Yankees announce Masahiro Tanaka as Opening Day starter

The last time the Yankees announced an Opening Day starter, it was towards the end of Spring Training.

However, Joe Girardi didn’t waste any time announcing his Opening Day starter this year.

Masahiro Tanaka will take the hill for the Yankees on Opening Day, making this his third Opening Day start in a row. Girardi sounded tentative when it came to announcing Tanaka as the starter, only because he wasn’t sure if Tanaka was going to suffer an injury during Spring Training.

But it’s good to know that we don’t have to wait all of Spring to find out who the Yankees will send out on April 2nd against the Tampa Bay Rays.

With that said, the Yankees could desperately use a win on Opening Day; they haven’t won on Opening Day since 2011 when CC Sabathia took the mound against the Detroit Tigers.

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4 Responses to Yankees announce Masahiro Tanaka as Opening Day starter

  1. It's not like there was any doubt. As long as he's healthy, he's the No. 1 guy. Now they just need to find out the 2-5 spots which will be more like 2-8 as guys will likely rotate in and out of the rotation.

  2. Jerry says:

    There's not even a close second choice, which is a little depressing. Hopefully some of these guys step up.

  3. tom says:

    Rats! I bet my house on Cessa.

    Yup! since the choice is obvious there is no reason to be coy about the season's opener starter for Yankees. Checked and done with number one. The real mystery will be in serious contest for 4th and 5th starting spots.

    Cessa! Cessa! Cessa! Cessa!

  4. buckeyeballs says:

    you need 7 starters over 162 games. No one gets 5 guys to make 32 starts. We were actually pretty healthy last year, just not very good. I wouldn't be surprised if 8 starters make 10 or more starts this year.

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