Expectations are high for Gary Sanchez in 2017

Last season Gary Sanchez hit 20 home runs in a two month span, which entered him into the Rookie of the Year conversation.

However, this season it’s not going to be easy for Sanchez, especially since he has to live up to the expectations the Yankees have for him. Sanchez was able to oust Brian McCann as the starting catcher at the end of the season, which ended with the Yankees trading McCann to the Houston Astros during the offseason.

But it wasn’t the case a year ago; Sanchez was expected to win the backup job out of Spring Training. But Sanchez went 2-for-22 during the Spring, which forced the Yankees to send him to Double-A Trenton.

“We all saw in spring training he was battling,” Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius said to media on Friday. “When he came up [in August], he did his job. Everyone saw what we did last year in the second half with all the young guys. We started clicking. We’re looking for the same thing this year.”

No one expects Sanchez to replicate his 2016 season but the Yankees are hoping Sanchez can play well the entire 2017 campaign at the Major League level.

“All he wants is to have a good season,” Gregorius said. “That’s what we want as a team.”

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5 Responses to Expectations are high for Gary Sanchez in 2017

  1. Larry Mofield says:

    Would it not be better to make Carter the full time DH and use Holliday as a super sub at 1B, LF and DH since Carter has more power.
    Would it not make more sense to run more with Sa chez hitting since he hits fastballs good and unless you throw a fastball Gardner and Ellsbury should be able to steal quite a bit.

    • Jerry says:

      The only problem Larry, unfortunately Ellsbury and Gardner in particular do not run anymore and it doesn't seem to matter what pitch is thrown. It's almost like it's below them to attempt to steal. They're such fine hitters. And the biggest problem with this scenario is that somehow they must get on base and that's not likely. … I keep expecting Ellsbury to break out and be Ellsbury. Thank God we have all the youths coming up.

    • buckeyeballs says:

      Not sure why ellsbury and gardner stopped running-don't know if its them or Gerardi but they will cleary have more opportunity if Sanchez and the 4-5 hitters are hitting well. But if they get caught early in the year Im afraid they'll stop like they did last year. Would leave to see 60 between them

  2. Terry says:

    Add the fact that Holliday's " defensive " days are pretty much over. His skills have declined and the more he runs, the higher the likelihood of a DL stint. I wonder if the Yankees signed Holliday too soon. If you stay with Carter, it makes more sense to sign Valbueno, formerly of Houston . Then you would have RH and LH power. Plus more defensive flexibility. Maybe we'll get a glimpse of what they are thinking in ST

    • tom says:

      When Yanks signed Holliday, I didn't want Carter. Now Yankees have both. I am cool with it. I hope Austin still can hit, therefore, Carter would be limited to off bench power.

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