CC Sabathia’s still rusty two weeks before Opening Day

Spring Training is known as a time for players to shake off the rust and prepare for the upcoming regular season.

In CC Sabathia‘s case, he only has exactly two weeks till Opening Day in order to get his stuff right. And many wonder if he’ll be ready after he was brought slowly along in camp following minor knee surgery.

The good news is, Sabathia was able to go four innings, which easily beats his prior start of only recording two outs in the first inning. He also gave up less runs; three runs in four innings versus six in one inning.

However, the Yankees have agreed Sabathia isn’t where he needs to be before Opening Day.

“I thought he was better today,” manager Joe Girardi said after the Yankees fell to the Baltimore Orioles 5-4 in an exhibition loss on Saturday afternoon. “I’m more concerned that his stuff is right than the results.”

While Sabathia is struggling now, we have to remember Spring Training numbers aren’t going to count once April 2nd comes around. However, after a few off seasons by the Yankees lefty, many are left to wonder about Sabathia’s effectiveness in 2017.

“I felt good,” Sabathia said. “Obviously I want to make better pitches there at the end, but I thought overall I felt good. I’m just getting better and kind of building. I thought the changeup was good; the cutter was good for the most part today; the backdoor slider (too). It feels like it’s coming along pretty good.”

Sabathia believes he’ll be ready in time for April, and aims to have a positive outlook for the remainder of the Spring.

“Just keep working and not get complacent, I guess, down here,” Sabathia said. “Just keep making sure that the pitches keep making the action they’re supposed to be making, and we did a good job of that today.

“I have to work. I can’t really let up. For me it’s just a mental battle to stay in it and keep working hard every day.”

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9 Responses to CC Sabathia’s still rusty two weeks before Opening Day

  1. Jim says:

    I might be foolish, but I think CC will pitch well enough to give us 180+ innings and a chance to win most of his games.

    • Terry says:

      It's not foolish. CC's basically there for stability. We know what he's going to bring and he will be able to keep us in a lot of his games. He's not there to win the Cy Young or out pitch the Mad Baums of the world. He's our veteran guy that takes the ball when it's his turn and pitch his guts out, keep the game manageable. He's not getting results now but he's been to a couple of ST before and knows what he needs to do and when the games start to count. I not too worried. I would be fine with his ERA around 4 and 30 starts. Still love the race between the young guys for the rotation spots and if CC really struggles, we should have a pitcher ready to step in

      • Jerry says:

        Also he's number 3 in the rotation, so he's not pitching for like 19 days. We'll all take what he did last year. He's more of a pitcher right now. A lot of pride, who will find a way to get it done. He's a horse, and showed me a lot last year.

  2. Nunzio says:

    CC is a proven vet, he will provide enough innings for the team but his era will be up there , if he can keep the team in the game for five innings he will be ok, his time here may be coming close to an end but his purpose and presence to the younger pitchers will be a big help.

  3. CC has always been a notorious slow starter.

  4. JRV says:

    Jerry, I seems you don't know the theory of baseball, it is set up on wins and loses, if you would take what Sabathia gave us last year, then you accept a loser, as Sabathia was 9 wins and 12 loses last year. Do you thing Sabathia is getting better, the guys tank is emply, and oh yey, for the past 3 years the Yankees have paid Sabathia $70,000,000 for a record of 18 wins and 26 loses, that is $3,888,888 per win This guy needs to be released, and put in a young pitcher, like Kaprielian or Montgomery. I am a New York fan for 50 years, and for the past 3 years, we have had too pitchers with losing records, and you cannot win championship with losing pitchers. We got rid of Rodiguez, and we still pay him, so why can we not release Sabathia, because he is causing the Yankees to lose more games than they win.

    • Jerry says:

      I guess maybe the Yankees don't know the theory of baseball either. He's clearly not the pitcher he was, but still can be hopefully an end of the rotation type of pitcher. So many variables go into a pitchers record, it's not just wins and losses. Look at Felix Hernandez a couple of years ago, 13 and 12 and won the Cy Young award. . CC should have had a much better record then he had last year, The Yankees didn't hit at all. … And how much money do the Yankees have to eat. He's got one more year and the Yankees believe he can still be effective. … And we don't have pitching that is ready to contribute. Please let the Yankees know your theories, we need winning pitchers.

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