Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees are a longshot for Jose Quintana

It’s no secret the Yankees want to add pitching in the final six weeks of the offseason. And for the last few weeks, they have been talking with the Chicago White Sox about possibly acquiring Jose Quintana.

However, the Yankees might end up walking away from the talks empty handed.

According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Yankees are now considered a longshot to acquire Quintana in a trade. The White Sox have a hefty price tag attached to Quintana and the Yankees aren’t willing to give up multiple top prospects in return.

As a result, the White Sox are now talking to the Houston Astros and the Pittsburgh Pirates about Quintana.

The Yankees have made it clear that they want to add another starter whether it be via the trade market or the free agent market. Currently the team has Masahiro TanakaMichael Pineda and CC Sabathia as locks for the rotation. Competing for the fourth and fifth spots in the rotation are Adam WarrenLuis Cessa and Bryan Mitchell.

Whether the Yankees succeed in adding another arm to the rotation remains to be seen. But if the Yankees are serious about adding another arm, they are going to have to look elsewhere.

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16 Responses to Hot Stove Rumor: Yankees are a longshot for Jose Quintana

  1. Dan M says:

    I'm fine with the Yankees not trading for Quintana, I get it he's proven to be a quality starter and would fit in nicely in the rotation but for the prospects the White Sox want in return he's not worth it no matter how good or cheap his contract is. Quite honestly if the Yankees had better evaluated their talent years ago Quintana would all ready be in the Yankees rotation because he at one time was part of their minor league system and was let ago. Unless Clayton Kershaw, Madison Bumgarner or Mike Trout become available the Yankees shouldn't even think about trading any of their prospects. The Yankees organization has very bright future, no need to jeopardize that by making an irrational trade at this point in time.

  2. Jerry says:

    Eventually the Yankees are going to have to trade some of their prospects. That's one of the great things about having a plentiful farm system. We have so many, a surplus that you can trade from. We need pitching, and Quintana is a proven , very good young pitcher. I don't know what the White Sox want . I definitely don't want to trade Torres, not even Frazier, but at some point we may have to do something, that's why Cashman gets the big bucks. And along with that comes tough decisions that I don't want to have to make. We need Quintana, what do you do? The great thing is Cashman put us in this position where we could make this type of trade.

    • Howard says:

      Well stated Jerry

    • Otto says:

      I agree Jerry. I think Torres is the shortstop of the next 10 years in a year or two. I would like to see what Frazier could do in a year or maybe towards the end of this year. I think if you were going to trade any prospects it should be Judge, Serevino, and maybe a few outside of the top 10 more towards the bottom of the top 30. The Yankees do not want to give up a Judge, but they have a surplus of outfielders. I think another one I would not trade is Rutherford I think he is going to blossom quickly. Most predictions have the Yankees around 86 wins. Hopefully Big Mike as great first half then they could unload him for a team starving for pitching. He is too up and down to count on. Not sure what you do with Tanka, but if it comes down to it maybe they unload him in late June early July. Then they hopefully can get top tier prospects more to deal in the future.

      • Howard says:


        You just made a point Torres is our SS for 10 years, do we move Didi to 2B or 3B? or Castro to 3rd?
        I don't think Castro stays on this team beyond his current contract he just strikes out too much on the darn slider.
        I think it is a certainty barring injury that Torres and Frazier are every day players by 2018.
        Can Mateo play 3rd base? You saw how well Refsnyder did…lol
        I know they are grooming Mateo to become an outfielder but as you guys said you think Rutherford will mature and make the team soon.
        We have to many spots to fill.
        The other problem is that if we just sit on the prospects, they will stale or we will lose them to Minor League free agency and Rule 5.
        So what I am getting at is why not offer our #3 prospect Mateo, along with Chad Green, ian Clarkin and Tyler Wade and or Domingo Acevedo?
        We have no starting pitchers in 2018, Quintana is long term and affordable.
        Let's go get him.

        • Otto says:

          Howard. I agree, they should get him. They have enough and still have plenty left. There is at least one starting pitcher then can be in the rotation for a few years. Hopefully he stays healthy. Didi interesting not sure if they move him to third or if his stock goes up then he can be another asset. I am with you on moving Tyler Wade, Chad Green and Ian Clarkin. I would even accept moving Mateo, but I was truly hoping he would blossom because I would to see his speed on the base paths. The Yankees have not had that type of player for decades. I personally think they are acquiring assets to trade for Trout or Harper if they ever come available. Harper has a better chance then Trout.

