill the role in the bullpen with…Aroldis Chapman. The question is, are the Yankees willing to pay Chapman’s price?

— The Yankees traded Carlos Beltran just a few days later. The Yankees could easily fill the DH role with…you guessed it, Carlos Beltran. Beltran is currently seeking a one-year deal and the Yankees don’t have a set DH after sending Brian McCann to the Houston Astros. The team’s current plans for DH would be platooned time between Gary SanchezChase HeadleyBrett Gardner and Jacoby Ellsbury.

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5 Responses to Yankees plan to add pitching during the Winter Meetings

  1. Thomas says:

    Beltran and Chapman will solve 2 major problems but I suggest trading Gradner and allowing a rookie to man left. We have a ton of outfielders in the minors.

  2. Terry says:

    I'm still not in on Beltran personally. I keep thinking Tex, a couple of bad years and then a good year ( he was younger than Beltran at the time). Then in the tank the following year. Alex, same thing, couple bad and then the tank. Everyone was all over his exit velocity, he can still hit the fastball. Still next year the tank. There's a reason Betran will be cheaper. You get what you pay for. We're cool with Beltran over forty for one year and worried about EE at 34, with 4 straight really good power number years. I wouldn't go 100 mill but I'd be really watching where his value goes. I don't want a 15 mill gamble blocking a roster spot

    • buckeyeballs says:

      beltran signed with Houston-good- we need someone who can also play first and he won't-clogging the dh is not helpful and I agree he may be declining significantly

  3. Jerry says:

    It wouldn't have killed me if Beltran signed with the Yankees again, but it also doesn't kill me that he didn't. Encanarcion would thrill me, but I don't expect it either. We do need a veteran like a Holiday, Carter , Butler, someone? At this point it appears that it will be something cheap.

  4. I would be interested in trading for Todd Frazier. White Sox are looking to cut salary and his salary would not be expensive….likely 11M in arbitration, then one year after that. He can play 3b, 1b and DH. He brings power and even has sneaky speed and a good glove. The team could then trade Headley if they want. Pretty sure it wouldn't take a big package.

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