Is Joe Girardi on the hot seat in 2017?

Ever since Joe Girardi became the Yankees manager in 2008, it’s been a bumpy ride. The team has either missed the postseason completely, only advanced to the first two rounds or won the World Series.

Girardi is in the final season of his contract, and like Yankees GM Brian Cashman is going to have all eyes on him as the Yankees attempt to enter the postseason. However, if the Yankees don’t make the postseason, does that mean Girardi is going to be in the hot seat after the 2017 season is over?

Well, not exactly.

It’s clear the Yankees are undergoing a transition period this season; they’re trying to create the perfect mix of veterans and rookies for the team to contend from 2018 on. And while the expectations loom large for the Yankees, if the team doesn’t make the postseason, it wouldn’t entirely be Girardi’s fault.

We can all agree Girardi isn’t the perfect manager. In fact, he’s made mistakes which has left everyone baffled and scratching their heads in confusion. However, most of Girardi’s moves have kept the Yankees in contention.

There have been years where the Yankees weren’t supposed to even be in the postseason race, but Girardi has been right there steering the ship.

A very recent example was 2016. The Yankees weren’t supposed to be in the postseason race. They had started off under .500 and it appeared as if their season was doomed. The team even traded away some of their veteran talent and brought the kids up as the proverbial white flag. But getting rid of some of the veterans and bringing up the kids actually was the right move.

The team started to win games. The Yankees finally instilled some confidence in themselves and they almost appeared to have re-entered the Wild Card picture.

But in good old Yankee fashion, they regressed in September.

Overall, there was so much excitement over the last few months of the season, and most of it had to do with Girardi–and Cashman–pushing the right buttons, playing the right people.

Girardi might be in somewhat of the hot seat as 2017 rolls near, but if you’re wondering if Girardi will lose his job over what happens this season…he’s most likely going to stay the whole year.

Whether you like him or not, Girardi is literally the best option for the Yankees right now. And who knows, maybe the Yankees have a contract extension for Girardi in the works if all goes well this season.

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14 Responses to Is Joe Girardi on the hot seat in 2017?

  1. While his job isn't as guaranteed in the past, I'd say that he's probably pretty safe to return in 2018. Something bad would have to happen to change that. A 60-win team might do it, but as mediocre as the Yankees are that seems far fetched. He's too by the book and Hal Steinbrenner is not his father. If I'm betting, I'm betting that Girardi is back next year.

  2. Jerry says:

    I'm a Girardi fan and also of Cashman's. There is no manager alive that you are going to agree with everything they do. And where is this scary great replacement? Who is he? What options are available? Showalter has lost some luster and probably has no interest, Francona, happy where he is, Maddon, happy where he is, Mattingly? .. Girardi is smart and works as hard as anyone. I think it will be up to Girardi when he's done.

    • This. There really isn't a clear and qualified replacement available. I'm sure some names will pop up, but he seems safe.

      • Roy says:

        Come on Rob// no offense but do you mean in the whole universe there isn't one just one even one candidate who can replace this guy. Are some people going to wait until Aaron judge is 40 years old to get real about replacing a failing manager. It's time for action not pity. George Steinbrenner where are you now! It's the truth just face it!

  3. Bomber4life says:

    Girardi is not the issue. Player performance, player acquisition, money and timing are the issues. The players need to hold themselves accountable and they need to have good integrity. Player egos can get in the way at times, but it could be a good thing if it benefits the team. Ultimately everyone should be team focused.

    • Roy says:

      Wow let me have some of what your drinking I want to get loaded too! LOL…. at what point in a managers tenure does he take responsibility for the teams failure! If the team was Winning would you say Girardi gets the credit? Sorry my friend you can't have it just one way. A manager is responsible for both winning and losing. Money you say? This team is the highest salaried theme in all of baseball! The buck stops here! 9 years yes 9 years! If that were my business I'd fire him and get someone else to get this team in shape. How many more years do we wait and make excuses for Girardi? 10 15 years of not winning, when Judge is ready for the broadcast booth? If he even makes it that long. I'm beginning to think that all of the Girardi excuses by fans are nothing more than people who are willing to accept the excuses rather than excepting the fact that Girardi just can't cut the mustard.(hot dog anyone?) the bleeding heart liberal sympathy is misguided. If you're going to feel sorry for someone . (And I'm not advocating sorrow at all for anyone, but I believe you're post definitely indicates that) but if you do feel sorry, feel sorry for the rookies careers he's runing by hi lack of managerial talent! I do not believe that this team will ever win with this current manager and coaching staff. Yes you heard that right. The coaches need to go too! Especially the pitching coach. Pitchers are making the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over again! According to your assessment he's not the problem either. Someone times managers and coaches just have to go! I could see if Girardi was in his 2nd or even 3rd year. But he's going on his 9TH!!!!! George Steinbrenner where are you when we need you most? It's the truth! Just face it!

