Aroldis Chapman has career goal of making the Hall of Fame

There’s no denying closer Aroldis Chapman has created a big buzz while playing for the New York Yankees. In just half a season with the Bronx Bombers, Chapman experienced highs and lows, ranging from a suspension to impressing the fanbase by throwing a wicked 100 MPH.

While it fun watching him pitch out of the bullpen, Chapman didn’t finish the season with the Yankees; instead, he was traded to the Chicago Cubs midseason where he won a World Series.

Now Chapman is back, and now that he’s won a World Series, there’s one more thing he’d like to accomplish.

“I had the opportunity to return to the team I wanted to play for. Now it’s just focus and giving my all out there,” Chapman said to the media on Sunday. “Hopefully in the future I can get to the Hall of Fame.”

The Hall of Fame? Now, that is one big goal.

Chapman will enter the 2017 season 61st on Major League Baseball’s all-time saves list. That list is led by former Yankee Mariano Rivera (652 saves) and Trevor Hoffman (601 saves).

Chapman averages about 36 saves a season, so him creeping up the saves list isn’t completely out of the question. While a conversation of Chapman potentially making the Hall of Fame is years away, he did focus on how memorable his 2016 season was, and how’s he’s glad he’s a Yankee again.

“It was an unforgettable year for me, the whole experience of getting traded [to the Yankees], getting traded again, winning the World Series,’’ Chapman said. “It was an unbelievable year, not only for me but for my family. I wanted to come here, the best baseball in the world, means the world to me. I’ve been to four All-Star games. It was a blessing to go through life and be a champion and fortunate enough to get a nice contract. As a player, you want to perform.’’

Chapman and Dellin Betances reunited in the pen, but a third of their trifecta Andrew Miller was traded to the Cleveland Indians shortly after the Yankees pulled the trigger on Chapman.

Still, the back end of the bullpen should be a strong suit, especially with Chapman there to close games.

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  1. Terry says:

    I've always said, having Chapman pitching the 9th is like an event of its own. Watching 100+ mph over and over. All the oohs and ahhs. But still, it's hard to imagine someone that throws that hard being durable enough to get there. I guess he could reinvent himself along the way but that could cut into the save total. When you try to imagine these sort of scenarios, it really makes you appreciate Mo and how lucky we were to have him. He will always be the best

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