Cashman “99% positive” he’ll enter camp with team he has now

All winter the Yankees have been trying to add another arm for the rotation. They even tried dangling Chase Headley and Brett Gardner as trade pieces with hopes of garnering interest.

However, it seems more likely than not the Yankees will enter Spring Training with the team on the current roster.

“We stay engaged with the marketplace, but I think more likely than not — 99 percent likely — we are going to be going to camp with what we have,” Cashman told Jim Bowden on Monday morning. “And that’s (Mashiro) Tanaka, CC (Sabathia) and (Michael) Pineda locked into three spots and then five guys competing for the final two spots between — in no order — (Adam) Warren, (Luis) Cessa, (Chad) Green, (Bryan) Mitchell and (Luis) Severino.

The Yankees already added two players via the free agent market this offseason: Aroldis Chapman and Matt Holliday.

The Yankees were in talks with the Chicago White Sox regarding Jose Quintana. However, the White Sox had a big price tag and the Yankees weren’t willing to give up star prospects.

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5 Responses to Cashman “99% positive” he’ll enter camp with team he has now

  1. hotdog says:

    well, he’s being realistic…the White Sox are asking for teams #1 prospects…they wanted Houston’s #1 and #2 prospect…the Yankees aren’t desperate but they have a weak area that needs to be filled especially going into 2018…sure they’re a list of possible starters that’s mentioned above but right now they all look at back end of the rotation guys…this is not a bad scenario going into 2017…my concern is 2018 where CC and Pineda will be gone and Tanaka opts out…Cashman has his work cut out for him but he’s done well lately…hopefully he can develop the rotation over the next couple of years…

    • This year's rotation has 2 good starters, a proven bad starter at #3, and uncertainty at #4 & #5. I would never, however, give up Torres. I would have given up, say Frazier and Mateo for Quintana but it likely wouldn't have been enough. You're right….2018 becomes key, we'll have to sign one or two big FA pitchers to have any rotation at all. As for 2017, we'll need a lot of luck.

  2. Dan M says:

    Overall the only things I'd like to see Cashman do for the Yankees before spring training starts is….

    1) sign FA starter to solidify the back end of the rotation a little more. Tyson Ross would be the starter id like to see the most but i don't think that's very likely, I'd also be happy with a guy like Doug Fister and lastly Jason Hammel might also do well too, considering he has experience pitching in the AL East.

    2) Sign at least one more reliever (preferably a lefty). In a perfect world I'd love nothing more then to see the Yankees take a chance on Derrick Holland but that I feel is highly unlikely, Neftali Feliz would also be a great addition. The Yankees back end of the bullpen all ready looks great on paper with Chapman, Betances and Clippard but imagine if you threw in Holland or Feliz to that mix? That would make any fan of the game say "WOW" and every opposing manager crap their pants after the 5th inning. In addition, I'd want the Yankees to bring in more bullpen help even if their smaller additions because the "revolving door" of relievers from Scranton wasn't overly impressive by any means.

    I doubt either of these things will happen before spring training so just have to hope guys like Severino and Cessa can further develop as starters and maybe Holder, Heller and everyone else from Scranton can piece together the middle relief.

  3. Terry says:

    For me, so far another failed off season. Chapman signing was good but made more sense if they followed it up with another impact signing. I'm not saying sell out the farm but the last two years we've been two impact players away from serious play off contenders and chose not to get help. It's far easier to trade the veterans for prospects, we're seeing it with the White Sox. It's harder to jump out on the limb and identity a player to aggressively go after. That's where we struggle. FA's we have to over pay for and those days may also be gone. Wisdom suggests, if you're waiting out those long term type contracts, you're probably not going to jump back in that boat. Even in 2018, those stars will be looking for record breaking deals. Love the kids and hopefully they play out of their minds, our hopes are pinned solely on them. We have too many business and computer guys making baseball decisions. It's lead us to the non- playoff land

    • hotdog says:

      I was thinking the same thing Terry…ok, you made a splash by signing Chapman but the rotation really needs the most work…although the asking price appears to be too high for trades, there has to be an answer that is not simply dependent on internal options…other teams added pitching…we’ve got the makings of a good starting lineup but the rotation going forward especially into 2018 is a big mystery…a 2018 rotation of Cessa, Mitchell, Warren, Severino and Chad Green could be reality…hopefully Ian Clarkin and/or James Kaprielian steps up…or a draft pick in the 1st round that can move fast through the system…i’m not completely sour on our rotation going forward but they can’t operate on a wing and a prayer…

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