Alex Rodriguez as the next Yankees manager? Why not!

Joe Girardi is still under contract with the New York Yankees until after the 2017 season. But looking ahead, it appears as if the Yankees are limited on options should they choose not to retain him.

However, Girardi’s replacement is right under our noses, and we don’t have to look particularly far to find him.

Alex Rodriguez has been problematic in the past; he’s had a tumultuous relationship with shortstop Derek Jeter, he was suspended for his involvement with the Biogenesis scandal, and in the beginning of his Yankees career, ‘humble’ wasn’t in his vocabulary.

After his suspension, Rodriguez returned to baseball almost as if he was a completely different person. He became a team player, he was graceful, and he became likeable when he did pre and postgame shows for FOX Sports in October.

Rodriguez had a successful baseball career, and a successful career as a television analyst.But there’s one more job the Yankees should consider Rodriguez for; manager of the New York Yankees.

Yes, Rodriguez had his issues with the front office–hence the incident where Brian Cashman got fed up with Rodriguez and told him to shut the heck up–but he’s very intelligent when it comes to baseball. His coaching job this season could help him learn the ins and outs of the organization. Not to mention Rodriguez is strategic and isn’t afraid to answer the tough questions.

Now I know that being strategic–or a former player–might not translate into being a good manager. But if players like Girardi and Joe Torre can help bring a World Series championship home to the Bronx, why not Rodriguez?

With that said, I would be perfectly content if Girardi was the manager of the Yankees for years to come. But even I know that Girardi isn’t going to be the manager forever, and it would be wise to think about the future.

Rodriguez has stated he loves the Yankees and wants nothing but the best for a team that has seen him through his high and lows. And what better way of showing how much he loves the Yankees by becoming their manager and leading them to a World Series championship?

It could happen. Think about it.

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5 Responses to Alex Rodriguez as the next Yankees manager? Why not!

  1. ERIC PELLIS says:

    I guess if Donald Trump can be president, then this clown could be the Manager. There is absolutley no accountability any more. You can say and do anything and all is forgiven. The world has certainly changed, but not for the better. SO SAD!

  2. Terry says:

    This is an interesting choice. Alex has the knowledge and seen enough games to have the wisdom. Maybe a short stint as a bench coach first. He could benefit from a little seasoning from that point of view. Who knows what the future will hold but I've learned never to count him out. He just may become a great manager

  3. I think ARod would be good at the Xs and Os part of managing, great, in fact, but as a manager of the Yankees, dealing with a harsh press every single day, I don't think he'd be able to keep his foot out of his mouth. It's really not like coaching anywhere else. Even other NY teams in other sports get a pass compared to the Yankees. Only the NY Giants even compare to the scrutiny. Knicks a distant 3rd.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    There is a line that leads from sports reporting to creative writing. In fact, it is a hazy blur few even know were linked. This article has crossed that line and by its footprints taught us much about this part of the literary-journalism map. Thanks! That being said, Eric's point is well taken. I think the article could have ended, "Who knows?" With Levine as Yankee President, who knows what's next? I don't.

  5. Brian says:

    The Yankees have to move past girardi , his one base at a time homer in exclusive baseball philosophy is outdated . Since girardi joined the Yankees the team is in the top 5 in the LOB category. The Yankees need a more aggressive but fundamental style of baseball. I say bring in Willy Randolph. Or anyone besides girardi

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