Jorge Posada falls off HOF ballot after one year

A catcher that played for the Yankees made it into the Hall of Fame…but it wasn’t Jorge Posada. It was Ivan Rodriguez, who played 33 games for the Yankees in 2008 and appeared on 336 ballots to earn entry into the Hall of Fame.

In fact, Posada’s chances of being in the Hall of Fame dwindled on Wednesday night when the catcher failed to get the needed 5% of the vote to remain on the ballot next year. Posada only gained 3.8% of the vote.

So what exactly went wrong?

Posada had a remarkable career, spending his entire 17-year tenure with the Bronx Bombers, which is something that is unheard of nowadays. He was a five-time All-Star, a five-time Silver Slugger Award recipient, hit 274 home runs and drove in 1,065 runs in 1,829 games.

Posada played the most postseason games at catcher, and had 103 hits in the month of October. That would be enough to put him with Hall of Fame legends Yogi BerraBill DickeyThurman Munson and Elston Howard, right?

Posada knew that his chances of being in the Hall of Fame were slim, especially with a loaded ballot. However, he considered it an honor that he was merely in the conversation.

“I think I gave it all out on the field,” Posada told the YES Network back in December. “I’m not a guy to make excuses or anything like that. I went out there. Certain times I played hurt. Being behind the plate, you understand that not every day you’re 100 percent.

“I think catchers should get a lot more votes. I’m very comparable to a guy like Ted Simmons. He’s not on the ballot. He’s not even in the Hall, and we should take into consideration catchers a little bit more.”

While Posada is no longer on the ballot, he still has another chance to enter the Hall of Fame. His case will be presented in front of the Today’s Game Committee at the 2018 Winter Meetings. If they decide Posada is worthy, he could be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2019.


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13 Responses to Jorge Posada falls off HOF ballot after one year

  1. Celerino says:

    I understand that maybe his numbers fall a bit short of enshrinement, but it is an absolute travesty that he didn't make it past the first ballot. What a shame.

    • mosc says:

      There's no room for honorary votes on a ballot as stacked as this. We have years of voter apathy to make up for and the house cleaning after last year's vote has moved things in the right direction.

      I don't think getting 4% or 5% for the HOF is much of a difference. One puts you on the ballot the following year but both are very similar results in the short and long term.

  2. tom says:

    Replace Girardi and win 7 more WS for Yankees, you are in. No Pressure. lol.

  3. The best catchers of my life so far have been Pudge Rodriguez and Mike Piazza. The first two are in the Hall of Fame. You should think the third one would at least get consideration. I guess not. Maybe his lack of consideration will make the veteran's committee go easy on him in 30 years (I don't know the requirements to be elected by the VC) and he'll eventually get in.

    • Jerry says:

      I'm not so sure, I believe Munson was the far superior catcher . Definitely better than Fisk who made the Hall of Fame, Munson before Posada. Great hitter , opposite field hitter and hit behind the runner better than anyone. Defensively superior catcher, other than Bench at the time. Just a kid at the time, but cried and still remember where I was when I heard the terrible news. Tough, gritty competitor, who made Yankees fans proud.

      • Olie says:

        Jerry ,I remember exactly where I was as well when I heard about Munson. He was a stud! I also like your comparison of Fisk and Munson, both awesome. Hard to say one hall of famer and not the other.

    • mosc says:

      Gary Carter. Is he really before your time?

      I'd also list Joe Mauer as a better catcher than Posada and I don't need that much more out of Buster Posey to list him too (he already has more career WAA than Posada).

    • Olie says:

      You don't remember Johnny Bench! (Best of all time!) How young r u? or How old am I? Posada was a good hitter but not a hall of famer. We should be complaining about Thurman Munson not being in hall. He was better than Posada in everyway!

  4. qwik3457bb says:

    Rodriguez wasn't a Yankee for long; just long enough to ruin Joba Chamberlain's career with his low throw to 2nd (though, to be sure, Joba had no business being in the way, and having to dive out of the way).

  5. Balt Yank says:

    Posada is a beloved Yankee player and rightfully so. His own self-assessment in this article is right on point. Refreshing to see someone who knows himself. He was a very good player, like Tino, but not for the Hall. Piazza hit third. Pudge was a force of nature behind the plate and very good hitter.

    • mosc says:

      Posada was a poor defensive catcher. It shows up in modern stats and matches his reputation pretty accurately. Accounting for defense it's hard to look at a guy like Posada as any better than Jason Kendall. Now, Kendall's post season resume was not as impressive but it's a lot closer comparison than many Yankee fans would like. Ted Simmons was a better catcher than Posada and arguably equivalent with the bat adjusting for era and ballpark. He got 3.7%.

      Posada's probably right that catchers should get a little more respect from HOF voters who tend to treat them like general position players (looking for black ink in triple crown stats, etc). Bench is a good… benchmark… for catchers and comparing him to the best at every other position is jaw dropping in that his total career output was so much less. 3000 hits from a catcher? If a roided up Pudge couldn't do it, I don't know who ever will. You get the idea. The standards for catchers are too high.

      But I can name half a dozen catchers I think are better than Posada that aren't in the hall. Ted Simmons would be pretty high on that list.

      • Olie says:

        U make some good points. It is tougher for a catcher to get in. Also agree that there are a few catchers ahead of Posada not in hall and Ted Simmons is one of them

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