Hal Steinbrenner won’t extend Joe Girardi’s contract

Unless your name is Brett Gardner, the Yankees won’t even bat an eyelash at the thought of an extension.

That also goes for the manager and the general manager.

Both Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman are in the final years of their respective deals. And while Hal Steinbrenner “loves Joe”, it’s not enough to extend Girardi’s current contract.

“I think [a manager] has to be good at working with young players and veterans, which Joe is,’’ Steinbrenner said to the media on Wednesday afternoon. “It’s certainly a cerebral guy, [and] Joe is a very smart guy. There are a lot of aspects, especially when you’re doing it in New York City. You have to have tough skin, which he does, and he has done a good job. He has done a good job, but we have to see how this year goes.’’

Girardi is entering his 10th season as the Yankees manager and has seen success along with failure. However, what could cement Girardi returning next season is if the Yankees make their first deep run into the postseason since 2012.

“We love Joe. Look, Joe is one of many people in this organization without contracts [for next year],’’ Steinbrenner said. “I’m sure we will talk near the end of the year.’’

Along with discussing Girardi’s contract situation, Steinbrenner also talked about Jacoby Ellsbury. While Brian Cashman expressed disappointment and wanted Ellsbury to be a better player in 2017, Steinbrenner has enjoyed having Ellsbury on the team.

“We’ll see. Look, Jacoby is a great player. He comes to play every day, and he has been great with the young kids,’’ Steinbrenner said. “The stats are what the stats are, but I’ve enjoyed having him on the club.’’

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4 Responses to Hal Steinbrenner won’t extend Joe Girardi’s contract

  1. Terry says:

    Still very intriguing to have both positions possibly coming open at the same time. Couple in the fact that we seem to be a team in transition but not all in on that transition. Interested in seeing how this plays out

    • Jerry says:

      This is old hat for Cashman and Girardi. Not the first time they are in the last year of a contract at the same time. I don't know what could happen at this point to these men not being retained. An absolute blowup or such. Steinbrener loves Cashman and Cashman loves Girardi.

  2. Timothy Smith says:

    I see both a lock for new contracts . Cashman took a lot of criticism because had highest payroll and baught championships.
    But edcated fans knew it was the core four and good drafting in early 90's that was the reason for dynasty .
    Cashman has surprised all fans and MLB with shrew trade after trade building up the farm while cutting patrol and staying competitive. It's very hard to rebuild and still win . So he proved he can do it either way.
    Girardi is a good manager and they are lucky to have him. He has done very good with often injured ,overpaid vets and a guessing game of starters never knowing going into season who is your 3,4, or 5 starters. The only constant he has had was a good Bn to work with and he should get credit for doing a great job finding the 7th and 8th inning guys we always have

  3. Patti says:

    I think Joe should stay as manager forever. His heart and mind are in the right place. I don't know if we can win the world series but we will have a fighting chance with such young players on the team. I have been a loyal Yankee all my life and it is hard living in Red Sox nation in NH.but I never stop believing and neither should you. Keep Joe as manager!

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