Luis Severino shows patience in recent Spring start

Luis Severino has either dominated or struggled this Spring.

But before he took the mound against the Tampa Bay Rays, Severino spoke to pitching coach Larry Rothschild.

Rothschild indicated the key to Severino being successful was patience. Severino took Rothschild’s words to heart, so much that he wrote the words ‘be patient’ in the inside of his hat.

Rothschild’s words paid off; Severino gave up a run on two hits after pitching three innings at Port Charlotte on Tuesday afternoon. Manager Joe Girardi was impressed, especially when Severino’s secondary pitches were working for him.

I think it shows you his ability,” Girardi said regarding Severino after Tuesday’s 10-6 loss. “When he’s right — using all his pitches, making quality pitches and having command of his fastball — he can be really good.”

Severino notched four strikeouts, three which came in his last inning of work. He retired Logan MorrisonEvan Longoria and Brad Miller via the strikeout which all happened on the slider. Severino also threw approximately seven to eight changeups.

“I think I have to keep doing what I did today,” Severino said. “Keep the ball down. Keep throwing my pitches. Keep throwing more changeups and my slider in the dirt. That’s what I need to do. And I think at the end of the spring, I’m going to be good.”

After receiving words from Rothschild, Severino looked like a different pitcher on the mound. As long as he remains patient–and has his fastball command–he can be a vital part to the Yankees rotation this season.

“I think that’s the key for him: to slow down and to be breathe and take it easy,” Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez said. “The thing with Severino is even when he does that, he will still throw 98. And it’s not like he’s slowing down and his velocity is going to go down. It’s not. He slows down and his command is better. He’s not perfect. There are going to be times when he’s going to rush a little bit, but that’s what I’m there for: to go out there and try to help him out and calm him down and make sure he gets back on track.”

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  1. DAGO RED says:

    Very glad that Severino is showing his talent, the YANKEES do need him.

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