Didi Gregorius leaves WBC after suffering shoulder injury 5

Didi Gregorius left the World Baseball Classic and returned to Tampa…but the reason isn’t good.

Gregorius complained of shoulder pain and immediately had a preliminary MRI. Unfortunately, managerĀ Joe Girardi said Gregorius has hematoma of the subcapsular muscle and will undergo more tests in Tampa tomorrow.

So what is hematoma of the subcapsular muscle? Well, in layman’s terms, Gregorius has a blood clot in one of the muscles in his shoulders, hence explaining the pain.

There’s no timetable for Gregorius’ return…but the Yankees aren’t sugarcoating it.

Gregorius’ injury is bad, and they could lose him for a part of April if it’s serious.

5 thoughts on “Didi Gregorius leaves WBC after suffering shoulder injury

  • Victor Colon

    Absolutely the worst time for this to happen. Hopefully the Yankees take a better look at Tyler Wade at shortstop. Gleyber Torres has done well so far this spring but it's too soon to rush him up. At least Wade has had some experience in AA and could be a good replacement for the time being.

  • Jerry

    It sounds bad, blood clot. Hope not and I don't have a problem with them thinking maybe Gleyber can do it until DiDi comes back. Castro could play short and Torres play second.


    I think that the amount of $$$$ being paid to MLB players, playing in the World Baseball Classic is a liability, MLB should not allow the players to participate. The YANKEES are now without DiDi's until whatever. Brings back the problem that Tex had, do believe that shortened his career.

    • Rob Abruzzese

      Injuries happen to players constantly. There was nothing done here, or in Teixeira's case, to suggest that the players could have avoided them if they had skipped the WBC. These are normal wear and tear injuries.

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