Joe Girardi wants to manage Yankees beyond 2017

Joe Girardi is entering his 10th season managing the New York Yankees.

What makes this year different than most is that this is Girardi’s final season under contract. And like Yankees general manager Brian Cashman, Girardi is facing uncertainty going into the future.

But despite being in the final year of his contract, Girardi isn’t going to let that affect how he manages his team this season.

“It doesn’t really impact me,” Girardi said during Tuesday’s press conference with the media. “I’m going to go do my job the same way and the way that I believe is for me the right way to do it.

“I won’t seek any clarity. They have not extended managers as long as I can remember during the course of a season, so I’ll just go do my job and whatever happens, happens.

“I’m a faithful man and I believe He’s going to put me where he wants me anyway, so let’s just go play it out.”

Girardi has led the Yankees to nine consecutive winning seasons, five postseason berths, three American League East titles and a World Series title in 2009. Of course, the Yankees aren’t going to be favorites to win the World Series this year, so the pressure is on for Girardi.

Despite that, Girardi hopes that he’ll be with the team from 2018 and beyond.

“Yeah, I do,” he said “I don’t envision myself doing anything different, and maybe that’s why I don’t really think that much about it. So it’s what I know. This is what I’ve done for a long time and we’ll just play it out.”

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8 Responses to Joe Girardi wants to manage Yankees beyond 2017

  1. Jerry says:

    Girardi and Cashman will continue to manage the Yankees. They are not finished putting together this basically new team that has all kinds of potential. They are a cohesive unit that you need to prosper. Not like the old days when you had the Florida regime and the New York regime. And noone on the same page. Cashman and the Yankees are putting the finishing touches on this Yankee team that we Yankee fans are excited about. And Girardi is the one to lead them. He's a classy intelligent strong manager…. And like I've said before, who are the crazy great possible replacements? We're lucky to have these boys.

  2. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Ten years as manager is long enough for me. I believe that they need a fresh new approach with a manager ready to teach and evolve with their new core of young players. Girardi has become way too predictable and is very stubborn when it comes to playing his veteran players over the kids. Most knowlegable Yankee fans can easily predict his lineup starting with Gardy and Ellsbury. We need someone to think outside the box from time to time and add some unpredictability. The time has come -Goodby Joe!!!

    • Delia Enriquez says:

      Yesterday Joe said Gardner and Ellsbury weren’t going to bat 1-2. The loser of the lead-off spot (which should be Ellsbury in my opinion) is going to bat lower in the order. So he’s not that predictable.

    • Jerry says:

      No manager is going to please everyone. As for Gardner and Ellsbury, I would bat both of them at the back of the lineup. Also, who would you want to manage the Yankees?

  3. Chalfont says:

    Girardi is a awful in game manager – AWFUL. As previously stated, the stubbornness with garbage like Stephen Drew and Hicks is infuriating and his bullpen handling is an atrocity – "I liked his slider" Swarzak. Girardi is soooooo stiff and tight with his freakin trapper keeper that even an ounce of imagination seems like a miracle. PLEASE get rid of this guy…

  4. ERIC PELLIS says:

    I happen to think that Tony Pena would be a great fit. He is well liked and communicates with his players very well. He did pretty well with his one manigerial opportunity in KC. He knows the game inside out and seems to have a good reputation around the league. With all the hispanic players in MLB and his communication skills I think this would work out well for the Yanks.

    • Jerry says:

      That's actually not a bad choice, I'm surprised he hasn't been offered another managerial job again since the the KC position. He may be an old school type of manager that Cashman's not looking for, but obviously well liked by the Yankees, as he has been here for a long time.

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