Alex Rodriguez slated to make his ‘special instructor’ debut

Every season since the Yankees acquired him in a trade that sent Alfonso Soriano to the Texas Rangers in 2004, Alex Rodriguez has always been a familiar face at Yankees Spring Training camp.

Today, Rodriguez is slated to report to Spring Training. However, he won’t be taking the field for the Yankees this season. Instead, Rodriguez will begin his new job as the ‘special instructor’ to the minor-league players.

The Yankees claim that they have always liked Rodriguez’s knowledge of baseball, and that may be so. However, I also think the Yankees just gave him this job so they didn’t feel like they were basically giving him the rest of his $21 Million contract.

Or, it could be that the Steinbrenners believe in giving people infinite chances.

“Mr. (George) Steinbrenner always gave people second and third chances and brought people back to the organization that did really good things for the organization,” Joe Girardi said to the media on Monday morning. “There are situations that happen that aren’t always so positive, but that didn’t keep Mr. Steinbrenner from bringing people back, and Hal’s doing the same thing.”

But what is Rodriguez expected to do as the ‘special instructor’ to the kids in the organization?

“To work with our players; to extend the knowledge that he has about playing the game and talking to the young kids; how to deal with expectations; how to deal with different positions and how to hit in the middle of the order,” Girardi said. “You know, all the things Alex did well. Those are the things that we want him to offer: insights to our young players and to the older players as well.”

There’s no denying Rodriguez was a problematic ballplayer and all of his misfortunes were a result of his actions. However, Rodriguez knows baseball and could really put his knowledge to good use.

Rodriguez will be in camp and will be in uniform. But instead of No. 13 stepping in the batter’s box, he will be coaching the next core of players who hope to take Yankee Stadium by storm.


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10 Responses to Alex Rodriguez slated to make his ‘special instructor’ debut

  1. mimibinkley says:

    ARod is an egotistical, narcissistic, unsportsmanlike, lying, CHEATING SOB! He is a terrible role model for the younger players who must look at him and think, "Hey, he sure made a lot of money cheating and lying, and now even after he was caught, he's still making millions to stand up here and tell us how to play baseball. He just can't tell us how to play 'the right way' since he didn't do that. He thought he was entitled to cheat and play against all of the other players who don't cheat, and, well, there are sure still of lot of the cheaters playing and making millions with long contracts. Hmmm."
    MLB actually gives PERMISSION to use PEDs and, especially HGH, throughout their careers until CAUGHT a THIRD time. NO baseball star has ever been caught even two times for HGH even though many have and still use it. The players and MLB know when to use it, then test, then use some more.
    MacGwire and Bonds as coaches and around for the younger players to 'look up to' is validating and justifying the rewards of PEDs use in MLB. Sad.
    There is no 'sport' with a competitively 'fair' playing field in baseball any longer. It's just a money making entertainment business.
    The NYY are complete hypocrites for having ARod around the young players. "Whatever is accepted, whether right or wrong, will eventually be embraced."

    • Alex has always been considered an amazing teammate and especially good with the younger players. He also knows the game inside and out and has a reputation for being extremely intelligent when it comes to all aspects of the game. Heck, Boone Logan even credited advice ARod gave for turning his career around.

      As for steroids and PEDs…Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa and Bud Selig are already in the hall of fame and they're just as culpable as the players they coached, imo. I can't see getting all worked up about a player trying to earn extra money when we've already given a pass to those who were assigned to watch over them.

      I can't see any downside to this especially when you consider the Yankees are still paying ARod a lot of money and would like to get some type of value back for that.

      • mimibinkley says:

        You and 99% of fans and 100% of owners, managers etc. can make excuses and justify all you want if that makes it ok for the level of cheating in MLB to continue.
        I'm sure the young players coming up are keeping ALL of that in mind also as they watch and listen to the idolized PEDs and HGH using veterans 'teach' them how to be 'professional' big league baseball players. Only big names and All-Stars can be their role models and best teachers even though the big names and All-Stars made their money and got their big stats by using Performance Enhancing Drugs throughout their famous careers.

        • Jerry says:

          Who are these PED and HGH users that are idolized? I don't know of any, or at least the majority of fans do not hold these players in high esteem. Arod idolized by who? Clemens , Bonds, not idolized. And what team do you root for, and which players? You know for a fact they are clean, no you don't. Don't forget we are talking about a baseball game, this isn't life or death. They cheated to get better and stronger and the owners looked the other way. Basically became addicted to these drugs. Look, I don't condone these actions, but I do realize, bottom line……… Just a game with crazy financial rewards. Also most instructors and managers are not former All-stars, most were borderline players.

  2. ERIC PELLIS says:

    I could not say it any better about this all-time cheater. You are right about 99% of the fans willing to forgive him and praise him makes me sick to my stomach. How could a man who actually sued baseball and his own team be accepted in any way. He represented the game for all the wrong reasons and disgraced a sport that has meant so much to many of us. When I think of all the great Yankees who represented this game with pride and dignity and worked hard for everything they achieved and then had to deal with this guys fake accomplishments is a disgrace.

  3. There is nothing worse than listening to Yankees fans complain about ARod's steroid use. It's so phony. I've never heard a single fan ever, ever call the 98-2000 world championship's fake accomplishments. Why not? If ARod is so terrible aren't those teams that had multiple steroid users worse? Why aren't players like Derek Jeter, who never, ever called out anyone for steroid use despite playing with dozens of users, called out for tacit support? But you hate ARod. Nope, you're a phony and probably hated the guy before a single test ever came back failed and are now using this as an excuse to pretend to have the moral high ground.

  4. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Why am I not surprised that an AROID lover like yourself calls out Derek Jeter. The only phony is you.

    • I have no problem with Derek Jeter, but the guy did benefit from playing with a lot of steroid users. Like I said, i love Jeter and have no problem with anything he did. But it does make me wonder, especially considering how much people get worked up about ARod, why do guys who benefited, likely knew that something was going on, but never, ever spoke out get such a pass? You hate ARod, but don't even wonder why players who shared a locker room with him for years never even as much as condemned the act of steroids? Seems a little phony.

  5. ERIC PELLIS says:

    I am sorry for calling you a phony as you have made some valid points, however, there are no players in any sport that call out other players inside the sanctity of the locker room. I have been around a long time and one thing I know is that players will never call out another player no matter what is going on inside that room. Jeter didn't benefit from anything because he had to compete againt many steroid users while every team had them. I just find it funny that most AROD supporters always bring up Jeter's name, like he was responsible for not saying anything. Most knowledgeable fans know why this is the case and it is called Jealousy.

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