Michael Pineda aims to have a bounce back season

To put it nicely, Michael Pineda did not have a good year for the Yankees last season.

Not only did Pineda have a poor 2016 season, he’s in the final year of his contract before he becomes a free agent. So it’s important for both Pineda and the Yankees that he has a good season.

Pineda had a headline-worthy career after the Yankees traded Jesus Montero for him in 2011. Pineda had multiple injuries along with a pine tar incident which landed him a 10-game suspension.

But Pineda is putting all of that behind him as he prepares for 2017. In fact, he’s not putting any pressure on himself going forward.

“I just want to give my team an opportunity to win games every five days, and when the season is over and you look at your numbers, you feel good and you’re proud of yourself.” Pineda said. “For me, watching my games last season and watching everything, this year I need to be more focused when there’s two outs. I need to be a better finisher.”

If Pineda plans on being a better finisher, he’s going to need to rely on his changeup more.

Pineda admits he wants to be a Yankee longer than the 2017 season, but he claims he has no control over that.

That may not entirely be the case.

If Pineda pitches like an All-Star in 2017, the Yankees might pay big money to keep Pineda.

“Michael has big time stuff and we need Michael to step up and do what he’s capable of doing,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said on Tuesday during his “State of the Yankees” address.

Pineda has the stuff to be a competitor in the Bronx. And teammate CC Sabathia thinks Pineda needs to put it all together in order to have the season Pineda is capable of.

“I always come in and say this is the year he’s going to win the Cy Young,” Sabathia said Tuesday. “He’s got so much talent, and he just needs to put it all together but he’s right there.”

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8 Responses to Michael Pineda aims to have a bounce back season

  1. buckeyeballs says:

    i expect more of what he showed last year-maybe he'll surprise and exceed my low expectations. He strikes me as a guy that has no clue what he's doing out there

  2. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Completely agree! He will be what he always is and that is inconsistant. Here is a typical Pineda start – Dominates for 2 or 3 innings, then starts talking to himself behind the mound, then gives up three or four runs in an inning and is out of the game. Last season he gave up more hits than anyone in baseball with a 0 and 2 count. How does that happen to him and no one else. The Yanks should have cut their losses with him, but now we will all have to suffer through another season with this head case.

  3. Terry says:

    We definitely need this guy to realize his potential. But if there's one thing he has showed more than anything else, he epitomizes the word inconsistent. With all that natural ability,it has to be mostly mental. What ever mind set he picks, he needs to be consistent with that too. All that walking around seemingly looking for his mechanics has to go. When you take the ball, the team is following your lead. So lead, every moment, every time.. I wonder, if he has his break out season ( in a walk year would be a shock) we we in turn sign him long term after one good year. Hmmm

  4. A big season from Pineda would go a long way towards the Yankees competing. I'm not sure I expect more than what we've seen. I do think that he is a perfect candidate for a move over to the National League. I could see him with a 3.80 ERA on the Giants, for instance.

  5. enter42 says:

    Why cant Rothschild get this guy on the right track?! All the talent in the world and nothing to show for it. He couldn't get Nova going either but it didn't take long in Pittsburgh. Ditto Phil Hughes in MN. Do they really trust Rotschild to bring Severino along into the major leaguer that they hope he will be? I say dangle Pineda out there to other teams. Even if James Kaprelian and Chance Adams struggle when they get their chance, I'm guessing they can still combine to top Pineda's 6-12 4.92 dud of last year. And lets remember, that was dud #2 year in a row, So what happens if he goes 18-10 3.75 200+ innings and 200Ks….do they reward him with some outrageous FA deal? God, I hope not.

    • Yeah, I mean, Phil Hughes had a 5.95 ERA last year and a 4.40 ERA the year before so I'm not sure what the heck you are talking about.. Also the National League doesn't use DHs and, overall, has bigger ball parks. That is going to come into play in scenarios like Ivan Nova's and AJ Burnett's.

  6. Howard says:

    Getting an out with two strikes would do it for me.

  7. Balt Yank says:

    I think the NL, as Rob said, will help Pineda escape some mistakes as well as the lower pressure; he'll be a better pitcher. He has a stronger first half usually, and if I were the Yankees, I'd look at trading him after that 1st (for a good return only) and bring up a rookie.

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