Chase Headley disappointed with how he’s performed as a Yankee

The New York Yankees haven’t been disappointed with Chase Headley‘s performance since his arrival, but Headley was his own toughest critic when it came to admitting whether he’s playing to his full potential.

“I know there’s more in there,” Headley said after going 2-for-3 in a 6-4 win against the Houston Astros on Sunday afternoon. “I know that I can produce more than I have.”

Headley had his own fair share of struggles since donning pinstripes; the third baseman committed 25 errors in 2015, and got off to a slow start at the plate in 2016, which contributed to the Yankees being under .500.

“No, I haven’t lived up to my own expectations as a Yankee,” Headley said. “The first year I was atrocious defensively. And that was probably the most frustrating part of my career, because you expect some variation offensively. But defensively, I’ve always been pretty steady and take pride in not bringing my hitting to the field, so that was frustrating. And then obviously last year my start was so bad that it really contributed to digging us a big hole.”

While Headley had a rough April, he was able to turn his 2016 season around, all because he found a flaw in his mechanics around mid-May.

“Mechanically, I had a little too much forward movement in my swing and I was a little too pull conscious,” Headley said. “And when things are going that bad and you have some poor luck, your confidence gets a bit shaken. Because of my past track record, it never got to the point where I was like I’m not going to hit again, it was when am I going to hit again.”

Even though Headley has been a serviceable player for the Yankees, he’s not considered a fan favorite. Fans have constantly asked for Headley to be traded, despite the fact he could still be useful in 2017.

With hopes of clearing up payroll, the Yankees have listened to trade offers regarding Headley. However, they didn’t get the offers they had hoped for, hence why Headley is still with the team.

Headley wants to do better, especially with Gleyber Torres knocking on the door. Once Torres makes the majors, the Yankees anticipate him at either second or third base.

“I have a high standard for myself. I know what my goals are and my expectations are as a player,” Headley said. “There’s always somebody coming. That’s the nature of the game, so I don’t think it’s worthwhile for anybody to worry about that.”

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3 Responses to Chase Headley disappointed with how he’s performed as a Yankee

  1. The question right now is — who do the Yankees give up on first? Chase Headley or Starlin Castro because Gleyber Torres is going to force the issue sooner rather than later.

    • Jerry says:

      Headley, Gardner and Ellsbury, in that order. Castro can play and he's only almost 27. Castro still has a lot of upside. Like I've said before naysayers love to hop on the bandwagon when knocking a player. …….. They should all learn how to play the outfield. The Yankee players.

  2. DAGO RED says:

    He ought to be disappointed, the YANKEES need to find a way to get him traded.

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