Yankees settle arbitration with Gregorius, Hicks, Warren and three others

As of yesterday afternoon, the New York Yankees have settled arbitration cases with six of their seven eligible candidates.

Didi GregoriusAaron HicksAdam WarrenMichael PinedaAustin Romine and Tommy Layne have all agreed to new contracts for the 2017 season.

Here’s a breakdown of what each player will make in 2017:

— Didi Gregorius will make $5.1 Million in 2017.

— Austin Romine will make $805,000 in 2017.

— Tommy Layne will make $1.075 Million in 2017.

— Adam Warren will make $2.29 Million in 2017.

— Michael Pineda will make $7.4 Million (!!!) in 2017.

— Aaron Hicks’ contract is currently unknown.

The lone Yankee to not reach a deal with the Yankees is Dellin Betances. Betances filed for arbitration at $5 Million and the Yankees filed at $3 Million.

If the Yankees and Betances aren’t able to agree on a new figure, this could be the first arbitration case since 2008, when the Yankees defeated Chien-Ming Wang.

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7 Responses to Yankees settle arbitration with Gregorius, Hicks, Warren and three others

  1. Thomas says:

    Wow. 7 million for Pineda. Lots of money for stinking up the joint.

    • Dan M says:

      My thoughts exactly Thomas, hopefully this is the last year we have to pay this bum. He's got a lot of talent and potential but I don't think he'll ever put it together. Hope he pitches well so then Cashman can flip him at the deadline. I know that's basically an oxymoron, calling Pineda a bum and then saying hope he pitches well but either way I hope he isn't a Yankee after next season.

    • Celerino says:

      Maybe it's my rose colored glasses, or that he has strong peripheral stats or that he's in his walk year, but I think Pineda will be a bargain this year at 7 million.

      • Jerry says:

        All of the above, he needs to remain focused. He has the stuff and the control, but is famous for making a bad pitch when he's up in the count. We need him to be good, hopefully he's so good we have to re-sign him. I would say this is most likely his last chance to prove he's a pitcher. At least with the Yankees.

  2. Eric says:

    Pineda's problem has always been between the ears! That is something that can't be taught. He needs to go but Cashman made this deal and his ego will not let him go. Hopefully with this rebuilding team, if he has another bad season then we will not have to worry about him anymore.

  3. Howard says:


  4. buckeyeballs says:

    he's an enigma-could blossom elsewhere-seems to get positively killed by Yankee stadium homers, many of them first or second row, but homers nonetheless. I think he would do very well in a NL pitchers park-hopefully Cash can sell that to someone at the deadline. Agree with Dan above, hope he pitches well so we can trade him but if we are in the race that may not be an option.

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