What did the Yankees do this offseason?

Barring any more trades or free agent signings, the New York Yankees have closed up shop for the winter.

Despite grumbling from the fans, Brett Gardner and Chase Headley are still with the organization for another season, and the team decided to address most of their needs internally. That means there will be plenty of competition this Spring as the youngsters try to fight their way onto the 25 man-roster.

But there were some roster spots that had to be filled externally, and there were some former Yankees that found new homes this winter.

So with the offseason coming to a close, let’s review the Yankees transactions this offseason.

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16 Responses to What did the Yankees do this offseason?

  1. Nunzio says:

    The Yankees brass did the right thing in not bringing Sales in , pitching has been the Yankees archilles heel , to many big signings with less than big results…let the farm decide the future for this new Yankee era , with the choices they have I'll bet my money on youth and hungry farm hands that are looking to make there way on to this storied franchise.

  2. Howard says:

    I agree no Sale, but we made no efforts to improve our starting pitching.
    We have Tanaka who at best opts out next year, Sabathia and Pineda free agents with little to no intention to resign next season.
    Who will our starters next year be?
    We don't know if Severino or Green, Cessa, Kaprelian, Montgomery or Chance Adams can even make the roster this year and if they can sustain all year?
    Sure we will have 50 million clear for 2018 season but we may need 5 starters and $50 mil is not gonna cut it.
    We now have a glut in our minor league system with the possibility of losing 30-45 players to free agent and rule 5 draft next off season.
    We should have packaged some of the young talent from those we have no plans of protecting, and made some trades for a starter.
    These kids will go free and we will not have improved, what's the point?
    We should have packaged Mateo and a dozen or so kids for Quintana for example.

    • I was for getting Quintana. We need someone going forward for the reasons you mentioned. Tanaka is definitely opting out and will be gone. Hopefully Pineda will turn it around and Severino develops. Doesn't look good for this year, though.

      • Jerry says:

        Hey, I wanted Quintana myself, but apparently the price was too high. As for Tanaka, I'm not so sure teams will be lining up for a guy that has an arm ready to fall off. It's not if, but when it will happen. Frankly I don't think Tanaka wants to leave, he has a great contract already in place and knowing any day he could be sidelined. Why take the chance and who's to say we wouldn't resign him. Chances are good that a couple of our young pitchers get it going.and we'll be fine and don't forget just because we have not made a trade now doesn't mean we won't later.

  3. Al says:

    The kids will do just fine.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    I don't see Tanaka opting out, but if so, a blessing in (not much) disguise. CC / Pineda, good riddance. CC of course was a workhorse, prior, not now, nice knowing you. Look at what the Braves did this offseason. The Yankees can pick up 2 pitchers next offseason and use Cessa, Mitchell + 1 more in house and patch it together (Warren?). Maybe next offseason, if Tanaka leaves, use some of the farm, then, for a good #2 pitcher. It is premature to worry about next offseason.

    • mosc says:

      I think unless Tanaka has/needs TJ in 2017 he's going to opt out. That's a lose-lose for the Yankees but it's the price they pay. Tanaka was an unusually young ace on the market and came with no daft compensation so the Yankees had to pay up.

      CC might re-up. Good riddance to $25M, not to a solid lefty with a proven track record for eating innings. If he pitches like he did in 2016 and wants to go year to year like Pettitte did, I could easily see a $15M offer.

      Pineda pitching like he did in 2017 will be looking at ~$2M one year contracts on his choice of (other) teams but if he pitches like many think he could, he might also be looking at a 3y/$50M deal or even more. In either case, I don't see how or why the Yankees want to be the ones paying him in 2018.

      The Yankees will clearly look at what they have internally and hope to be cheap in 2018. It seems inevitable that a starter or two is brought in next off-season as well but it's hard to come up with a specific interest. Bumgardner will probably get extended and Arietta doesn't seem like a surefire success in 2017+ to me. Gio Gonzalez is only available if he DOESN'T make it to 180 IP and if he doesn't, it's hard to think he had a good year worth investing in. Maybe it's a player option though in which case he might be a top free agent? Unclear. Marco Estrada will be 34 in 2018 but had the best 2016 of AL pitchers who will be available. Maybe a resurgent Yu Darvish?

