Yankees excuse Dellin Betances from early workout

The Yankees aren’t expecting Dellin Betances in camp this week, and that could be the case until Betances’ settles his salary dispute with the front office.

Betances has an arbitration case on Friday and an arbitrator will determine if Betances will make either $3 Million (what the Yankees filed) or $5 Million (what Betances filed).

Betances’ agent Jim Murray provided no comment but Yankees general manager Brian Cashman confirmed Betances’ absence.

Even though Betances could have showed up on Tuesday when pitchers and catchers reported, he technically doesn’t have to show until February 22nd, which is when players participating in the World Baseball Classic must arrive at camp. Mandatory dates to arrive for other players are February 28th.

With Betances in a salary war with the Yankees, the media asked Yankees manager Joe Girardi if it was going to affect his relievers’ relationship with the team. Girardi hopes it isn’t the case.

“If I feel that it does affect him, I will talk to him,” Girardi said. “Obviously this is the part of the game that somewhat becomes public and sometimes can be frustrating for both sides.

“You have to be able to move on. When you sign up for this game, it becomes not only a game that you love and you fight and do everything you can to win, but it’s also a business and you have to balance that.

“Once he gets through his arbitration case, we’re going to have to put that business behind and move on and focus on the game. Sometimes it takes players a little bit of time. Sometimes there can be hard feelings but that’s something we’ll have to deal with.”

Betances is slated to slide into the eighth inning while Aroldis Chapman serves as the Yankees closer. Betances has a 1.93 ERA since joining the Yankees in 2014.

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12 Responses to Yankees excuse Dellin Betances from early workout

  1. Mark S. says:

    Why not settle for $4MM? Apparently one side is stubborn. $2MM to the Yankees is tip money. Betances has conducted himself professionally

    • uyf1950 says:

      $2MM as you say might be "tip money" to the Yankees but the $3MM offer the Yankees made is not exactly chump change especially considering that's a $2.5MM raise over what Betances made last year. The $3MM Yankees offer is also a record for a reliever who is a non closer his first time through arbitration. Besides it's sounds like you are blaming the Yankees for the impasse, it's more likely in my opinion that Betances doesn't want to come off his number of $5MM because of what happened last year when Betances refused to sign off on his last pre-arb contract. Personally I think Betances has gotten and is getting bad advice from his agent. Even if Betances wins his case on Friday this sounds like something the 2 parties could wind up going through next year and the year after that if Betances doesn't get traded.

      • uyf1950 says:

        For some reason know only to the censors/moderators my additional reply pointing out that Betances winning his case would cost the Yankees mostly likely in excess of $8MM over the next 3 years in a ripple effect was deleted.

        Censorship is never a good thing, when exercised arbitrarily.

    • uyf1950 says:

      One additional comment you do realize whatever happens on Friday as far as the dollars go has a ripple effect next year and the year after.
      E.g.: say Betances wins, his 2018 compensation via arbitration is based on $5MM most likely meaning he will make about $8MM plus. Then in 2019 his compensation via arbitration would be based on $8 MM from 2018 making his 2019 compensation about $11MM plus if not more. So he potentially goes from: $5MM (2017) to $8MM (2018) to $11MM (2019) = $24MM for the 3 years.

      Now consider the Yankees win, his 2018 compensation via arbitration is based on $3MM most likely meaning he will make about $5MMplus. Then in 2019 his compensation via arbitration would be based on $5 MM from 2018 making his 2019 compenation closer to $8MM more or less. Sh he potentially goes from: $3MM (2017) to $5 MM in (2018) to $8 MM in 2019) = $16MM or thereabouts over the 3 years.

      So that $2MM difference the two parties are in disagreement about this off season could cost the Yankees about $8MM +/- over the 3 years of Betances's arbitration. That my friend is NOT tip money.

  2. Mark S. says:

    Nothing good comes from airing laundry via arbitration. IMHO, Yanks should offer $4.5MM and Betances and agent should accept. To take this to arbitration over $2MM is not wise…just my 2 cents.

  3. Makes sense. He's not under contract. If he gets hurt before the arbitration hearing he'd literally cost himself millions.

  4. Balt Yank says:

    Not the smartist. Does anyone recall the Yankees giving journeyman "maybe starter" Capanuo $5 million? I do. We just signed a bat we don't really need for $3 million. Lock Killer B up in a four year deal.

    • uyf1950 says:

      I would disagree with you about Carter. Let's look at 4 players:
      . Holliday, played 110 games in 2016
      . Bird, major shoulder surgery in 2016, missed the entire season.
      . Austin, exactly 83 ML AB's
      . Carter as insurance makes sense, based on the uncertainty of the other 3 players ability to be or stay healthy and or lack of MLB experience.

      As for Capuano granted that was a mistake but you don't compound a mistake by trying to justify something else base on that mistake.

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