Brian Cashman calls out Jacoby Ellsbury and others

Yankees GM Brian Cashman has a tendency to tell things like it is.

That’s why it wasn’t a surprise when Cashman singled out Jacoby Ellsbury and a few others when it came to needing production during the 2017 season.

Ellsbury, who was the main source of Cashman’s disappointment, was signed to a $153 Million contract more than three years ago. Since then, Ellsbury has had issues living up to his contract. Ellsbury’s “runs created” stat was the third worst among all center fielders in 2016.

Cashman said there needs to be changes.

“I’m not going to single (Ellsbury) out because as I point to him, I’m pointing to (Michael) Pineda, (Starlin) Castro and Didi (Gregorius) amongst others that they have the ability, if you’re still growing in the game like some of those guys are, there’s benefits that still could be delivered and tapped into — with Ellsbury as well,” Cashman said on Thursday to reporters at George M. Steinbrenner Field,

Over the course of the season, the Yankees banished Ellsbury from the lead-off spot in favor of Brett Gardner, who outperformed Ellsbury in the outfield and on the bases. Gardner had a .351 OBP and won a Gold Glove for his impressive defense in 2016.

Pineda, who is in the final year of his contract, has shown flashes of brilliance. However Pineda has been unreliable for the Yankees. He went 6-12 with a 4.82 ERA last season.

Castro hit 21 home runs, but he had an abysmal .300 OBP and struggled at second base.

Gregorius had for the most part a good season, but the Yankees were concerned with his patience at the plate and his inability to field simple plays at shortstop. Cashman did acknowledge Gregorius has a knack for highlight reel plays.

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8 Responses to Brian Cashman calls out Jacoby Ellsbury and others

  1. Terry says:

    Nice to see him call out Ellsbury but I don't think I'd put Didi and Castro in the same boat as Big Mike and Ells. The latter two's seasons were far more disappointing. Plus, we're going to need everyone not named Gary to play better. Not just those guys

    • Jerry says:

      I agree, I was very happy with both DiDi and Castro, sabremetrics says different, but you know what's going to happen, we are going to watch players play 10 to 20 years , day in and day out, thinking they are good but not great, but sabremetrics is going to tell, OH No, these are Hall of Famers. And in that time they will come up with more advanced metrics and who knows what? These guys are not robots , there are so many variables that can affect a baseball player. Yes, I'm a fan of Castro, he's got pop and at the beginning of last year, he was the only one that hit.

    • Jerry says:

      We all want Ellsbury to do well Looney lu. You have a way with words.

    • Dan M says:

      Lucy, seriously you need to calm down. Honestly I have no idea what your talking about with the "race card" in regards to Ellsbury. In addition seriously why the F-bombs? There not necessary, and most people who come to this sight, come here to talk about the Yankees and offer our criticisms both good and bad about whatever stories are being reported in a manner where whether individuals agree with each other or not we can all be civil about it and not resort to using gutter language. Now if we're going to be serious I really can't even begin to understand how you could think of defending Ellsbury? The guy is being paid $21 million a year and his performance ever year since he came to the Yankees has regressed and if he follows the same pattern he'll be worse this coming year then last year. He's being paid All Star top tier dollars and his performance resembles that of a fourth outfielder, not to mention his injury issues. Sadly the Yankees are stuck with paying him for another 3 seasons after this new season is over. I'd had hopes Ellsbury would possibly reseamble his 2011 self when he came to the Yankees but I gave up on that dream a long time ago. Ellsbury's contract is going to go down as one of the worst in Yankee history. I'd like to think maybe you'll see my comment, but chances are before you have a chance to read it, you'll be flagged and banned from the sight. I have no control over BB Daily but I'm a Yankee fan who loves reading this sites stories and posting comments about how I feel regarding different stories and if I know anything it's that behavior and language like yours is not acceptable hear. Hope your tirade was worth it for you

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      Lucy, your comment is unnecessary and disrespectful. Not to mention your comment has literally nothing to do with the reason Cashman (rightfully, might I add) called out Jacoby Ellsbury. Just because Cashman called him out for not performing or that we’re all critical of him, it doesn’t mean we don’t want Ellsbury to do well. Being critical is part of my job and the commentators have a right to be critical of Ellsbury as well. He was paid money for a fluke season he had with the Red Sox and instead has not lived up to it. He lost his job as a leadoff hitter to Brett Gardner halfway through the season. That’s how poor he was doing at the top of the lineup.

      I’m sorry you don’t want to hear how Ellsbury is not performing to the contract standards, but Ellsbury will go down as one of the worst contracts in Yankees history. The only thing that might salvage that contract is if he has another fluke season like he did with the Red Sox. Unfortunately, that seems unlikely.

  2. Dago Red says:

    I could not have said it better Terry, I do believe when the YANKEES signed Ellsbury. There only reason was to deprive the red sox of his service. Unfortunately, the plan did not work. The YANKEES received a "china doll" that is very fragile. I do believe that they need to eat some of the contract and move on.

  3. I'm not sure where that comment came from, but I've deleted it. Lucy — if you read this — please consider this a warning. I've only deleted the comment, but the next step is banning you from the site. There was no need for any of that.

  4. Michael says:

    I thought signing Ellsbury was a panic move for losing Cano. I can't believe this idiot has a job. Cashman is barely qualified to work concessions;

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