Alex Rodriguez has officially announced his retirement

Alex Rodriguez showed up to Yankees camp on Tuesday morning with one goal in mind; to help mentor the young Yankees talent who are slated to take Yankee Stadium by storm at some point during their careers.

However, everyone was wondering if Rodriguez had any interest in returning to baseball after he was released on August 13th.

Rodriguez admitted that he had some interest in coming back to baseball, but in the end decided against it.

Now he comes to camp saying the two words that every baseball player says when it’s time to ride off into the sunset: “I’m retired”.

“I haven’t had those thoughts,” Rodriguez said to the media on Tuesday afternoon. “I know that was kind of the general sense that I would probably come back and play, but being a Yankee means everything to me. I’m grateful to Hank and Hal Steinbrenner for the opportunity they gave me to rehab my life, to get my life back in order from the mistakes I made. So walking out with my mother and two daughters (in my final game at Yankee Stadium) is something I’ll never forget, and I thank Hal and the New York fans for giving me that.”

Rodriguez had a tumultuous relationship with the New York Yankees, ranging from his dominant performance during the 2009 season to his suspension for his involvement in Biogenesis. But it seemed Rodriguez was on good terms with the Yankees as he talked to former teammates and manager. Rodriguez was even seen talking to Brian Cashman, which shows a drastic positive change in their relationship.

Rodriguez is slated to be in camp for the next three to five days, but if there was one thing he enjoyed on Tuesday, it was putting back on the pinstripes with his signature No. 13 jersey.

“I thought it was really cool,” said Rodriguez, who hit 351 of his 696 homers in 12 seasons with the Yankees while posting a .900 OPS. “I thought the days of putting the uniform on and doing these pressers were over for me. Today was fun. Great to put No. 13 back on and be around all this great young talent.”

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5 Responses to Alex Rodriguez has officially announced his retirement

  1. tom says:

    13 won't be a retired number but may be the longest worn by one Yankee player.

    • I hope they retire it eventually. He had a fabulous career in pinstripes. In 12 years he hit .284/.378/.523 and won two MVPs. Those are Hall of Fame numbers.

      • Delia Enriquez says:

        If they could retire Andy Pettitte’s (who admitted to using HGH), they can retire A-Rod. A-Rod had a great career with the Yankees, and not even his antics could take away the fact the man knew how to play baseball.

        • tom says:

          eh…. For beyond the front page, Pettitte is nothing compared to Arod.

          I won't be upset if 13 is retired, though.

  2. Jerry says:

    Of course they are going to retire ARod's number, they retire everybody's number.

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