Greg Bird wins starting first baseman job

With 11 days to go before Opening Day, one of the competitions in camp has officially been decided.

Prior to Wednesday’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies, manager Joe Girardi announced Greg Bird would be the starting first baseman for the 2017 season. Girardi said Bird was better than he expected this Spring, although it was clear Bird was the immediate front runner once Tyler Austin suffered an injury before camp.

As for the right field job between Aaron Judge and Aaron Hicks, Girardi said right now the competition is too close to call. Girardi said both Judge and Hicks have had good Springs, which is true on both fronts.

Another competition that hasn’t been filled is the starting rotation competition. As of right now, the frontrunner would be Bryan Mitchell but Jordan Montgomery had emerged as a dark horse in the competition after pitching during the Spring Training no-hitter with Masahiro Tanaka and Chasen ShreveLuis SeverinoLuis CessaAdam Warren and Chad Green are also in competition for a rotation spot.

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5 Responses to Greg Bird wins starting first baseman job

  1. ERIC PELLIS says:

    Hey Joe, the next time you want to rest Greg Bird is when he turns 30. This kid is 24 years old and plays first base which means leave him the hell alone. If you want to give Carter some at bats – DON'T!!!!

  2. Terry says:

    YES!!!!! This really was a no brainer. We knew if he was healthy, he had way too much talent to not start. I agree with Eric, plug him into the heart of the order and let it ride. The rotation competition? If I had to gauge it, I still have Adam and Brian in the lead with Jordan as the dark horse. The only thing that could hurt Adam is his versatility. If he earns a starting spot, let him have it. Find the other bull pen arm elsewhere

  3. Olie says:

    Bird is a stud!!

  4. I'm really pulling for Jordan Montgomery to win a rotation spot. Worst thing is you give him a cup of coffee and send him back down for a few weeks. But he's been pitching lights out and as long as two spots are open why not give him a shot?

    • Jerry says:

      Totally agree, Mitchell and Montgomery rounding out the rotation at 4 and 5. Mitchell has pitched fairly well and a 6 foot 6 lefty even sounds good in Montgomery. Girardi talks about using him in the pen, but we are desperate for starting pitching. Severino still needs work, pretty obvious he's not ready, Warren back in the bullpen, Green and Cessa don't seem to be ready either. And bring back Adams.

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