Dellin Betances to undergo arbitration hearing February 17th

The Yankees and Dellin Betances have their work cut out for them.

On February 17th, the Yankees and Betances will go to an arbitration hearing which will determine how much Betances will get for the 2017 season.

Betances and the Yankees should have no problem during the arbitration process, right? I mean, the Yankees need Betances just as much as Betances needs them.

Well, the Yankees and Betances might settle a contract for the 2017 season, but no one will emerge victorious.

Imagine being Betances, sitting directly across from the Yankees as they try to argue the reasons why Betances doesn’t deserve the $5 Million contract he wants. But do the Yankees have any ammunition to prove that Betances doesn’t deserve the money?

Well, Betances can’t throw to first and he tires easily in September. However, Betances has been working on his fielding this offseason and in a way, the Yankees were responsible for Betances tiring in September with the workload they gave him. All disputable points in court.

So how could Betances counter against the Yankees? Well, Betances is a three-time All-Star, is a proven set-up man and is on one of the friendliest team contracts in baseball.

In the end, three arbitrators will decide Betances’ fate. Even if the verdict is in Betances’ favor, Betances loses either way. If Betances gets the $5 Million, other pitchers with similar stats and lower pay will feel short-changed whether they’re on the Yankees or on another ball club. If Betances loses and is instead awarded $3 Million, he’s going to feel undervalued and underpaid by the Yankees, who are the second richest team in baseball.

They’re billionaires for crying out loud!

Betances will still have to go to Spring Training and reflect on the arbitration process. Arbitration can be messy, and relationships can get strained if both sides fight like it’s World War 3 in the courtroom. Which is why the Yankees and Betances have to deal with this as delicately as possible. The Yankees don’t want to risk losing Betances when he reaches free agency, and Betances wants to feel like he’s getting his money’s worth.

In the end, there can only be one ‘winner’. And the winner will determine the aftermath of the arbitration hearing.

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5 Responses to Dellin Betances to undergo arbitration hearing February 17th

  1. Bad policy by Yanks. Betances isn't your average setup man and so can't be measured by market value. Yanks can only be loseRS here.

  2. Balt Yank says:

    Very bad policy. Sign Killer B to a four year deal: four years $25 million, see if he says yes.

  3. This won't just affect his salary this year, it's going to affect his salary every year going forward which is why the Yankees are fighting this. Arbitration is also based on how well similar players are paid and looks very closely at counting stats. Since Betances doesn't have any saves, he's going in at a disadvantage. Then you consider the amount of innings Betances has pitched, more than any other reliever in baseball since he was called up for good, and you can see why the Yankees aren't quick to offer him an extension.

    When you consider those three reasons it is easy to see why the Yankees are fighting Betances here.

  4. uyf1950 says:

    The Yankees control both Chapman and Betances through the 2019 season.
    Chapman signed this winter for 5 years but can opt-out after 3 (2019).
    Betances is arbitration eligible through the 2019 season, he can become a FA after that.
    My guess is the Yankees will keep one and let the other go prior to the 2020 season. I think Chapman will indeed opt-out after the 2019 season assuming he continues to pitch well and is close to as dominate as he has been. If Chapman does opt-out the Yankees will most likely extend Betances before he becomes a FA. If Chapman indicates that he isn't going to opt-out and will stay for the entire 5 years look for the Yankees to trade Betances prior to him becoming a FA, with the Yankees hauling in a boatload of prospects.
    Of course all of this is just my opinion but it does make sense.

  5. Jerry says:

    Unfortunately arbitration is part of the game, and I had forgotten that both Jeter'and Rivera went through it. Didn't seem to affect them. Also the Yankees rarely don't settle before the hearing and if they don't so be it. Betances has thrived while a Yankee and he will continue to do so.

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