Will Yankees make a leap in the 2018 FA market?

As of right now, the New York Yankees are in rebuilding mode, mixing in veterans and young talent with hopes they can shape their roster for an eventual postseason run.

Doing so meant not spending big money in the free agent market, which resulted in the Yankees only signing Matt Holliday and Aroldis Chapman. While the Yankees are slowly rebuilding their lineup, they’re also looking ahead to the 2018 FA market, where some of baseball’s biggest names will get a taste of free agency–depending if their current teams don’t offer them a contract.

Bryce HarperManny Machado? Who wouldn’t want either player in pinstripes during the 2019 season?

But the question is are the Yankees currently planning a spending spree when they’ve been so frugal in the past?

“I know the talk of the big free agent class of 2018 has already been discussed, and started like, ‘Ah, the Yankees are going to wait and reset the clock and go after these guys,'” Yankees GM Brian Cashman said. “This is my hope: at the end of the day, we are going to be in a position to do a number of things, and maybe we can turn the clock back to be big game hunters that we have been accustomed to being.”

The Yankees spending money during 2018 will all depend on how the Yankees farm system develops. Will the talented players in the minor leagues end up helping the Yankees, or will there be a few prospect busts along the way?

“As you see, we’re transitioning from contracts that we vested heavily in – and it did pay off for us in ’09 – but since this time, you saw one of our golden nuggets pop out of our system,” Cashman said. “Gary Sanchez established himself as potentially one of the high-end young players in the game. We could have a few more of those, and it will allow us to have a lot of different choices to see what’s on the open market at the time.”

Time will tell whether players such as Gleyber Torres, Clint FrazierTyler AustinAaron JudgeJames Kaprielian and Greg Bird pan out. But if the Yankees have needs in 2018, they will surely look into the free agent market.

Even if it means spending big dollars to sign Harper and/or Machado.

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25 Responses to Will Yankees make a leap in the 2018 FA market?

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    Machado would be my choice, Times well with Headley leaving then and Torres should also be ready to make a dynamic left side. Plus it kills a division rival. It's a ways off but fun to think about. It could potentially make the team too right handed but I think that's minor. If Sanchez, Torres , Frazier all pan out plus machado they'll have a great lineup.

    • Jerry says:

      Offensively that's my choice too. Machado would fit in rather nicely, who knows he could also be our shortstop. He's a stud and with a great glove to match. We may still need pitching and Kershaw, looks like he may be one of the all-time greats. Hopefully most of the potential free agents will be available. A bright future indeed.

  2. smarf says:

    That short right porch is so appealing to harper though..

  3. tom says:

    Once Yankees successfully stay under the threshold this year, I have no qualms with losing 2nd and 3rd round picks for both Harper and Machado. SP from that FA class is somewhat weak so Yankees can trade a few top prospects whose opportunity get blocked by those stud FA signees for SPs.

    Still, I hope Yankees don't revert to old style. The stories of free agents bore me.

  4. Dan M says:

    For me this is an easy decision, if the Yankees team develops the way it looks on paper right now, then Machado no doubt is the best option for the Yankees and quite frankly I think Machado is a better player then Harper anyway.

  5. 2019 chapms says:

    Just get them both Then no team can stop us

    • Dan M says:

      Hahaha love the name you came up with their "2019 champs". As awesome of an idea as that is, it would not be wise to put 80% of your payroll into two players. Now if you could guarantee me that if the Yankees spent every penny they could on Harper and Machado and then won 5 straight championships THEEEEEN we have a whole new conversation lol

    • chip says:

      that is not the way to go anymore.Lets build from within & add a pitcher here 7 there.The infield & outfield should be quite good.

  6. Howard says:

    For my $$$ it's Machado because he is 1000% better than Headley.
    However if we have overwhelming righties in the lineup, we may need a lefty to even it out?
    If just two to three from aforementioned list of names above, we may not require an infielder we may need Pitching?
    We will all just have to wait a year or two and make adjustments then.

    PS 2019 chapms very funny.

  7. Howard says:

    Can anyone believe that the Orioles resigned Mark Trumbo for about the same money as Gardner and or Headley earn?
    How could he have accepted that deal?
    Why didn't we swoop in?
    It would have been worth the additional tax we would have to pay.
    We could have then traded Judge and Mateo to the White Sox for Quintana?
    Could it be the market is adjusting or do the Orioles play the free agent market than any other team?

    • Dan M says:

      Howard, I know what you mean the O's definitely got a good deal here. My feeling is that this was the best deal Trumbo was going to get the rest of the off season. He probably had a better deal earlier in the off season from some other team but assumed he could get a better deal thinking with time the market would develop further but it never did. The free agent market is all ways very tricky to navigate for players and GM's, it's like a game of chess, this is a situation where Trumbo thought he was making a smart move waiting out the market but the move back fired and he had to take the best deal he could get. Jose Bautista learned this in an even worse way, he thought their was a team that would potentially give him $150mill for 5 years (or at least he thought he was worth that much) at the beginning of last season so he turned down a contract extension from the Blue Jays which I believe was for $80 million at 4years (don't quote me on that because I don't remember the exact amount of money or years he was offered). Bautista still ended up back with the Jays, but it's far from the contract he thought he'd get, but everyone has seen that this off season big sluggers are not exactly popular, there are still big power bats left on the market and where about a month away from the beginning of spring training.