          • Howard says:

            Great points Otto.

            But if Mateo doesn't make it to Double A he will have issues.
            He cried and whined about not getting promoted last year which got him in trouble.
            But…His speed is amazing and his at bats were impressive, but can he do it at higher levels?

            With the minor league glut up the middle and the need for Pitching we must obtain Quintana to solidify the rotation.

  3. brooklyn joe says:

    Quintana would be a fine addition,but not at the expense of our top prospects. In one year when Frazier is hitting over 300 and Torres is becoming the next Jeter, we will be thanking Cashman for showing restraint. Jason Hammel on a one year is a better option,it costs just a little money and if he lights it up we're geniuses,,if not we just lose money. Let's stay the course and sort things out with our young prospects.

  4. Olie says:

    I believe I would hold off on trading any prospects until a little closer to contending They are getting so close that now is not the time to make a bad trade and set everything back. They should go with current staff and see just what they. Seeing what players can do on the field is really the best part of the game of Baseball unlike that "sabermetrics "stuff. I think me age is showing!

  5. mosc says:

    Would you take Quintana for a bag of balls? Yes. Would you refuse a deal for him that let the White Sox name any 5 guys they wanted from your oginization? Yes (probably any 1 guy is too much since it would be Sanchez). Ok, so clearly we're all in agreement that this is not about whither or not you want a deal but in how much the Yankees give up.

    Deals I would accept:
    Torres + Green + Holder
    Frazier + Severino + Green
    Severino + Mateo + Sheffield (substitute a lot of names for one of these guys too)

    Deals I would not accept:
    Sanchez + doesn't matter
    Bird + Severino or another top 100 guy
    Torres + any top 100
    Torres + 2x top 20 team prospects
    Any 2 of Severino, Frazier, Rutherford, Judge + team top 20 prospect

    Quintana has 4 years of control. I'm not looking at 2017 as much as I am 2019 and 2020.

  6. Balt Yank says:

    I wouldn't trade Severino, period. Torres would be fun to keep but he's still unproven. Severino is an A+ reliever right now. The Yankees may mess him up, we'll see.

    • Olie says:

      Agree, I wouldn't trade Severino either. Also wouldn't trade Torres ,Frazer ,Mateo or Sheffield . They had Quintana already and let him go and how did that work out? You guys both make good points but I would rather they stay pat for now!

  7. Howard says:

    Mateo is expendable

  8. hotdog says:

    Long shot or not, i hope the Yankees solve their pitching issue to a greater extent especially going into 2018…we need reliable starters…

  9. Richard says:

    The problem children: Ellsbury – Trade him and eat 10 mil / year. Gardner – I like him and wish he would stay (should have never gotten Ellsbury), but he's tradeable and if you can't get rid of Ellsbury, Gardner might have to be the sacrificial lamb. Headley – I guess you only trade him if Torres or Andujar are ready to step in. Judge – He's a monster, but looked lost last year. Looked like he was afraid to swing at pitches right down the middle. He may need more time in AAA. What bothers me is that Williams seems to be overlooked in everything I read. Hicks has never done anything at the major league level, and yet his name keeps popping up. Williams has put a good 2 years together and deserves the nod over Hicks.
    CC's probably gone after this year unless he proves he's worth resigning. Pineda's a free agent and Tanaka can be one. I'd really like to get Quintana because: Number 1, he's a quality left hander and they're hard to come by. I'd give up #3 Mateo (head case), #11 Tate, #15 Wade, #16 McKinney, #17 Clarkin and maybe #18 Finley if needed to get it done. If we could keep Mateo it would be a plus, and it would be exciting to watch, but where are you going to play him and when? He may still be 2 or 3 seasons away and as long as we're stuck with Ellsbury it won't be in center field or left. By the way I also like Austin, just not in RF yet, he looked lost there, maybe LF, but terrific at 1B where Bird plans to be for a long time. I do look forward to the future and would rather watch the kids come up and fail than fading overpriced stars under producing like they have the last few years.

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