  5. Dan M says:

    Overall I was very happy with the Yankees off season, Cashman has really done a nice job lately and the Yankees future is incredibly bright, which has me very excited for the future. Knowing how Cashman works I don't think the Yankees off season is over, he has a tendency to make moves that no one ever see's coming (ex: Chapman trade last winter). Who knows if any of the past rumors had any validity, maybe a surprise Andrew McCutchen trade happens or something like that. In addition I'd like to see the Yankees pick up at least one veteran pitcher from the FA market, my personal choice would be Doug Fister. Lastly I had an INCREDIBLY random thought and I'm curious as to what other readers here think, how would anyone feel about Ryan Howard as a Yankee bench option/part time DH? It's obvious he's well past his prime and will never be what he used to be and I'm sure PLENTY of people will laugh at me even having this idea BUT, even though the guy can't hit above .200 he still hits for power and the short porch in right would be perfect for him. Like I said these are all very random ideas but it's fun to think of scenarios like this haha. Would really like to here anyone's thoughts on these ideas of mine in addition I would love to hear about anyone else's crazy ideas if they have any.

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      I applaud you for thinking outside the box regarding Ryan Howard, Dan. However, the Yankees don’t have a need for another DH. That’s what the Matt Holliday signing was for. Not to mention, Howard never played for a large market team (I wouldn’t consider the Phillies at the same standard as Yankees, Red Sox, Cardinals, Dodgers, etc.), so it’d be questionable how he’d handle New York media.

      • Dan M says:

        Yeah that's pretty much the consensus I thought I'd get about the "Ryan Howard" idea. I knew before even posting my ideas last night Howard didn't fit into the Yankees game plan and new youth movement, just thought it'd be a fun thing to think about. Playing GM is al ways a lot of fun. I am serious though about the idea of Doug Fister as an insurance policy of sorts for the Yankees rotation like Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia during their stints with the Yankees. Like many Yankee fans I don't trust Pineda (to pitch well or stay healthy), CC had a nice bounce back season last year but he also has his health concerns and during the "dog days of summer he tends to look and pitch his age. Tanaka is the only reliable arm but it is still possible his elbow gives out (though I'm less worried about that this year as opposed to last year at this time) and Cessa, Green and Severino all have potential but we don't know if they can pitch consistently at the ML level yet. Hopefully Severino has fixed his mechanics and can actually pitch like the pitcher we thought he was. For me brining in a veteran arm just seems right for the Yankees rotation right now.

    • Jerry says:

      I've thought about it , but I don't think you can give up a spot on the roster for him. We have so many young players that need the at bats. A guy like Austin, although a righty, hits to right field or any of the youth that we need to find out about. Timing just isn't right, although the thought of Howard intrigues me, it just doesn't make sense.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      his power is to left center actually and he can't field anymore. Between Holiday and Sanchez DHing to rest his legs there is no spot for Howard

  6. Neill says:

    Let's stay the course the Yankee brass has initiated with going to the youth program and not signing aging superstar to long-term outrageous contracts. Can't wait to see Frazier this summer he will be this year's surprise player replacing Gardner. Cashman has done a good job not trading the youth for a headache like Sale.

  7. Terry says:

    I love watching the youngsters. Bird and Sanchez are potential superstars. But as for the offseason? They didn't improve the club. We replaced some decent veterans with younger versions but still have the same problems and we're still in a tough division. The starting pitching is still filled with question marks. I would rate Tanaka's opt at at 80% unless he gets injured. Holiday is one of those Cashman coin flips, get be good, could be not. His last three year average would suggest he'll hit about 20-25 hrs and spend a little time on the DL. That's okay but doesn't improve us. No Miller, still say that will be felt this year. The offense will have ups and downs.Still the same 84-87 win team, fighting for a WC. But I can't wait for ST and watch the young ones, especially the starters. How many more days?? Too many

  8. buckeyeballs says:

    I agree with Neill-unfortunately its one more year of mediocrity but if a core of youngsters develops it will be worth it . I support all moves that allow the young guys to thrive, and Holiday does so by protecting Sanchez in the order. Chapman will help the young pitchers win games which helps their confidence. So I think those two signings make sense despite the overall plan of rebuilding. Not all the young guys will make it but we'll know a lot more after the season

    • Jerry says:

      Don't forget were not expecting to do that much in 2017. If we do well that will be a bonus. Chapman is only 28, he'll be around for the years we're expecting to compete for the post season. He will be part of the rebuilding. … And I love to watch young players develop. You never know what they could be. I look at Mattingly and Cano. They were not projected to be that prolific. It's good to be a Yankee fan right now.

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