    • 4cornersfan says:

      It would be nice to have Trumbo but he was not going to sign for that amount of money until recently when it became apparent that nobody was going to pay him his asking price. Back when he was expecting big money we signed Holliday, who might well end up as a better deal. Holliday has been a power hitter who can also hit for average and he still has the athleticism to play the outfield in a pinch. As far as Mateo and Judge for Quintana, the White Sox want far more than those two young players. They are looking for something that exceeds what the Yankees received for Miller. I agree that Quintana would be a fine addition to the rotation but I do not think that the Yankees are willing to give up the farm for him just yet.

    • chip says:

      your thinking is what got us in the bad shape we are.roll the dice with the kids.at least they can't say we BOUGHT the team.WE DEVELOPED OUR TEAM!

  8. Terry says:

    Still a good contract for both sides in Trumbo deal. It's something we don't do well. We have to over pay FAs to get them. Muchado, who I would prefer, and Harper will get 8-10 year deals. Exactly the ones that supposedly holding us back now ( excuse?). I like the idea of signing a big name but I really don't like using those types of contracts as an excuse for not making the necessary moves to make the playoffs. We could have made two more moves this year for less total money and be in position for a playoff run. It takes a team to do it, build the team first. We'll see what they decide but I'm not counting on too much. Go young guys!!! We need you

    • Jerry says:

      I don't like that long a contract either, but at least with a Machado or Harper, you would get them while they are young. Where conceivably every year of the contract, could be a very good year. Not like most of the contracts we sign where you know in advance that the last few years are going to suck.

  9. Rennie says:

    Machado is the better "Yankee," Harper tries to hard to be a star. He's very immature. The problem is neither of them can get anyone out on their own. Starting pitching wins championships, not overpaid home run hitters that shine in the regular season vs diluted pitching and choke against elite pitching in the playoffs!

  10. Seth says:

    Machado is perhaps the best third baseman in the league. He has also had two knee surgeries. Risky.

  11. Seth says:

    That being said pitching and defense win it all.

  12. Ron P. says:

    Am I the only one who think Miguel Andujar won't be ready and very good in 2 years? Machado is a phenom, but if we have someone in our system who just might really good and can get better, could be our phenom, why would we give up that draft pick, just keep it going. We have a stacked farm system why not use it, develop it, and keep the dynasty going.
    We can trade from strength, we have a boatload of SS and OF's. We could always trade those for
    Pitchers, we have been drafting way better.

  13. I am likely a minority in that I hope the team passes on both Machado and Harper. Giving out long term contracts for outrageous money makes little sense to me. The Yankees need to look for F.A.s that will to take 6 years or less. They should be looking to improve their starting pitching first and foremost.

    • Jerry says:

      It all depends on what things look like in a couple of years. What our needs might be at that time. Maybe Andujar is a bona fide 3rd baseman and our needs change, to me pitching will most likely be our biggest need. And we can't know for sure what the Yankees might do. But free agents will always be part of the equation. And I agree long term contracts for crazy money doesn't appeal to me either, I think the Yankees will be smarter from now on, more prudent and well thought out, before major expenditures. But at least as I've said before, if they do make a long term commitment, it will be for a young player.

      • buckeyeballs says:

        andujar is a long shot. I don't think his upside is anywhere near Machado. We wiil need stars to compliment these young guys-Machado fits that bill. If Andujar has a great year at Scranton then I might give him a shot but let's see

    • Otto says:

      I think they should sign both of them. Machado at third, Torres at short, not sure who is at second, Bird at first, Sanchez catching, Harper in right, Rutherford in center, Frazier in left, Pretty stacked. Then maybe Harvey, Adams, Kaprielian, Sheffield, Maybe Montgomery or some else. That would be a pretty nice line up and rotation with only three big contracts. Harper and Harvey Yankee fans growing up. I would love to see Kershaw but he is not leaving the Dodgers. Think of other assets you have to trade for another hitter or pitcher.

  14. Ronnie says:

    Who really knows which players will end up again 18.i bleed pinstripes. I cannot understand how cash man does not go and get incarnation or trumbo or sale. George is turning over in his grave. Th fruit falls far from the tree.yes the young rooks will compete .but no possible champs this year . another disappointing year and it hasn't started. Woe with this ownership. Watch the film's when Dad won. Learn and do it

    • 4cornersfan says:

      George can rotate in his grave but his management style never gave the Yankees any lasting success. It is no coincidence that the last period of sustained Yankee success coincided with the time during and after he was suspended because of the Dave Winfield fiasco, causing him to relinquish a lot of the day to day control of the team to baseball professionals. Gene Michael was allowed to build a farm system that produced the famous Core Four and make smart moves like trading Roberto Kelly for Paul O'Neill, and refusing Steinbrenner's orders to trade Bernie Williams. Those who lament that the Boss is no longer in charge forget the lousy teams that resulted from his bumbling leadership and the Billy Martin years when the Boss' inept leadership style was on display like a three ring circus.

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