  4. hotdog says:

    I think Girardi will be on the hot seat someday but not in 2017…he’s working with a young group of players and not making the playoffs won’t relieve him of his command…Girardi is also a company man…he doesn’t appear to make a lot of noise, doesn’t ruffle feathers and works well with Cashman…

  5. Dan M says:

    Girardi, in my opinion is probably safe this coming season however starting in 2018 the "heat" is going to be turned up on him a little bit because many of the teams prospect players will have a whole year of experience under their belts and some of the other prospects will be MLB ready. The 2019 season is the Yankees ideal goal for when they want to truly contend for not just the postseason but a World Series title, and that will also be the year where Girardi will feel the most heat cause it will cranked up as high as it can go. If 2019 comes and the Yankees vision for the next "dynasty" hasn't manifested the way they wanted it, Girardi will be the first person out the door.

  6. Godfather says:

    Giradi can't win the 1 run games like most managers. In my opinion, there are some managers who have less that know how to win those type of games. It seems he's too much of a fan instead of calling the shots for the team. When a pitcher is struggling on the mound, go talk to him don't expect him to fight his way out of it each time. I would hate being a pitcher for him. He cannot win games for his team. Our Yankees will just have to bail him out each time. Manage the team and stop being a fan of the game.

    • Roy says:

      It seems to me girardi can easily steer the helm of a team of veterans like the 2009 championship team, but you see he didn't manage that team he just held the title of manager, that 2009 team ran on veteran firepower. Now fast forward to this team 2017, he doesn't manage them when they're winning, he just lets it ride. When the team is struggling though/ that's where his lack of managerial talent shows big time. Now don't get me wrong , I'm a big joe girardi fan going back to when he played, but come on Yankees fans. 9 years 1 championship ( with Derek jeters all star team 2009) after that it's been excuses excuses excuses! Blame the players blame the injuries blame the pasta salad! But never blame yourself! By the way the coaching staff has a lot to answer for also. Mistakes with base running errors and just basic baseball 101, you know what I mean, get behind the ball, hustle, teach your catcher how to be a defensive catcher not just a over glorified rookie. Pitchers making the same mistakes game after game after game. When are the coaches and managers accountable for no progress. Someone tell girardi and the coaches/ THE BUCK STOPS HERE!! Recently the dodgers fired don mattingly after several seasons of making the playoffs but not advancing past the first round. It wasn't personal to coin a phrase lol it was just business. If the Yankees keep girardi on for the rest of this season he will ruin some of these rookies. Hopefully not Arron Judge! All rise the judge is in and the verdict of the jury is this team needs a shake up at the top not in the ranks. I sincerely hope they make this future saving move soon! It's embarrassing to see how so many Yankees fans are making excuses for failure! Signed old time Yankees fan! Where's George Steinbrenner when you need him! We miss you George!

      • Roy says:

        This is just a post script reply to my last posting. No one can honestly say that the 2009 championship team was built by Girardi, This team was mostly comprised from the Joe Torre championship run. So my point is……. Girardi never really built a championship team in 2009, he inherited it from his former manager Joe Torre, who I believe recommend Girardi for the job. Now Torre made a lot great decisions in his managerial career. But the decision to recommend Girardi for Yankees manager was was not a red letter decision in the resume of Mr Torre. It's the truth! Just face it!

  7. Don Cimaglia says:

    If the Yankees don't win the playoffs Girardi has to go,he's made more stupid moves this year than ever,he blew tonights game with the most ignorant move of the year leaving Gray in after 5 walks and no control at all.and after the lead is blown he brings in a stiff instead of a quality relief man.meanwhile all year he blew games removing quality starters with a lead denying them wins just ask CC He played a hurt Holiday who wasn't hitting at all,they played this stiff Frazier who lifted his average 1 point in two month's and left many men in scoring position,we had Headley we didn't need him,because we also had Torreyes who was terrific all year.his moves sucked all year if it wasn't for Judge who made him look good he would have already been gone.Add the games he blew and Boston should be 5 to 10 games out right now. He better not blow the one game playoff with another stupid move , if he does I say good riddance J OE

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